Almond Eye Aesthetics

What is Almond Eye Aesthetics?

The inner and outer side corners of the eye are called canthus. Almond eye aesthetics, on the other hand, is the process of reshaping the eye by pulling the outer canthus of the eye further out and up. Many people demand this operation to remove this undesirable effect on the eyes, as the downward direction of the eye’s outer canthus is an indicator of fatigue and low energy. The fact that this surgical procedure is short, simple and does not damage the tissues has made the application increasingly widespread.

Since the eyes are a sensitive organ, most people approach this operation with hesitation. However, when the processes of almond eye aesthetic surgery are discussed face to face with the patients, the patients leave their hesitations aside, realize that they will be beautiful and more attractive, and also realize that they can get rid of the problems around the eyes.

Who Can Have Almond Eye Aesthetics?

Almond Eye Aesthetics is an application that completely appeals to the aesthetic perception of the person. The important thing is whether your face and eye structure are aesthetically suitable for this. It is especially preferred by people with low eye structure. After a detailed interview with your doctor, you can decide more clearly whether you want to have this procedure. If the hanging process is not liked, its “taking back feature” is a plus value for Almond Eye Aesthetics.

almond eye aesthetics

How to Perform Almond Eye Aesthetics?

Local anesthesia is applied to the patient before Almond Eye Aesthetics, which is a surgical procedure. After the anesthesia shows the effect and the area is numb, an incision is made from the outer upper corner of the eye and the eye is pulled upwards with a special surgical thread. The sling is fixed to the tissue bone membrane. Thus, the almond eye shape is achieved. 3-4 stitches are made, removed after 1 week, there is no scar. The operation takes between 0.5 and 1 hours. The person does not need to be hospitalized. The patient can easily speak and continue her daily life.

What Are The Preparations Before The Almond Eye Aesthetics?

Almond eye aesthetic surgeries are very simple and there is almost no risk of serious complications in these surgeries. The results of the operation are guaranteed by taking precautions against possible risks before the operation. After discussing the problems and aesthetic concerns of the patient in the eye area with the doctor, the method is chosen and the preparation for the operation phase begins. In this preparation phase, the patient’s blood values are measured, urine test is performed, and skin tissue is examined. Afterwards, the underlying causes of the problem are investigated. After a total preparation period of one day, the operation phase is started.

Am I Suitable For The Almond Eye Aesthetics?

Although very small, two surgical incisions are made in the operation. Therefore, the qualification requirement is at a minimum level.

  • If you are capable of removing the trauma caused by these incisions
  • If you do not have any contagious disease
  • If you are not allergic to simple anesthetic drugs (testing is done)
  • If you are not pregnant or over 18, you are eligible for this operation.

After Almond Eye Aesthetic Surgery

Although the results of almond eye aesthetic surgeries cause great changes in people’s lives, it does not affect the course of daily life because the operation is quite simple. Therefore, it is sufficient to be careful for 8 days after the operation. Afterwards, you can return to the usual lifestyle without the slightest loss. However, even the smallest mistakes made over the eight-day period have the capacity to affect the results of the operation and reverse the success.

It is possible to divide the period after the operation into two. The operation day is a time spent under the influence of the operation and one should be more careful. However, the period between the second day of the operation and the eighth day when the stitches were removed is easier and free. If we go into more detail:

Taking A Shower

  • The stitches made after the operation should be dressed every two days. This continues until the eighth day.
  • It will be beneficial to protect the face area from extremely hot and extremely cold water during shower.
  • In addition, it is not recommended to get water on the face area, as moistening the area increases the risk of infection.

Briefly, although it is possible to take a shower after the operation, it will be more beneficial not to take a shower. There is no harm in washing the part of the body below the neck. However, it will be beneficial to keep the water temperature low so that the shower environment is not too steamy.

Use of Makeup and Cosmetic Products

The person back to her social life right after the operation. In general, since young women have almond eye aesthetic surgery, using ratio of makeup material is high. Some other cosmetic products can also be used. However, after the almond eye aesthetic surgery, where the structure of the eye is permanently changed, no chemical substance should touch the area until the stitches are removed.


As is known, wounds that get moist or that come into contact with dirty surfaces become infected. These incisions made close to the eye area also have a risk of infection if hygiene is not observed.

After the almond eye aesthetic operation, dressing should be done regularly to eliminate the infection. Any behavior and environment that may impair hygiene should be avoided.

If contact is to be made near the eye, hands must be washed with antibacterial soap. In addition, it will be useful to change the pillow cover on which you put your head while you sleep.

How Much Does Almond Eye Aesthetic Surgery Cost?

Currently, we cannot provide information about almond eye aesthetic costs with the reason of the Ministry of Health and the Competition Board.

Prices of almond eye aesthetics may vary according to the eye structure of the patient, whether there has been a previous surgery, the technique to be used in the surgery, the interventions to be made in the eye, and the costs increasing every year.

For price or detailed information, you can contact by Whatsapp, phone or e-mail.

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