Arm Lift Surgery

What is Arm Lift Surgery?

The recovery of the sagging and obtaining a tighter skin structure as a result of aging, genetic factors, environmental factors and frequent weight gain and loss is called arm stretching. While this sometimes occurs with an application that does not require surgical intervention (liposuction), sometimes it is performed together with surgical intervention. If you want to get rid of your visual distress as soon as possible, you can also knock on the doors of the doctors and take the first step to intervene.

In Which Cases Is Arm Stretching Surgery Needed?

Among the most important causes of arm sagging are signs of aging. The body that starts to get old releases itself and the arm area is one of these areas. Another reason is genetic factors. If you have relatives who experience this problem at an early age, there is a possibility that this also happens. Another reason for arm sagging is frequent weight gain and loss. Sagging that occurs in the biceps area or in the lower part of this area are among the conditions that require arm stretching. Especially in summer, if people who wear T-shirts raise their arms, this sagging is more visible. Since this situation becomes remarkable, it is possible to eliminate these disturbing aesthetic problems with a short operation of 1.5-2 hours.

More importantly, the patient does not feel any pain during the operation or there is no such thing as pain.

arm lift surgery

What is the Process Before Arm Lift Surgery?

Along with health screening and anesthesia control, the relevant examinations should be performed completely and the general health status of the patient should be considered in detail. If there is a health problem that will negatively affect the operation, the operation may be delayed or canceled. You should also abandon the use of medication before arm stretching surgery, and your doctor will make more detailed warnings about this.


You will encounter a short-term examination process with anesthesia control, blood analysis and general health status. These examinations will be done without any problems in the hospital where you will have the surgery and a planning is made according to the results to be obtained. The results of the tests will be examined and evaluated by the doctor who will perform your operation. It is useful to share the question marks in your mind with your doctor in the preoperative period. Along with physical preparations, mental preparations are also of great importance, and in this context, it will be in your favor to be in contact with your doctor. If you wish, let’s consider these examinations in detail and eliminate the question marks on this issue.

Blood Analysis

A blood test is needed to obtain information about the general health status and to reveal the health problems of the patient, if any. The blood test is performed smoothly in the hospital or clinic where you will be operated, and the results are examined by your doctor. A detailed analysis will also be needed for anesthesia after blood analysis. Performing the examinations in full is of great importance for the surgical process and the postoperative period.

Anesthesia Control

In arm stretching surgery, local or general anesthesia can be applied depending on the patient’s condition and the existing problem. Each patient’s reaction to anesthesia is different, so anesthesia examinations should also be performed flawlessly in order not to take risks. As a result of the anesthesia control, if there is no negative situation, the general health status will be examined and if there is no problem in this regard, the relevant planning will be made for the surgery.

Health Screening

It is useful to convey your complaints about general health problems to your doctor. If there is an unfavorable situation, the surgery may be delayed or canceled. As a result of the health screening, all problems occur in a short time and as a result of the examinations made by the doctor, the effect of these problems on the surgery is determined more accurately. If you have health problems or medications you use, you should share these details with your doctor. However, you will be asked to inform your doctor about previous treatments and diseases you have had. After all the examinations are completed and the necessary examinations are made, the preparation process for the arm lift surgery starts and the relevant planning will be done perfectly by your doctor and you will be informed.

Consumption of Cigarette and Alcohol

You should stay away from harmful drinks such as smoking and alcohol as much as possible. These harmful beverages, which have a negative effect on body health, have a much greater effect, especially in the preoperative period, and it should be noted that they will affect the operation process negatively. Be sure to consider your doctor’s warnings during the preparation for surgery. These warnings will positively affect both the operation and the postoperative period. Along with the use of medication, smoking and alcohol use should be stopped at least 10 days before the surgery and the operation should be started with a healthier body. The sensitivity you will show in this matter is completely in your favor.

Preparation for Hospitalization

The operation performed under local anesthesia takes 1.5 to 2 hours. The patient is discharged shortly after the surgery and can continue your daily life without any problems from where you left off. Patients undergoing general anesthesia stay in the hospital for one day. This situation varies according to the reaction of the patient and the duration of hospital stay may be prolonged. In order for the patient to meet her needs without forcing herself, there must be a companion. After you are discharged, you can continue your daily life where you left off, but there are also details that you should pay attention to in the postoperative period.

