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Estepera is proudly one of the best hair transplantation clinics in Turkey. We have devoted ourselves exclusively to hair restoration procedures and treatments since the establishment of our clinic in.

We, at Estepera, are proud of our impeccable reputation thanks to the quality of the treatments we offer and the professionalism of our staff. Over the years, we have provided medical services to more than patients from various parts of the world, and our medical team, led by , is one of the most sophisticated, highly qualified, and experienced teams in Turkey.

Today, Estepera continues providing its services from Florence Nightingale Hospital, which is located in one of Istanbul’s most exclusive neighborhoods.

Hair Transplantation Turkey & All Techniques

Hair loss is accepted as a major issue affecting a large percentage of the population. Although there are various reasons contributing to hair loss, the most prominent cause is still androgenetic alopecia which is a hereditary condition associated with androgen sensitivity. While available non-surgical treatments may help the deceleration of hair loss to a certain extent, endless progressions on surgical hair restoration have turned hair transplantation into almost an impeccable safe and effective method for affected patients.

Hair transplantation is a consistently evolving type of procedure, providing solutions for patients struggling with androgenetic alopecia as well as hair loss resulting from other sources such as trauma or inflammatory hair disorders…

FUE Hair Transplant Turkey

FUE is one of the most effective and advanced surgical methods for permanent hair restoration. Avoiding linear scarring, it takes hair transplant surgery techniques much further and becomes one of the least invasive procedures. Being almost a scarless surgery, FUE’s worldwide popularity mostly stems from its promising results and relatively short healing process.

The advancements in FUE technologies is making the dream of nearly no visible scarring a reality…

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation Turkey

Being in constant change and development, medical science gives birth to more innovative techniques at any moment. Naturally, hair restoration procedures also receive their share of novelty, and they become more and more crucial for many people, since these restoration techniques create satisfactory results in terms of physical health as well as mental health, considering the fact that acquired sense of beauty attach great importance to the aesthetic appearance of one’s.

DHI Hair Transplant Turkey

Whether cosmetic preferences or health concerns, hair loss is a condition that millions of people struggling with, for various reasons or purposes. Fortunately, hair transplantation is a rapidly growing sector where technological and medical innovations are making the improvement of transplantation process and overall final results much more evident and remarkable, day by day.
One of the recent examples of such advancements is the Direct Hair Transplantation technique, which is regarded as an advanced follicular transplantation method. With skills of certified surgeons and latest medical equipments, DHI procedure guarantees a natural-looking hairline, providing a density as much as possible..

Beard Transplant Turkey

In just the same way as scalp hair transplants, beard transplant procedures are also gaining more popularity day by day, considering the complementary effect of the beard as well as its ability to provide a more masculine and younger complexion.

Beard transplant is not an invasive operation, and this feature of the procedure eliminates the risk of scarring, setting patients’ minds at rest. While the operation is relatively short to be executed with minimal downtime, the recovery period is also does not take much time from patients’ busy schedules…

Hair Transplant Turkey Packages
FUE Package
FUE Package
  • Hair Transplant with FUE technique
  • Private consultation with the doctor
  • Blood tests
  • Painless anesthesia
  • Post operatory medications
  • First wash at the clinic
  • Shampoo and spray
  • Hat and neck pillow
  • Two-night accommodation at a 5-star hotel
  • Airport, hotel, clinic VIP transfer
  • Certificate of Guarantee
  • Interpreter
VIP FUE Package
VIP FUE Package
  • FUE with Sapphire
  • Private consultation with the doctor
  • Blood tests
  • Painless anesthesia
  • Post operatory medications
  • First wash at the clinic
  • Shampoo and spray
  • Hat and neck pillow
  • Treatment Package for 6 months
  • Three-night accommodation at a 5-star hotel
  • Airport, hotel, clinic VIP transfer
  • 1-Day Istanbul Tour
  • Certificate of Guarantee
  • Interpreter
DHI Package
DHI Package
  • FUE with CHOI pens (DHI technique)
  • Private consultation with the doctor
  • Blood tests
  • Painless anesthesia
  • Post operatory medications
  • First wash at the clinic
  • Shampoo and spray
  • Hat and neck pillow
  • Two-night accommodation at a 5-star hotel
  • Airport, hotel, clinic VIP transfer
  • Certificate of Guarantee
  • Interpreter

Frequently Asked Questions

Does hair transplant hurt?

Hair transplantation is considered a non invasive surgery. The local anesthetic used has prolonged analgesic action, so the patient will not feel any kind of pain. The operated area remains silent for several hours after surgery. In the days following the intervention you may experience a slight pain in the receiving and donating areas, which will disappear within a few days.

