Breast Augmentation

What is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

The aesthetic evaluation of the breasts is rather relative. Social understanding, historical process and many other factors are effective in deciding whether breasts are aesthetic or not. Nowadays, vertical, plump and right lateral breasts are accepted aesthetically. Here, the process of combining the person’s body with the most suitable breast version is called breast augmentation surgery. Although the main purpose of the operation seems to be to enlarge the breasts, the main purpose is not exactly that. In addition to enlarging, it is also among the main purposes of the operation to straighten, plump and capture lateral angles.

Breast augmentation surgery can be done to completely eliminate the aesthetic concerns of the patient. Additionally, this surgery can also be performed in order to restore the natural forms of the breast in case of breast loss due to various diseases or congenital reasons.

Conditions Requiring Breast Augmentation Surgery

With age, breasts lose their firm structure. In addition, gravity and weakening of the connective tissues cause the breasts to sag from the thirties. Especially, the sagging age of breasts rich in volume is earlier and the sagging rate is higher.

Low breast volume is the main reason for surgery. Due to the genetic characteristics of the person, her breasts are small. Therefore, the person applies to breast augmentation operations in order to achieve an aesthetic appearance.

Genetically, there may be a development problem in two breasts or one of the breasts. As these problems can be seen from birth, then one breast may be larger, smaller or at a different angle than the other. Here, these appearance problems are also one of the main reasons for the surgery.

In order for the breasts to appear plump, they must collect fat. In order for the breasts to collect fat, hormone balance must be maintained. Fast weight gain and loss is one of the reasons. Or, using drugs that can disrupt the hormone balance may cause the appearance of the breast to deteriorate. In such cases and in cases which a non-surgical solution cannot be found, breast augmentation surgeries are applied.

Also, breast cancer affects most women. For this reason, breast cancer also causes breast augmentation surgery to be preferred. In this case, the breast volume is completely removed and a suitable prosthesis is placed in its place, this is the most important application.

Breast Augmentation

The Process Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

This process is aimed at both recognizing the patient’s body and reducing the risks. During the pre-operative process, things such as settling the patient’s wishes, evaluating the possibilities and determining the method are taken care of.

Getting Information About the Patient

After the patient applies to her doctor for plastic surgery, her medical history needs to be stated before the physical examination. The operations and diseases experienced by the patient up to that day are learned. The methods applied for the treatment of these diseases, the drugs used and all other methods are evaluated.

The patient’s daily life, troubles and chronic diseases are analyzed, thus the body is fully recognized. It is important to take the patient’s history. In addition, it is vital to anticipate the risks that may occur during surgery, depending on or independent of the operation. These issues are evaluated in the light of the information received from the patient and these data are important in terms of checking the suitability of the surgery for the patient.

Informing the Drugs Used

In addition to fulfilling their intended purpose, drugs can also affect some unimaginable functions. Drugs exert some standard and low scale effects in normal living conditions. This closed effect of drugs can normally be ignored. However, such a thing is not possible before surgery. Every drug taken is seriously examined in order to eliminate the risk of bleeding, especially in operations with incisions. Whether the medication is taken to regulate hormones or to relieve pain, the doctor must be informed. After the drugs taken are determined, their doses are adjusted. In extreme cases, medications taken before and after the operation are completely discontinued.

Leaving Smoking and Alcohol Using

Firstly smoking and then alcohol causes serious damage to the body. In addition to the damage they cause to the inner parts of the body, they also directly damage the skin and tissues. It is imperative to leave these two harmful substances that disrupt the aesthetics before an operation to gain aesthetics. Especially smokers should stop smoking completely about one month before the operation. On the other hand, they should consume alcohol not exceeding one glass a day.

Smoking prevents enough quality oxygen from entering the cells by affecting respiratory functions. Skin tissues and connective tissues that cannot get quality oxygen are released. This situation causes aesthetic losses in the whole body, especially in the face area.

Regulation of Nutrition Habits

The basic structures that make the breasts appear plump and upright are adipose tissues. Breasts are one of the areas where calories taken into the body are stored. Due to irregular and excessive nutrition, excessive growth of the breasts may occur. There is a huge difference between the growth intended in breast augmentation surgery and the growth that occurs in this way. Breasts that grow with overfeeding are generally susceptible to sagging. It is also possible to talk about a shapeless growth.

After consulting a doctor and passing to the pre-operative process in order to ensure breast aesthetics, the thing must be done is to start a controlled nutrition. It is beneficial to control the presence of adipose tissues throughout the body, especially breast tissue.

Process in Day of Surgery

Various tests are applied after the patient’s hospitalization. It is aimed to find the diseases of the patient that may obstruct the operation and may have been overlooked in the preparation process before the operation. In addition, these tests are applied to control the presence of infectious diseases. After the tests are completed without any problems, the patient is taken to the operating room together with the anesthesiologist. Necessary drawings are made in the breast area and the patient is relieved. Afterwards, the patient is put to sleep and the operation phase is started.

