Cosmetic Dentistry

The type of procedures performed in the dental office has changed a lot in recent years. Currently, we don’t visit the dentist’s office just for health reasons. A large number of patients is converting to cosmetic dentistry to enhance the condition of their smiles, getting closer to their dream ideal.

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most advanced specialities of dentistry. From whitening to orthodontics, there are many treatments available in this branch to achieve perfectly aligned teeth tailored to each patient’s needs.

What are the most traditional cosmetic dental practices nowadays? As Cosmetic Dentistry in Turkey, we present our experience in cosmetic dental treatment in this subject.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry in Turkey?

Cosmetic dentistry is a department of dentistry that concentrates on the condition of your smile or the cosmetic beauty of your teeth as a whole. Why is Cosmetic Dentistry important? Because our society now cares about how we look and how we dress as a whole. When we laugh, we all want to create the impression of a confident smile, don’t we?

Unfortunately, some of us do not achieve this sense of comfort because we have no satisfaction with our smiles. Studies around the world point to a re-emerging theme: the argument that the smile is the most powerful gesture and a symbol rated with the highest positive emotional content. In short, your smile matters. A truly flawless smile leaves a lasting “first impression” that will benefit you in many positive ways: more self-confidence, more career opportunities, and more overall happiness.

No one forgets a sincere and sincere smile. Do you think you have a real smile? When you smile, do you see yourself as an attractive and confident individual?

Let’s remove the elements that prevent you from achieving the dream of a real smile in one day, come and spend a few hours with the Cosmetic Dentist Dr. XYZ arms. Dr. XYZ designed the dreams of the brightest stars of Turkey, from housewives to businessmen, from influencers! In PLACE Estepera Dent Clinic, Dr. XYZ and his team offer you Dentistry services by harmonizing the smile that always adorns your dreams, namely Smile Design practices, with a Cosmetic Art perspective.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry Before Treatment

Before starting the cosmetic dentistry treatment, our expert applies a study by the name of mockup to give the patient an idea of ​​how the patient will look after the treatment in three dimensions. In other words, before starting the treatment, it is possible to show the image of the treatment when it is over. The model, our expert, prepares in the laboratory with the measurement taken helps you to see the final state of the treatment with the application that the patient will go through in the clinic. We apply mockup, which means temporary tooth model in our clinic.

Our clinic will inform you about this issue, and you will learn more about the most appropriate cosmetic dentistry practices.

The Main Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Thanks to advances in dental treatments made in recent years, more and more cosmetic procedures can be performed to achieve a perfect smile. Amongst them, these are the most demanded according to contemporary beauty criteria:

Teeth whitening

Bleaching teeth is the cosmetic treatment as requested in recent years. It consists of lightening the color of teeth that have lost their essential white shine over a period of time or due to the misuse of particular drinks and foods.

The most popular is the use of a whitening gel and a cold light lamp. It is a treatment that allows obtaining very sensitive changes with excellent results.


Certain types of orthodontic treatment are also classified under the category of dental cosmetics. Amidst them, the repair of the arrangement of the teeth and of the occlusion (a form of the closure presented by the upper and lower teeth) to obtain a perfectly harmonious smile.

The use of invisible orthodontics has allowed a great advance in treatments aimed at correcting the position of teeth. From dental braces that our experts place inside the tooth to the new invisible aligners, which consist in wearing as long as possible, both adapt to your teeth.

Dental veneers

The practice of dental veneers is slowly expanding ground among cosmetic dentistry methods. They make it possible to correct the position of the teeth, the color, and even the size, thus effectively covering the original tooth.

Veneers consist of a thin covering with porcelain or composite that our expert positions over the noticeable part of the tooth. They are quick and easy to place, providing instant results for correcting separated, broken teeth or for whitening.

Dental implantology

The installation of dental implants is also a particularly well-known procedure for the reconstruction of the smile. When a tooth is missing, or the first tooth is undergoing such destruction that it is not likely to improve from it, a professional can install an implant by means of a screw that they connect to the jawbone.

This prosthesis has the corresponding duty as the original tooth, at the same time improving the cosmetics of the patient. Beyond the cosmetic need, it is a technique that seeks to reconstruct the appearance and functionality of the original tooth.

Digital Smile Design In Cosmetic Dentistry

Today, thanks to computer-aided designs, digital smile design applications can be made, and the patient can almost gain the smile he/she dreams of. The patient’s cosmetic needs are determined with the photographs and videos taken from the person, and clear information can be given to the patient about the cosmetic arrangements that can be made before starting the treatment. It is of great importance to prepare the most appropriate treatment plan for the patient.

The most important issue to be considered in cosmetic dentistry is to make the intraoral arrangements that the person needs and will contribute the most. Apart from this, making wrong applications such as cutting the teeth unnecessarily and covering all of them are not incorporated in the field of cosmetic dentistry.

On the contrary, during correct cosmetic dentistry practices, it should be aimed to achieve the best cosmetics with the least damage to something natural.

When is the ideal time to benefit from cosmetic dental treatment?

Before performing a cosmetic treatment, you need to make sure that your mouth is healthy. We recommend that you visit your dentist, who can inform you about the condition of your mouth and give you the best suggestions.

If you intend to modify the form of your smile and get the teeth you’ve always dreamed of, start by taking care of your oral health with the right products and accessories.

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