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Beard Transplant

A beard transplant, a live-saving application for many men, is carried out in many private hospitals and hair transplant clinics in Turkey. All of the patients receiving a beard transplant were satisfied with the results and achieved the appearance they desired.

The results of the successful applications in the field of beard transplantation is also known all over the world. Every year millions of foreign tourists visit Turkey in the scope of health tourism. The tourists, who come for touristic and health reasons, undergo a beard transplantation for fair prices and payment methods and explore our country at the same time.

The prices for a beard transplant change according to the thickness of the beard. These applications need to be carried out very carefully in in order to achieve successful results, hair follicles are obtained especially from the neck region. It is possible to extract qualitative hair follicles from the back of the neck, the neck and other regions of the body. The most important point determining the price of a beard transplant are the number and quality of the graftsThe more beard follicles are transplanted, the higher the transplantation price will be.

Beard Transplant Turkey - Istanbul

Is Beard Transplantation A Painful Operation?

A beard transplant is carried out with the hair follicles obtained from the back of the neck. The operation is not painful because it is carried out with very small needles and the operation area is anesthetized.

Since sedation, which is the most up-to-date anesthesia method, is performed during beard transplantation, no pain is felt during or after the procedure.

Patients undergoing a beard transplant can return home right after the procedure and may wash their beards after 48 hours.

Who Can Undergo a Beard Transplant?

  •   People with thin beards,
  •   People with bald areas due to an accident,
  •   People who change their sex,
  •   People who don’t have much natural beard growth
  •   And people with inadequate beard growth can undergo a beard transplant.

Will the Beard Shed after a Beard Transplant Operation?

A beard transplant is permanent. Since the stem cells taken from your own hair follicles are transplanted during the application, you will gain a permanent natural beard appearance, which lasts a lifetime.

After the beard transplant, which is a permanent solution for everyone who desires it, crusting with some beard shedding occurs. But this is normal and the beard will grow within normal growing speed after 4 to 8 months.

Does a Beard Transplant Contain Risks?

Hence a beard transplant is carried out with the own hair follicles, it does not contain any risks.

You may receive the results of the beard transplant, which everybody can undergo with no risks whatsoever, in a very short time. People who have undergone a beard transplantation are generally satisfied with the results. For this reason, beard transplantation, which has no side effects, is very often preferred.

Millions of tourists, who come to our country every year, are able to get rid of their problems, which psychologically affects them, with a beard or hair transplantation. Applications such as beard transplantation, hair transplantation and eyebrow transplantation give 100% successful results and people who have chosen to undergo such an application are satisfied with the results.


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