After the surgery is performed with the appropriate method, the operation is terminated. After the operation, with the patient waking up, an examination is performed by the doctor who performed the operation. The results of the operation and the patient’s condition are evaluated. The patient can stand up after resting for three hours on her back.

In addition, there is no problem in eating and walking after the completion of this rest period. Since the operation is performed in the early hours, the patient is ready to be discharged in the afternoon. If there is no risk of complications, the patient is discharged. If the patient does not want it or there is a risk of complications, the patient can be hospitalized for one more night.

What Are The Breast Augmentation Methods?

1- Under breast

If the breast tissue is sufficient, the implants are placed behind the breast tissue through the breast tissue. If breast tissue is not sufficient in the upper pole, silicones are placed under the breast muscle to provide a natural looking.

2- Nipple

An incision is made around the nipple, depending on the breast tissue volume, the silicone implant is placed under the breast muscle or breast tissue.

3- Armpit

The silicone implant is placed under the muscle by making an incision under the armpit. Sagging of the breasts can also be corrected in breast augmentation operations. However, if there is advanced sagging, breast lift operation is required. Depending on the breast augmentation method to be preferred, you can breastfeed easily after pregnancy.

What Are The Risks And Side Effects?

Just like any surgery, there are unfavorable situations that are likely to occur in breast augmentation surgery as well. While some of these negative situations have a high probability, some have very small percentages. The preparation process before the operation is very effective in preventing any negative situation that may occur.

Bleeding, Redness, Edema and Surgery Scar

Some incisions must be made to place the prosthesis under the breast. There are four areas that can be incised as standard. Each area has its own positive or negative situations. The operation is performed from the area most suitable for the patient’s condition. In this way, the operation can be completed with minimum incision. The prosthesis is placed under the breast after the incisions to be made in the armpit, nipple, belly and under breast areas. The incisions are sewn with special stitches, but there is a risk of bleeding in case of a reverse movement. This risk occurs due to bursting of tied stitches or poor stitches.


The body’s immune system is constantly struggling with foreign substances that can enter the body. The main factor that hinders this struggle is the weakening of the immune system due to various reasons or the occurrence of cracks in the body’s defense wall. Incisions made on the purpose of breast augmentation are similar to the large cracks in the body’s defense wall. Maximum care should be taken to the hygiene of the incision areas after the operation and until the stitches are removed.

Loss of Sense

While breast prosthesis is placed, no nerve tissue is intervened. In general, it is possible to encounter temporary loss of sensation due to some psychological reasons or small mistakes made during the operation. These loss of sensation in the muscles of the chest area is usually temporary.

Things Need To Be Considered

In order for the operation to be successful and the results of the operation to be preserved after the patient is discharged, there are some things that the patient should pay attention to. By paying the utmost attention to the issues to be considered, the prosthesis will remain in the most ideal position and it will be integrated with the breast within this position.

Physical Activity and Sports Exercises

From the third day, the patient can start very light sports exercises (recommended is the seventh day). She need to avoid movements that will force the upper muscle group. It can be increased the intensity of sports exercises by starting from the second week.

Sauna, Solarium, Steam Bath and Bathhouse Using

Sauna, steam bath and bathhouse are public environments. In addition, they are very favorable environments for the growth and spread of bacteria, even if they are personal. In general, it is recommended to stay away from sauna, solarium, steam bath and baths for up to two months after the operation.


Patients should not take a shower for three days after the operation. If showering is inevitable, the top and bottom of the chest area should be washed separately. In addition, direct water contact to the chest area should be avoided. From the third day on, there is no problem in taking a shower.

Sleep Position

For the prosthesis to be placed in the breasts, incisions can be made in four regions. The incision site is selected according to the patient’s condition, wishes and the type of prosthesis. Mostly, incisions are made in the nipple, armpit, belly and under breast areas. Since all the opened areas coincide with the front of the body, attention should be paid to the lying position while sleeping. Until the stitches are removed, the whole weight of the body should not be put forward in any way. In particular, it is necessary to sleep in a way that exposes the stitched areas and deprive these operated areas from burden.

Using Bra

After the prosthesis is placed, it must be firmly kept in the area. A corset can be used to complete the integration phase in a healthy way, but sports bras are used today. The patient is put on a sports bra after the operation. Since this bra has a pressing structure, it helps to hold the prostheses placed in the chest area at an appropriate angle.

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost?

We cannot share information about Breast Augmentation Costs as per the rules of the Ministry of Health and Competition Board. For detailed information, you can contact us by Whatsapp, phone or e-mail. Different methods are used for breast augmentation surgery. There is a significant difference between the prices of fillers or fat injections and the prices of prosthetic applications. Likewise, different types of prostheses bring different prices with them. The level of expertise of the plastic surgeon performing the operation, the quality of the application and the hospital where the operation is performed also affect the costs. You must be examined to find out the net price of breast augmentation surgeries performed for aesthetic purposes.

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