How long does hair transplant last?

The duration of the intervention depends on the number of bulbs that will be transplanted. It usually takes 6 to 8 hours.

Who can undergo hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation can be men and women, from 18/20 years old. Since it is a little invasive, almost everyone can undergo hair transplantation, except in patients with serious health problems, such as immunosuppression.

What is the risk of hair transplantation?

Since it is a non-invasive operation performed in local anesthesia, the risks of such intervention are low. The only drawbacks that our patients experience are mostly in the post operative: itching, headaches and slight swelling, but they disappear within a few days.

Hair Transplant Reviews
Brock Cooper

I've had a hair transplant not long ago with Estepera Hair Clinic of İstanbul-Turkey. Had the operation like in December 20, 2018. Its been a year now, so i've got my final result. It looks very good and natural, i feel myself like a new man, before the operation i wouldn't walk with my head like that without a hat, probably that could be the reason of my baldness but finally i got rid of it. Thanks to Estepera... The operation is not that painful, they applied anaesthesia on me before starting, so i was quite confortante, watching TV during the procedure..they make me feel home, i think that is part i miss the most.. Everything was awesome..i know there are other people that don't know which Clinic to pick,, but in my own experience do not recommend any other one except Estepera, you  could say it's the most cosy Clinic you would find..

Dennis Hughes

Had my transplant in Turkey's best Clinic. Before i start sharing my unforgetable experience here i would like to say that this is one of the writings in which i declare my joy willfully.. Nobody pushed me. As soon as you get at their clinic you have the feeling they are right beside immediately, your questions meet the answers right away, without any delay. My interpreter was at same time a guide to me..fulfilling my wishes without questioning. The operation i had consisted in 3 steps Extraction, Opening of the channels and Hair transplant, did it using FUE method. sometimes people keep saying there's pain while you are in the operating room, but that's not exactly how it is, i mean maybe because i had my operation in the right place, because i didn't feel pain during those 3 steps, which takes me to confess that Estepera is an excellent Hair Clinic in Turkey, because administering a local anaesthesia without you feeling pain requires professionalism, and that's the value that Estepera has..a big deal. I myself run a business in my city, i have employees, many friends and colleagues that i already shared this wonderful experience.. So  considering all the positive sides of Estepera, i can frankly say they deserve a 5 star.. Hifive from Canada

Richard Rivera

Everyone's Clinic.. I am Deane, i would like to share with you guys about my experience on this Hair transplant .. Months ago my friend came up with the idea of having a hair operation...obviously he has been researching even before he told me about it and in the end decided to go with Estepera , but i didn't have any idea of what it was and how it's performed. He insisted on going together as he knew i was bald too, but not that bald, just the front side. My informations on the case being limited i told my fiend i wanted to see his result first then i could go. He arranged his trip and went for it, when i saw he was getting better result i asked where he had it done, said Estepera Hair Clinic Turkey, which is in the core of Istanbul. Anyway i got my consultation with the clinic, they told me i had 2 choices, FUE or DHI, but preferred them to tell me what's the best for me, apparently DHI was. Everything my friend had told me is exactly the same, he told from the hotel till the clinic itself, about how confortable is was, decent place and people, professional staff... Everything was just fantastic.. recommendable!

Joshua Miller

A magnificent experience... I had my hair procedure on the 14th… I have had my hairtransplant on the 14th November 2019. Came all the way from the US to Istanbul-Turkey. It's been an interesting trip, i came with a fiend . There was a van waiting for us out there. One of the things that's worth a compliment is the Estepera's interpreter himself. I would argue that was most patient person i've ever met, from the beginning till we met he explains to you everything word by word so you can get all of it . The place and staff are very clean with nice outfits. Doctor and all specialist presentable.. In terms of Hygiene they are just epic.. My operation was performed with this FUE with sapphire, i chose it because the healing period is shorter, and as i'm a worker i need to get back to work as soon as this was a right choice.. Good job Estepera team,.. I will recommend patients to you!!!

Andy Williams

This Clinic, EsteperaHair, is well know in Turkey …,they know how to handle things in a very professional way, after i booked my flight tickets, a confirmation letter was sent to my i had taken days off, so this was a relief. I landed in Istanbul like 12pm, the  interpreter of the clinic gave me a call by the moment i stepped out of the plane and passed the orientation on what direction i had to go.. He called the driver to pick up. Anyway, we go at hotel,  in though i thought i would have trouble as i didn't know their language by apparently they did speak English, and that was one of the nice parts of the hotel. Smiling staff.. Anything i needed to get help for, there was my interpreter giving a hand.. I felt honored as Estepera's patient.. My other concern was related to the procedure itself, i kept asking questions myself, because i'm very sensitive to the pain, i can say that was my only weakness but nevertheless the medical team administered the anaesthesia part so very carefully that i didn't feel much thing as i though i would.. That's called professionalism, perfection of a company like Estepera, 100% recommended!

