Eyebrow Lift Surgery

What is Eyebrow Lift Surgery?

Some problems may arise in the eyebrows as people age. There may be problems such as sagging and falling in the eyebrows. This may make the person seem more tired and unhappy. Eyebrow lift surgeries make people look more vigorous. After the eyebrow lift surgery, it is aimed to make the eyebrows look natural and aesthetic. During the first examination, the plastic surgeon examines your forehead and upper eyelid area while you make various gestures. It decides the best methods for you by paying attention to whether your eyebrows are low, the amount of skin in your upper eyelid, and where your hair starts from your forehead.

What Are The Eyebrow Lift Methods?

Eyebrow lift can be performed both surgically and without surgery. Surgical methods are eyebrow sling, endoscopic method and classical eyebrow lift methods. Non-surgical methods are in the form of botox and ultherapy.

Ultherapy method provides to tighten the skin and regenerate sufficiently with high intensity ultrasound energy. Ultherapy method is a simple but effective method that can be applied before or after eyebrow lift surgery.

Eyebrow sling, one of the surgical methods, is a procedure performed under local anesthesia. The disadvantage of this method is that the desired effect does not last long and the eyebrow returns to its original state after a while.

Endoscopic eyebrow surgery is a procedure performed without incision and scar. The classical eyebrow lifting method is to remove the scalp starting from the temple of the person and to perform the stretching procedure.

eywbrow lift surgery

Hanging With Thread

Hanging With Thread is an easy and reliable procedure that can be applied to many areas. It can be counted among non-surgical procedures. The rope hanging method is made by means of special threads placed under the skin. The process can be explained by pulling up the sagging face oval with these threads. It can be applied not only to the face but also to a specific area such as the eyebrow. The threads used in the eyebrow lifting method are generally fishbone or suspension sutures. With the help of these materials, the tissues under the skin are attached in the form of a hanger and the eyebrow is made to appear higher. No incision is made during the procedure.

However, the effect of these procedures lasts up to 2 years. It can be optionally renewed afterwards.

Classical Eyebrow Lift Surgery

The traditional eyebrow lift procedures are one of the effective and permanent methods that have been applied for many years. In the classical lifting method, the doctor makes a larger incision compared to the endoscopic method. The incision starts at the ear level and goes around the hairline without interruption. The excess skin tissue is removed from this long incision and thus the eyebrows are lifted. However, there is also a decrease in the forehead lines. The region generally gets tense.

Endoscopic Applications

This application is newer and more technological than the classical method. It offers more advantages for the patient. For endoscopic lift, the surgeon makes multiple short incisions in the scalp. A thin tube instrument with a small camera at the tip is inserted into one of the incisions. And it uses another device inserted into another incision to make the necessary changes.

In the endoscopic brow lift method, small anchors are used to strengthen the surgical tissue. Because the incisions are smaller, this procedure provides a quicker recovery than conventional removal. It has advantages such as minimal scarring and shorter recovery time.

Before The Eyebrow Lift Surgery

Before eyebrow lift, a specialist should examine your face. Before the eyebrow lift surgery, the eyebrow shape that will suit your face should be determined. After the determined eyebrow shape, your specialist doctor will inform you of the techniques to be applied to your eyebrow. However, before the treatment to be applied to your eyebrow, your doctor should explain the risks that may occur during the treatment and get your confirmation for this.

Before performing eyebrow lift, there may be some points that you need to organize in your lifestyle. Your surgeon should give you detailed instructions on what to do and when.

  • For example, if you smoke, your surgeon may ask you to quit, at least temporarily. Because in this case, the recovery may be badly affected and the risk increases.
  • You may also need to stay away from alcohol and some drugs for a while.
  • If you regularly use an aspirin or other anti-inflammatory medication, your surgeon may ask you to stop using it for a period of time before surgery. Medications that should not be taken are usually blood thinners. These can cause increased bleeding and should be avoided.

After Eyebrow Lift Surgery

It is not obligatory for every patient to stay in the hospital after brow lift surgery. This depends on how the surgery goes, the method and the type of anesthesia. According to the result of the surgery, it is decided by your specialist physician whether you can be discharged or not. After the operation, you should pay more attention to your scalp.

  • It is important for health to keep the operated area dry for the required time and not to apply chemicals to the operated area.
  • You should avoid heavy exercises after surgery.
  • It is important to avoid the sun after the eyebrow lift operation.
  • Care should be taken not to get heavy blows.

Use of Cigarette and Alcohol

Continuing to smoke after surgery can lead to slow and poor healing of wounds. Drinking alcohol in the first few days can also increase the risk of some complications. It may not need to be consumed with prescribed medications. It is safer to take a break from using these products while you are recovering.


In the developments in recent years, techniques made with small incisions are preferred in such procedures. For this reason, the patient does not experience serious pain. As a precaution to mild pain, the doctor may prescribe pain relievers.

What Are The Risks And Side Effects?

As with any surgery, risks are also present in eyebrow lift surgery. But they never have big risks. The specialist doctor should inform you about the procedures to be performed in the operating environment. In eyebrow lift surgery, lifting the eyebrows more than they should or less than they should be spoils the natural appearance of the eyebrows. Therefore, the experience and knowledge of the specialist doctor is very important. It is useful for you to see the operations performed by the specialist doctor before.


No bleeding is seen in eyebrow lift surgery. However, bleeding may rarely occur due to the side effects of the treatment. When the patient has bleeding, she should consult her specialist.

Swelling and Bruises

Eyebrow lift surgery is a procedure performed under local anesthesia. You need to rest for good results after surgery. Swelling and bruises may occur after eyebrow lift surgery. In order to eliminate this problem, the first day is rested head up and intermittent ice therapy is required. There may be bruising under the eyes. This goes away within a few days.

Scar Formation

Eyebrow lift surgery is applied to the scalp. Even if a scar remains after eyebrow lift surgery, the scar can be closed with the scalp. The remaining permission is not obvious from the outside. Scar treatment is applied for the scars formed after the eyebrow lift operation. However, scar treatment is done by laser method. Care should be taken when performing the laser procedure to the hairy area. Since it will affect the scalp, laser beams can cause hair loss. When the scars are hidden after brow lift surgery, scar treatment may not be required.

Hair Loss

Hair loss usually occurs in the hair. However, hair loss may also occur in different parts of our body. Feather and hair loss are among the problems that can be aesthetically concerned. Causes of body hair loss are treated. Depending on the situation, drug treatment or psychological treatment can be applied to body hair loss.

Healing Process

After the eyebrow lift surgery, a dressing is applied around your eyebrow and forehead with tape. By applying a cold compress around your eyebrow or forehead, it will help to reduce your edema faster. Swelling may occur in your eyebrow after surgery. However, bruising is not a common problem. Your hair can be washed on the 3rd day of surgery. Sutures will be removed on the 7th day after the operation. After surgery, you may have difficulty moving your eyebrow and forehead or you may experience numbness. These problems are among the expected problems that may occur during the recovery period of the surgery.

How Much Does Eyebrow Lift Surgery Cost?

First of all, we are prohibited from providing information about prices on our site in accordance with the Ministry of Health and Competition rules. However, you can get information by contacting us via phone, Whatsapp or e-mail.

During the eyebrow lift surgery, the eyebrows are lifted from suitable points using the thread hanging method. Factors such as the amount of lifting required by the patient, the current price of the materials used, the methods applied, the doctor performing the operation, and the hospital or clinic where the application is performed affect the prices. Unfortunately, it is not possible to give a clear price because it is an aesthetic operation. People who want to get an exact price should be examined in a clinic by making an appointment with their eyebrow lift requests.

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