Gynecomastia (Male Breast Growth)

Gynecomastia (Male Breast Growth) Treatment

The mammary glands are not noticeable in men. Because they are small and less developed, the male breast has a different appearance than the female breast. Abnormal growth of the breasts by swelling causes gynecomastia. An unusual structure in men’s breasts directly affects the external appearance. Its treatment may not always be necessary. However, since gynecomastia treatment mostly affects both external appearance and health, it is necessary to apply treatment that can be considered as mandatory.

What is Gynecomastia? What are the Types of Gynecomastia?

In the data obtained in line with the studies conducted in Turkish society, it was mentioned that six out of 10 men suffer from gynecomastia. The periods it is seen can be separated from each other. In addition, it is possible to be classified in two different groups as “real” and “liar”. This health problem shows its effects at a significant level since the first time it appeared. Therefore, gynecomastia is experienced at different levels in every single age groups. Generally, its occurrence is due to the growth of breast tissue. However, in some cases, it also occurs when fatty tissue is formed in the breast area beyond the level it should be. Although it can manifest itself in different species, the disease is examined by classifying certain categories within itself. It is categorized as Glandular Gynecomastia, Fatty Gynecomastia and Mixed Type Gynecomastia.


Glandular Gynecomastia

It can be defined as the type of gynecomastia that can also be defined by the name of real gynecomastia. It is the case of breast tissue growth similar to the breast tissue of women. Breast tissue, which normally develops to a certain level and then stops developing in men, tends to grow continuously as a result of glandular gynecomastia. It causes a significant change in appearance. However, at the same time, it causes the tissues to develop outside of normal in terms of its effect. Since it is among the most common types of gynecomastia, it is extremely important to always be considered.

Fatty Gynecomastia

Lipomatous Gynecomastia, so, also known as false gynecomastia, fatty gynecomastia, occurs as a result of much more fat accumulation in the breast area than normal. Since it is not related to tissue, it is considered a health problem that can be controlled more easily and can be treated. Since fatty gynecomastia develops depending on the state of fat, it can be completely eliminated by reducing the fat tissue. It is generally seen in men who consume a lot of fat and have excess weight.

Mixed Type of Gynecomastia

Identifiable mixed type gynecomastia, which is the development of mixed type gynecomastia, occurs when both breast tissue and adipose tissue are increased. Mixed type gynecomastia appears to be a common development of both types. However, mixed type gynecomastia can be more complicated than other types. Even in all these cases, the methods developed for gynecomastia can be applied during the treatment phase.

Why Gynecomastia Occurs?

Fatness and Obesity: Being above normal weight, briefly, being evaluated in the obese category, is one of the conditions that can cause gynecomastia. Weight gain in men can cause breast tissue to grow, and it causes fat to be seen above the normal level.

Puberty:Adolescence brings certain changes in men. According to the period of age in men, puberty can be defined as the period in which hormone changes occur at a certain level. Gynecomastia seen due to puberty usually resolves on its own as the age advances. Therefore does not require any treatment.

Old age: Testosterone hormone production is more frequent at younger ages. Additionally, there are certain levels of decreases in men due to aging. The main factor that may be a factor in the formation of gynecomastia due to aging is the excessive estrogen production. In addition, at the same time, the increase in body fat can also be seen as a reason. The fact that body values change in old age is the factor that triggers the formation of gynecomastia.

Hormone imbalance: It is one of the factors that can play a key role in the formation of gynecomastia. Although there is a certain level of proportion between testosterone and estrogen, this balance is completely eliminated in case of hormone imbalance. Hormone imbalances are seen as the most important factor in the growth of breast tissue.

Does Gynecomastia Fix Itself?

Although there is a possibility of spontaneous recovery, the main determinant in this situation is the cause of the disease. Gynecomastia formation is especially very common in newborn babies, however, this situation disappears spontaneously within 1-2 weeks. At the same time, gynecomastia, which occurs spontaneously, is also very common in adolescence. Since it occurs as a result of hormonal changes and developments, after the end of puberty, the breast appearance returns to its original state with the regulation of hormones. If gynecomastia is seen other than these conditions, it does not resolve on its own.

Before Gynecomastia (Male Breast Growth) Treatment

Before starting gynecomastia treatment, it is important to inform the doctor in order to obtain the best results from the treatment. It may be necessary to stop the drugs used regularly before treatment for a certain period of time. Gynecomastia can be seen for different reasons in each patient. Additionally, at the same time, different degrees of illness may also occur. Thanks to the special evaluations made before gynecomastia treatment, it is aimed to eliminate even the smallest risk that may occur during the process.

