Dental Implants in Turkey

Dental Implants in Turkey

If you are thinking of dental implants treatment in Turkey, we are your clinic. Almost 20 years of experience support us and our commitment to technological innovation, the best professionals, and minimal surgical invasion.

The lack of dental pieces has a solution, and our team will accompany you throughout the process, from the diagnosis, advice and final result of your dental implants already placed in the mouth.

Dental implants, what are they?

The dental implants are metal parts placed by a thread within the upper or lower jaw, which is a screwed pillar supporting the artificial tooth future. Its objective is to replace lost teeth by placing a dental crown or bridge.

It is a permanent solution to tooth loss that provides a natural image and greater comfort and functionality than other solutions, such as full dentures.

The dental implant replaces the root of the tooth and provides stable support. In this treatment, the adjacent teeth are not carved or overloaded, and the teeth are prevented from migrating or protruding.

Types of dental implants

The dental implants are classified into different types depending on how to place the intervention, the material composed of or as the surgical procedure is performed.

According to how the intervention is carried out, we find:

  • Endosseous or osseointegrated implants.

According to the material of which they are composed, we find:

  • Zirconium dental implants.
  • Titanium dental implants.

Depending on when the crowns are loaded or placed, we find the following types:

  • Traditional or two-phase implants.
  • Immediate or immediate loading implants.

dental implants in turkey

What parts does a dental implant have?

Implant fixation

It is the implant itself. It is the part of the dental implant that is fixed to the bone.

Transepithelial abutment

It is the part of the implant that protrudes from the bone and emerges in the mouth.

Dental crown or prosthesis

It is the part that is attached to the abutment, and we appreciate it like a tooth.

Dental implant prices in Turkey

The price of dental implants in Turkey depends on the particular circumstance of every patient.

In our clinic, we offer our patients the opportunity of financing their dental implant procedure since we do not want price to be an obstacle for our patients to obtain the treatment they need.

How is the procedure performed in the treatment of dental implants?

The procedure followed in dental implants treatment is different for each person and, therefore, must be a personalized treatment. At the Estepera Dent Clinic, exhaustive studies are carried out to assess each person’s most suitable dental implant treatment.

The procedure that we follow at the Estepera Dental Clinic in dental implant treatments is:

  • Initial study and treatment planning: In this phase, the examination of the patient’s mouth, the pertinent radiological studies, and the necessary complementary tests are carried out.
  • Surgical phase: The surgical phase is conditioned by the study and initial planning. It can be a single-phase, in the simplest cases, or several surgical phases if, for example, some type of bone regeneration has been carried out.
  • Prosthetic or restorative phase: This phase begins once the dental implant is properly osseointegrated. It is the phase where we will place the prosthesis that will perform the aesthetic and functional function.
  • Maintenance phase: This phase is very important to keep dental implants in the mouth for many years. In this phase, periodic controls and hygiene of the dental implant area are carried out so that the so-called peri-implantitis does not occur.

What is the surgical phase of dental implants?

The surgical phase or placement of dental implants can be performed in one or more surgical procedures depending on the state of the bone bed.

The choice of one or another surgical procedure is indicated from the initial study and planning phase.

If the surgical procedure is performed in two phases :

  • Placement of the implant, leaving it covered by the gum for the period deemed appropriate by the surgeon.
  • The gum incisions reveal the dental implants and place the transepithelial abutment that will form the gingiva to receive the future prosthesis.

Dental implant specialists in Turkey

In our clinic, we are professionals in dental implants in Turkey.

Our experts offer our patients the best brands of dental implants and individually assess their cases to achieve the best results.

Our clinic uses digital processes that facilitate and streamline work, such as CAD and CAM technologies. CAD is the technology that allows computer design, while CAM is the technology that allows the manufacture of prostheses by computer.

Why prefer us for your dental implant treatment in Turkey?

  1. More than 20 years of experience in dental implants

We are a reference clinic in the treatment of dental implants in Turkey.

  1. Latest technology in dental implants

We use technologies to guarantee the best treatment, results and satisfaction of our patients.

  1. Interest-free financing of dental implants

Finance all or part of your dental implant treatment with a credit of up to 12 months without interest.


Is there a chance that I will not be capable of getting dental implants?

Yes, in certain cases, it is not possible to place dental implants. For the procedure to be conducted successfully, the first thing we examine is the state of the bone mass of the jaw bone, the gums and the bite. If everything is in optimal condition, we will proceed to place the implant.

What is the cost of a dental implant in Turkey?

There is no fixed price for dental implants in Turkey. This will depend on the state of the patient’s oral health and the material quality with which the new dental piece has been made.

Are there contraindications for dental implants?

There are very few absolute contraindications. We can highlight serious diseases that influence bone metabolism, specific infections, malignant tumours that affect the bone, or radiation therapy in large doses.

Zirconium implants What are their advantages over titanium implants?

Zirconium is an excellent material in the dental field; it has maximum biocompatibility (the same as titanium) and makes prostheses of unsurpassed aesthetics. However, its use in the surgical field in dentistry is recent and very minor. It can be said that as an implant, that is to say, inside the bone, it does not grant any added benefit over titanium. It is a professional option.

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