Bill Howard

I did perform a hair transplant with the experts, with Estepera. In the first week of January i had a hair operation in İstanbul, which is located in the heart of the city. Before making any decisions i prefered to get some more information on this rather than going blind, so i gave a look at YouTube videos just by typing a few words that have to do about hair. What can say, the number of information on that platform is quite surprising, i though i could make a decision on a clinic in a short time but that didn't happen at all. It took me a whole day to make my mind. There was this video or in other words, intro that kept coming on top evert time i changed the videos. I said maybe this is something worth to watch, i clicked on it, and, man.. That video takes you step by step giving all the answers you would want. That's how i decided to go with Estepera Hair Clinic Turkey.. When i arrived at the airport i felt like maybe i will be lost, but thankfully the clinic is very careful about pick ups, i followed a few people that landed from the same plane as me, and i found myself on the exit floor from where the driver picked me up in at vip van and guided to the hotel.. Next day after breakfast i went to the clinic for the procedure, it was like 11am or something like that. Translator was a great help to me. Passed the pre-op informations as soon as I got at the clinic. We did blood test, went for the pictures, consultation and so on. He presented the medical team that was to take care about me for the entire procedure. Everything went well till the end, i was just tired after those hours, the only thing i wanted is going back to the hotel and take a rest. The team asked me if i was feeling bad myself and said no, they asked that question again to make sure if i'm OK. They are a perfect Clinic from i can tell.. I have friends and colleagues who would like to undergo an operation as well, and Estepera Hair Transplantation is the only place i can recommend not only to them, for everyone else, trustful, professional..

Martin Sanders

A very exciting experience!! My name is Joshua, came from England to perform my hair surgery at Estepera.. As every one does, i bileve, before reaching  Istanbul had my own researchs regarding what this kind of operation is. As far as i can tell, my biggest wish was to perform with DHI method, but was told by the specialists that my baldness was very advanced and the most ideal technique would be FUE. That was fine to me, i made all arrangements to go ahead with Estepera, i remember contacting the clinic English representer on Sunday, even though they served me gladly, which motivated me, not just that but also the clinic's organization is outstanding, with people who like to help at any time. As there so many clinics out there, i didn't choose Estepera right away, i made many other researchs for a long period of time and i have seen different places as well, but considering the number of good reviews i have noticed that in Istanbul, EsteparaHairClinic is the top not only in one aspect, be it terms of professionalism, organization etc. Well, the package i bought included 3 days, so i booked my flight accordingly. I a arrived, next day operation, which took a little bit longer. The driver picked me up from the hotel and dropped at the clinic, and after the procedure finished, the interpreter passed all the informations, next, the driver took me back to the hotel. 3rd day was for the wash, they gave me a hat for sun protection before i left the clinic. Right after that i went for a walk as that was my last day in Istanbul. One thing thank i liked the most, even the doctor  check on you during the procedure, i here thank Mrs. Yeliz, they have a great team.. You are the best in Istanbul-Turkey!! Huggs from England.

Evans Campbell

Outstanding! Very Decent I refer a call from miss Adriana, the person I've been in touch since ever. All I wanted to know about is whether i was a good candidate for a hair procedure or not. Well she asked for a few pictures so the experts can evaluate. On the same right day i got the result, no delays! They said my donor area wasn't that good but could do. I got convinced because the informations were accurate and reliable. After they informed me about their availability i started to look for the tickets online. Adriana was very helpful in all steps. When i got to the clinic i met Mrs. Yeliz who is the general specialist.. She was the one who drew my frontal line.. I read plenty of reviews about this clinic before deciding to come, and indeed, it's the best Clinic for hair transplant in Turkey you could choose.. Don't have a second though, i deeply recommend everyone!

Carter Brooks

I’m a  35 years old male. Like couple of yeas ago my hair started to get patchy and that bothered me quite a lot..i had to spend time trying to hide that so its not very visible..later it would result as lack of self confidence every time i looked myself in the mirror. I knew this could get even worse with time, so before bad things happen i decided to gather information online about hair procedures. That's when my eyes got stuck in a clinic name, it was called Estepera Turkey #Hair transplant. As my baldness wasn't that big i decided to consult from the number i got online, sent a message, the clinic's patient coordinator called me on whatsapp and explained what i wanted to know. The said i could have dhi technique. I had all support needed and i can't frankly say '' m really happy. It's been 6 months and half now, started to notice the results..i'm telling you, if you are searching for a hair transplant in İstanbul, go for Estepera.. The best!!