Analyzing the Patient’s Circumstance

Performing the patient’s situation analysis can be considered as the most important stage of pre-treatment. Due to gynecomastia, the growth rate of the breasts is measured. In addition, it is determined how long this problem has been experienced. Based on listening to the patient’s story, which includes this information, patient status analysis is started. Necessary tests must be applied in order to collect data completely. With the realization of these tests, every information about the patient is kept at the forefront and thus the process can be started.


Performing the examination for gynecomastia is very important as it directly affects the achievement of the best results. For patients with breast enlargement problems, it is ensured that the examination for analysis is performed by the specialist doctor first. It should be determined what the situation causing the growth is. After the examination for this determination, tests can be started.

Hormone Test

Gynecomastia is a disease that can be seen frequently as a result of hormone imbalances, and at this point, hormone testing is of high importance. The condition of the hormone level of the patient should be determined. With the test performed for this purpose, it is possible to make the hormone evaluation of the patient.

Determination of the Cause of the Disease

The causative conditions in terms of gynecomastia differ specifically for the patient. Determining what the agent is, is one of the most important stages of pre-treatment, but also brings the possibility of evaluating the patient. Once the agent is detected, treatment is started. Thus, it is ensured that the results to be achieved reach the best level.

Choosing the Appropriate Treatment Method for the Patient

Since it is not possible to apply the same treatment for every patient, choosing the appropriate treatment method for the patient is of great importance. It is possible to permanently eliminate the gynecomastia problem with treatments with successful results. At the same time, it is possible to eliminate the appearance disorders experienced due to the disease. The evaluations made are very important in choosing the appropriate treatment method for the patient.

Gynecomastia (Male Breast Growth) Treatment Types

Gynecomastia problem, which has different types of treatment, can be permanently resolved with treatments to be performed in accordance with the patient. Values such as how gynecomastia occurs in men, how long it has been on and how much the breast has grown should be taken into account. Thus, it is possible to find the most suitable method among gynecomastia treatment types. Each type of treatment is based on its specific application method. However, treatments also vary in effectiveness.


Drug therapy is among the most commonly used treatment methods for gynecomastia. After the examination of the patient, if drug therapy is deemed appropriate, the preferred drugs are shaped depending on the condition of the disease. Each of the preferred drugs is separated from each other in order to achieve fully successful results. The gynecomastia problem should primarily be taken under control. Then, medicated treatment is performed to completely eliminate the problem. If the treatment gives positive results, it is in the foreground. It is ensured that the controls of the patients are carried out at regular intervals from the time the treatment is started. Thus, it is ensured that it can be seen whether the medicated treatment gives positive results. Drugs developed for gynecomastia can give effective results when used in daily doses.


Although the balance between testosterone hormone and estrogen hormone is frequently encountered in gynecomastia, testosterone support is required in drug treatment. Thanks to the application in the form of reinforcement, it is possible to completely eliminate gynecomastia. At the same time, the results that make a difference can be seen. By increasing the level of testosterone hormone, estrogen hormone can be suppressed. The balance between the hormones is restored to normal. Thus, it is possible to permanently eliminate the main factor causing gynecomastia.


After examining the structure of the breast, if medicated treatment is deemed appropriate, clomifen can be used in men with gynecomastia. Clomifen is a drug that prevents the formation of gynecomastia. It is suitable for use in different doses depending on the growth condition experienced in the breast. This drug also stands out in terms of showing its effect. Gynecomastia is usually caused by the mammary glands. This drug is used for gynecomastia. Clomifen has been developed to restore the body’s functioning to a normal level.


Tamoxifen, which works on the estrogen hormone receptor, becomes one of the commonly recommended drugs in drug therapy. It allows the estrogen hormone to be secreted to a certain level from the time it is started to be used by patients. The hormone that causes the development of gynecomastia is rearranged and secreted in body normal standards. Thus, it brings normalization in the breast area. It is always effective in solving gynecomastia, which is one of the problems that may arise due to the high level of estrogen hormone in men. Tamoxifen is evaluated in the category of drugs commonly used for the treatment of the disease. In this way, the effects of the drug have also been proven.


In the case of gynecomastia intervention with drug therapy, danazol becomes a drug that can achieve effective results. It has a formula for the growth of the breast area to stop, to shrink and to create a more normal appearance. Danazol provides the possibility to completely eliminate gynecomastia. Its use is generally adjusted as one drug per day. Regular use of Danazol is very important in terms of its effects.

Surgical Treatment

Among the treatment methods, surgical treatment, which has been actively applied and successful in most patients, also stands out. Thanks to the surgical treatment that allows the breast to be reduced, it is possible to completely eliminate the problem in the external appearance. Because it requires a surgical intervention that can be performed much more easily than many surgical interventions, men with gynecomastia have the advantage of being able to benefit from the treatment without any worry. In the surgical treatment applied to remove the mammary gland tissue, it is possible to intervene in a punctuated way to the basis of the disease.