How is Arm Lift Surgery Performed?

Before the arm stretching surgery, some tests are applied and the reason for the sagging is determined with these examinations. After determining the cause of sagging, a suitable treatment method is selected and action is taken. If needed, first intervention is performed with liposuction, then excess skin is removed by surgical intervention.

Process After Arm Lift Surgery

Standing Up

We have mentioned before that it is a simple surgery. There is no need to take a long time to stand up, and if local anesthesia is applied and the operation is performed successfully, you are discharged on the same day and daily life is resumed. Patients undergoing general anesthesia stay in the hospital for a day, but as we have stated in other titles, this period may be shortened or prolonged depending on the reaction of the patient.

Drugs To Be Used

One of the most common mistakes made by patients in the postoperative period is the use of non-prescription drugs. It is recommended that you do not go beyond the prescription given by your doctor. After the medication is finished, you can inform your doctor during the check-ups and request a new prescription if needed. These drugs are painkillers, which will usually be used to relieve pain that may occur in the postoperative period.


There is no such thing as feeling pain or ache during the operation. With local or general anesthesia, the patient is anesthetized and the operation is performed more smoothly. Pain may occur during the postoperative period, and if these pains are not intervened, they can reach a level that will interrupt your night sleep from time to time. You will feel better with pain medication. Your doctor will write you a prescription on this subject and if you follow the prescription correctly, be sure your pain will be relieved.

What Are the Risks and Side Effects?

We can see that the side effects and risks are less and weaker when compared to many surgical interventions. In addition to being a simple surgery, we can say that it is an intervention that will not disturb people in this regard. Of course, it is normal to have some risks because every surgical intervention brings such risks. Therefore, if you do what your doctor says, you will have the chance to recover in a much shorter time.


One of the risks you may encounter after surgery is bleeding. This problem may occur in the area concerned and the injured part may be damaged. It should be noted that if this situation is not intervened, there is a risk of infection. Most of the patients panic when faced with bleeding and do not know what to do. We recommend that you notify your doctor and go to the doctor as soon as possible without worrying or panicking.


In particular, the risk of infection of the injured area is much higher. For a long time, the care of this area needs to be done professionally. If you wish, you can get help from your doctor in this regard. Inflammation can also occur as a result of infection, so it is useful to be careful.

Allergical Reaction

 Allergic reaction is usually a problem related to anesthesia. As we mentioned under the heading of examinations, this is why anesthesia control is performed and the response of the patient is measured more accurately. Surgery can be postponed in patients who are likely to react negatively to anesthesia. Despite all the examinations, it may not be possible to prevent allergic situations in some cases. You don’t have to worry because these types of problems are easy to treat. When you contact your doctor, he will share with you what kind of intervention should be done and he will take action immediately.


Some swelling may occur in the relevant area after the surgery, but we can also say that it is not large enough to be exaggerated. These swelling will disappear spontaneously after a while and there is no need for any treatment. If the opposite is the case, that is, if the swelling continues for a long time, you can talk to your doctor.

Numbness in the Arm

One of the most disturbing and anxious issues for patients in the postoperative period is the numbness in the arm. You may experience this problem for a while, but it is useful to know that there is a temporary problem. You don’t have to worry and your doctor will give you information about this before the surgery.

Things to Consider After The Surgery

You need to be careful about some issues after the operation. If you consider your doctor’s warnings, the healing process will be healthier and faster.

Weight Lifting

After 2-3 weeks, full recovery will occur, but your bodies may not be ready for weight lifting yet.

Driving Car

After the numbness in your arms has disappeared, you can start driving, however, it is also useful to get approval from your doctor.

Taking a Shower

Since it is a simple operation, you can quickly resume your daily life shortly after the surgery. To take a shower, two-day rest period will be sufficient.

Drug Use

In the postoperative period, you should use the medicines prescribed by your doctor correctly and regularly.

Movement Capability

You will regain your mobility within 1 week, but numbness in the arm may take a much longer period in some patients.

How Much Does Arm Lift Surgery Cost?

Publishing the Turkey Arm Lift Surgery Costs for 2024 are prohibited by the laws of the Ministry of Health and the Competition Board. For the price info, you can contact us via phone, Whatsapp or e-mail. It is not very correct to give a price information for arm lift surgeries. Prices vary depending on the application. At the same time, the clinic and doctor you prefer also have an important share in the price change.

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