Which Hair Transplant Clinic Is The Best?

Both male and female individuals are suffering from baldness turn to surgery to permanently hide hair loss. However, the number of hair transplant clinics has increased considerably in recent years. Opinions on the Internet have become numerous and sometimes contradictory. So how do you find the right surgeon for hair transplant clinics?

The knowledge and experience of the surgeon who will apply hair transplantation are definitely the basic selection criteria. However, there are other parameters that need to be taken into accounts, such as the therapeutic protocol it applies, its communication, or the quality of its clinical facilities. All these points are important because they are related to your health. Here’s how to find the best hair transplant clinic and information about the best hair transplant techniques before you have a hair transplant.

Questions and Answers for the Best Hair Transplant Clinic

Hair transplantation is a medical act, and, as such, it is imperative to have adequate training to perform this type of intervention. Only a plastic surgeon, a dermatologist, or a doctor who has already achieved such operations are authorized to act this type of treatment in Turkey.

The hair transplant is a delicate cosmetic procedure that requires great skill. Of course, this dexterity is linked to the talent of the practitioner, but one cannot deny the importance of the experience. A novice or a therapist who only performs a few hair transplants per year is bound to be less skilled than a scalp specialist who performs one transplant per day.

You can ask these questions to make sure you have the expertise of the clinic of your choice.

Ask Questions About Education

Hair transplantation is a complex discipline, which requires to understand precisely the life cycle of the hair, to know perfectly the topology of the hair, to be aware of the techniques of removal and implantation of the hair follicles and, of course, to master the principles of cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Professional Experience of the Clinic or Surgeon

As we said above, the surgeon’s skill is intrinsically linked to his practice of hair transplantation.

A practitioner who performs one to two hair surgery operations per year will not have the same skill as his colleague who practices every day.

This is the reason why the doctors in Turkey have chosen to specialize in hair surgery. They have all performed on average one transplant (hair, beard, eyebrows) per day for more than ten years and they practice the FUE and FUT techniques with long hair to meet the needs of the men and women who seek them. They are also perfectly adept at providing you with relevant clinical advice on the best treatment to follow to improve your follicles’ health and help slow your hair loss.

What Is The Quality Of The Clinic Where Your Transplant Takes Place?

A hair transplant is a surgical act. A single practitioner must perform the transplant, but you must still make sure that your doctor will be accompanied during the operation by experienced assistants. Their role is indeed key so that the operation takes place in the best possible conditions. They are generally responsible for passing the instruments to the doctor, checking the micro’s integrity, sorting them according to the number of hairs contained in each follicular unit (your follicles may have one hair or more) and placing them in an optimized preservation bath. They will then be responsible for passing each implant to the doctor to introduce them to the areas to be treated. Naturally, they must carry out all these steps without damaging the grafts, which requires significant expertise.

The transplant must take place in a perfectly equipped and secure environment.

Hair Transplant Techniques in Turkey

There are several methods of hair transplant practised in Turkey. They are all based on the same principle: reimplanting natural hair from a donor area into recipient areas (receding hairline or low density).

The practitioner and the patient together decide the most suitable hair implantation technique, depending on the extent of the baldness, the type of hair, and the patient’s expectations. Hair Transplant Turkey

FUT Hair Transplant

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) is a method that involves removing a strip of scalp 1.5 cm to 2 cm high and 15 to 25 cm wide. The strip is then cut into follicular units of 1 to 4 hairs, which will be reimplanted on the bald part of the skull. This FUT method is carried out in 6 steps.

Manual FUE Hair Transplant

Manual FUE transplant  (follicular unit extraction) is a hair implant technique that consists of extracting follicles one by one from the donor area with a punch to reimplant them in the recipient area (baldness). The FUE is done in 6 steps.

Robotic FUE Hair Transplant

The robotic FUE transplant is a method that allows, thanks to a medical device at the cutting edge of technology, automatic harvesting of grafts with incredible precision and in record time. The practitioner’s follicles are then collected for reimplantation in the recipient area while following the diagram drawn by the robot.

DHI Hair Transplant

The DHI transplant ( Direct Hair Implantation) is neither more nor less than an evolution of the manual FUE method. Except that the DHI method makes it possible to reimplant the grafts in the scalp using an injector pen made up of a needle and a piston system.

However, for all these techniques, the final result will not be obtained between 6 months and one year. The rate of hair growth averages 8mm to 1cm per month.

How Long After Hair Transplantation Will Hair Start To Grow Again?

It is one of the most curious questions of patients before or after hair transplantation. Transplanted hair starts to grow 2 or 3 months after transplantation. So you won’t get your result as soon as the process is over. The result of the hair transplant is considered the final 18 months after the procedure. However, thanks to new technologies in baldness treatment, options such as low-intensity laser treatment, and even new products available, patients can see faster results.

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