Pull Through Operation

If considered suitable for gynecomastia, the Pull Through procedure becomes a surgical procedure performed on the patient. Since it can be applied with the help of laparoscopy, it is effective in performing interventions for the mammary gland tissue by obtaining very successful results. It can be performed easily and at the same time, it provides the opportunity to recover more easily for the patient. The Pull Through procedure is among the most common surgical procedures for gynecomastia. Also, this operation is advantageous in terms of its effects.

Open Surgery

Open surgery can be performed in surgical applications for gynecomastia. Although it is a preferred method depending on the patient’s suitability, it is effective in reaching standards in the breast area in terms of results. It is applied by removing the mammary gland tissue by opening the determined point with anesthesia. After the process is carried out, the final step is to sew the relevant area and close it again. Although the average duration is between 30-40 minutes, patients can get up and return to their daily lives in a short time after the surgery is performed.

Liposuction Operation

This operation is actively preferred as a method developed for those who have fatting problems locally. The results obtained in the liposuction procedure have a high success rate. It is one of the most prominent methods of gynecomastia treatment in men. It is aimed to remove the excess fat tissue and give it to the body in a better way. It ensures that the bad image experienced in the breast area becomes better.

Classical Liposuction

The classical liposuction process is a method that has been applied until today and continues to be applied at the same time. This operation is based on the method of incision in adipose tissues and is an operation performed under general anesthesia. When gynecomastia occurs as a result of fat accumulation, it can be preferred as a treatment method and allows the excess accumulated fat to be completely removed.

Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction is defined as one of the improved liposuction application methods. After fats is primarily melted, it is converted into a liquid state and vacuumed from the relevant area in the body. Thanks to the devices designed with new technology, it is possible to get more fat. Since laser liposuction is carried out with a special laser device, it makes the patients’ job much easier. It does not cause blood vision, but also directly affects the removal of excess fat at an effective level. It makes a high degree of difference as it has become the first choice of many people.


Having an intense satisfaction both during and after the procedure, Smartlipo stands out as a treatment method designed to eliminate excess fat tissues in undesirable areas. Thanks to its high level of success and innovation, it is effective in removing excess fat without causing any trauma on fat cells. Fibroblasts in the skin are stimulated and it is ensured that the sagging of the skin where fat is removed can be prevented. Generally, the problem is solved in one session. It is applied under local anesthesia. There is no bleeding or bruising. Provides comfort after the recovery period.

Vaser Liposuction

The Vaser Liposuction procedure stands out as one of the latest technology methods and has a very successful applicability. With the use of sound waves, ultrasonography allows fats to be taken from different parts of the body. It is based on the method of aspirating the fats in their liquid form after this process with the help of sound waves. As it allows the skin to be purified, there is also the opportunity to see a much more tight skin structure. Although it is applied under general anesthesia, it is performed in the operating room environment. It affects the elimination of the problems caused by gynecomastia in men completely and it is seen that extremely successful results are obtained.

After The Gynecomastia Treatment

After the treatment is performed, gynecomastia covers a period of time to be considered after treatment. Treatment continues for a certain period of time in patients. The rules must be followed in the post-treatment period. At this point, patients should always show the necessary care, thus ensuring that the process is completed perfectly. Following individual treatments, certain recommendations are given to patients after treatment.

Process of Control

It is important to control the patient according to the application. Each patient undergoing gynecomastia treatment should be specially controlled. With these controls, it becomes possible to see how the healing situation is. In the control process for each patient, the doctor has the opportunity to perform the procedure at certain intervals. The purpose of the control process, which continues until the completion of the recovery, is to detect and prevent the problems that may arise regarding the patient and to see the improvement level of gynecomastia at the same time.

Things Patient Should Do

Following the gynecomastia treatment, the patient’s behavior is of high importance. Each patient has specific points to pay attention to. Thanks to what the patient will do, the results of the treatment can be seen in the shortest time possible and a significant change is observed.

Use of Corset

The use of corset is considered as one of the most important things that the patient should do after treatment. By continuing to use the corset for two weeks, it can be ensured that the breast remains stable.


After the treatment, attention to nutrition is among the things the patient should do in order to regenerate the body cells in a healthy way and at the same time to accelerate the healing process. With the implementation of nutrition in accordance with a certain program and order, it is ensured that a successful post-treatment period can be passed. Proteins rank first among nutritional products that will contribute positively to the regeneration of cells. Following the adequate amount of protein supplementation, the consumption of fiber foods and the consumption of cereal products should be prioritized. With the healthy adjustment of the diet after the treatment, healthy results will occur in a short time.


After the treatment process, resting is important for the body to recover. Regardless of the treatment method in gynecomastia, patients should rest without much effort and strain on their bodies.

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