Leg Lift Aesthetics

What is Leg Lift Aesthetics?

Leg Lift Aesthetics is a method used to eliminate sagging in the leg areas due to aging. Treatment is performed surgically. It stands out as the surgery used in severe abundance and various sagging in the legs. Success rate of thigh lift treatment is high. For this reason, this surgery is among the operations that are carried out extremely widely in Turkey. It is especially preferred by women.

Situations Requiring Leg Lift Aesthetics

It is normal for skin sagging to occur due to aging, but the only reason is not aging. Excessive stress, not exercising, and more importantly, being inactive are the main reasons. Fats and sagging occur especially in the leg area in immobile bodies. If these sags are diagnosed early, they can be removed in a short time with liposuction treatment. But if the sagging of the skin occurs as a result of full softening of the skin, surgery is necessary.

Who Can Have Leg Lift Surgery? Am I Suitable For Aesthetic Surgery?

Anyone who has deformity in the section between the knee and ankle and is visually disturbed by this situation can have this surgery. There is no age limit.

Before The Leg Lift Surgery

Before the Leg lift surgery, some tests are applied to the patients. One of these examinations is an anesthesia examination. Since it is an operation performed under general anesthesia, how the patient will react to anesthesia during the surgery and what will be experienced afterwards will be known as a result of these observations. Physical examination as well is another stage among these observations. After the manual and visual examination, the planning of surgery will be done. As well as routine surgical tests, with fat measurement tests and blood tests this process will be left behind.

Smoking and Alcohol Consumption Before The Surgery

Smoking and alcohol consumption is one of the situations that harm your bodies in your daily lives. Therefore, you should be especially careful to avoid these drinks during the surgery. Stopping such habits at least 1 week before the leg lift surgery will affect the operation process and the following process positively.

Drug Use Before The Surgery

It is unfavorable to use aspirin or similar drugs unless you are given any medication advice or a prescription before the surgery. However, if you have medications that you use routinely, you should also share these medications with your doctor.

Use of Blood Thinner Drugs

Blood thinners are in the list of drug groups that negatively affect the course of the surgery. As we just mentioned, it is of great importance that you share your medications with your physicians. You should stop taking these medications at least 10 days in advance.


Antibiotics are also one of the most striking drug groups in the blood thinner drugs list. Avoid using these drugs before the surgery.

leg lift aesthetics

Process of Operation Day

All preparations will be made by the hospital staff on the day of surgery. Likewise, the patient will be prepared by the staff. It is useful to be ready for the operation both physically and mentally. A 2-hour operation is waiting for you. You will be under the supervision of the doctor for at least 1 day after this operation.


Thigh lift surgery is not a painful operation, but it is normal thing for you to experience mild ache after surgery. Painkillers are supplemented to prevent these pains from becoming severe. It will be beneficial not to neglect the prescription written by your doctor.

Standing Up

Right after the operatin you can stand up. On the same day, you will start to walk and will not have problem with moving.

Movement Ability

From the moment you stand up, you will see that your mobility is not sufficient compared to the past, but within a few days this problem will disappear and you will regain your mobility in full sense.

Inserted Drains

The drains used during the surgery are removed one day after the operation. Since you are in the hospital in this process, the doctor’s intervention will be performed much more easily and in a much shorter time.

Drug Use

In order to relieve the severity of your pain and speed up the healing process, you should also regularly use the medications prescribed by your doctor.

Medical Dressing and Control

The first check will be done after the drains are removed, and you can learn the control dates in more detail from your doctor in the next process. It is useful not to disrupt the controls because these controls are of great importance in terms of monitoring the healing process.

Surveillance Period

At least 1 day of hospitalization is given after the operation, but as we mentioned before, this period may be prolonged according to the patient’s condition. The period of observation is 10 days, which is a full recovery period. In addition to doctor’s surveillance, your relatives should also be sensitive about this.

Risks and Side Effects of Leg Lift Aesthetics


Postoperative bruises on the inner part of the leg worry many patients, but this concern is not necessary. In a few weeks, these bruises will decrease and disappear and the leg area will have its old perfect appearance. As a result of the interventions, such bruises are normal and you do not need to be anxious in any way about that.

Blood Accumulation

In addition to bruises, there may be blood accumulation in the area where the intervention was performed. We can say that it is one of the most common side effects after surgery, but there is no cause for concern because this problem will be solved automatically in a short time like a week.


Swelling, which is one of the most common side effects, will disappear within 1 week, but if this period is exceeded or the swelling starts to increase day by day, you should consult your physicians without wasting time.


When blood accumulation and swelling in the leg area are not fixed, it is possible to encounter edema problem. In such a case, you can apply to your physicians and regain your health in a short time with the necessary intervention.


It is not a very common problem, but if you are faced with a situation such as bleeding, it will be more accurate to consult your doctor without wasting time instead of doing amateur interventions.

Allergical Reactions

Although the allergy test is successful, there are cases where post-operative allergic reactions are observed. The necessary intervention can be easily done with medication, but you need to consult your physicians for medication advice.

Anesthesia Complications

The pre-operative anesthesia test is performed to determine the patient’s reaction to anesthesia. Even if you are successful in anesthesia tests, it is possible to encounter complications and in this case, you can also get help from your physicians.

Long Term Problems

We can say that the problems you encounter after surgery disappear after a few weeks. Problems such as redness, swelling and bruises gradually decrease along this period, but it will be much healthier to talk to your doctor instead of waiting and wasting time for your long-lasting problems.

Things to Consider After Surgery

You should avoid behaviors that will adversely affect the recovery process after surgery. In addition to the answers to questions such as “when can I have sexual intercourse?”, “when can I travel?” and “when can I drive?”, we want to clarify many issues that need attention.

Taking A Shower

In order to take a shower, you have to wait along 2 days after surgery. After 2 to 3 days, you can take a shower without any problem and take action for bodily cleansing. The times we share with you is average and we recommend that you consult your doctor firstly.

Weight Lifting

A one-week rest period after the surgery will be enough for you to be able to work hard or lift heavy weights. You may need to keep this time as long as possible. Your doctors as well will give detailed information about this subject.

Drug Use

You may need to take medication regularly after thigh lift surgery. Your physicians will give the necessary information about which drug to use, how often or in what dosage. The sensitivity you will show about drug usage will make the healing process much healthier and much faster.

Steam Bath

There will also be a physical fatigue after the operation. Therefore, a more sensitive process awaits you. You need to stay away from actions such as steam baths where intense heat will touch your body. You can take a steam bath about 1 week after the operation.


For the solarium, the period which your body should rest is 1 week.

Car Use

You can drive car 2 to 3 days after surgery and continue your daily life without any problems. Your mobility will reach a much more perfect level along this time.

Travel With Plane

For long-term travels, you can take your first steps 3 days after the surgery.

Hot/ Cold Applications

Hot and cold applications are one of the actions that should be avoided as much as possible. If you need it a lot, waiting time for 1 week is ideal.


The doctor’s approval is required to remove the sutures, and your physicians will determine the time. After the sutures are removed, there will be some checks and it will be in your favor not to disrupt the ongoing controls. It is useful not to disrupt the controls because how the healing process progresses and whether there are any problems will emerge in a healthier way with these regular controls.

How Much Does Leg Lift Aesthetics (Thigh Lift) Cost?

We cannot share the prices of thigh lift aesthetics with you on the grounds of the ministry of health and the competition committee, but we hope that we shared all the details about this aesthetic operation. For price information, please contact us via Whatsapp, phone or e-mail.

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