Russell Clark

Fabulous teamwork!!! I and my wife had a trip to Istanbul-Turkey, my intention changed after seeing a group of patients who had hair transplant, it looked amazing. I asked them where they had theirs, passed me the address.. The next day my wife walked me till the place,  Estepera Hair Clinic to know more about hair transplant, I wasn't very sure that i wanted to go ahead with this. But when i got there i completely fell i was in the right hands, i had preliminary cons with the doctor..finally we scheduled my procedure and i left very excited.. Thankfully i did it, with the professionals, i can bet it is the best Clinic for hair transplant. Anyone planning to undergo, don't miss this Istanbul's great choice, Estepera!  Now looking forward to getting the outcome..

Hair Transplant Reviews Videos

Operation of Hair Transplant in Turkey

What makes both men and women beautiful and well-groomed is their hair. Dense and shiny hair makes the person look young and healthy. Like all living things in nature, this brightness is interesting for human beings and provides an advantage in every situation.

In the past, hair was mostly perceived as a subject of women. Fortunately in recent years, especially thanks to hair transplantation treatment, we now know how much men care about their hair and how valuable their hair is for them. It is a pity for a woman to lose her hair. The same goes for men suffering from baldness. It may negatively affect the social and psychological life of the person and this is a very normal situation.

In this respect, hair transplant treatment is the method that most supports personal development among aesthetic operations. It is a very valuable aesthetic surgery method that provides a person’s self-confidence.

Thousands of people from around the world come for hair transplant treatment in Turkey. All these people achieve their dreams thanks to the hair transplant operation which performed with the latest techniques and technology. People make peace with their mirror image and seem to be reborn.

Turkey: Most Preferred Country in the World in Hair Transplantation

Turkish doctors and hair transplant clinics closely follow the hair transplant techniques and surgical technology used. Turkish doctors and clinics are doing very well in hair transplantation. For this reason, Turkey is forced to meet a growing demand every year. Aesthetically very natural results are obtained. Technically, new hair that can grow and shape without problems is obtained. From an economic perspective, this treatment is done at very reasonable prices in Turkey. Due to all of these reasons, Turkey reached a record-breaking number of patients and a large commercial volume in hair transplantation last year.

All around the world, Turkey is known with the trust that it gives in the health field. The main reason of it is preferred that the hair transplantation in Turkey:

  • Successful and natural looking results
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
  • Affordable prices

Things To Do After Deciding to Have Hair Transplant in Turkey

Finding The True Clinic

Finding a hair transplant clinic that can fully meet your expectations is the first thing to do at this phase. As Estepera Hair Clinic, with our more than 15-years-experience, we are pleased to support our patients by providing free consultancy with our professional, experienced and successful team. We are happy to support our patients because, in our opinion, this decision is the most important step in the treatment process and our clinical task has already begun at this phase.

Free Consultancy

The pre-interview which realized during a free consultation has several important goals:

Are you an available candidate for hair transplant treatment?

In order to answer this question, it is necessary to understand why and how your hair is shed. Hair loss which due to genetic reasons, stress, disease or trauma are conditions that can be treated with hair transplantation.

How old is the patient, at what stage is the hair loss?

In order for hair transplantation to be performed, the shedding must be stabilized. The age of the patient may be determinant in this regard.

Do you have any health problem that may hinder the surgery?

Hair transplantation is a surgical operation performed under local anesthesia. Therefore, it is applied by following general health and surgical procedures. Being sensitive in this regard indicates the value given to the patient.

Do you have a blood-borne disease?

Surgical fields may be places at risk for blood-borne diseases. The responsibility in this regard belongs to the hospital, clinic and the doctor working with the ministry license. For example, in some countries, while this treatment is applied on patients with HIV, hair transplantation treatment is not applied to these patients in Turkey.

Planning Your Travel to Turkey for Your Hair Transplant Operation

If everything goes well till this point, your appointment is created for the operation at the last stage and your flight is scheduled to Turkey. The flight ticket belongs to the patient.

Operation Process in Hair Transplant

This process, which starts with your coming to the clinic, can be completed in one day or delay to two days. Hair transplant operation consists of two basic stages: Preparation for Surgery and Hair Transplant Surgery.

Preparation for Surgery

Blood test, hair examination, method to be used, determination of the number of grafts to be transplanted, drawing the hairline and shaving if necessary are the steps of the surgery preparation process.

At this stage, you meet with your doctor and a team, that consist of hair transplant specialists, and have a one-to-one meeting. You will be informed in detail about the procedure to be applied, the technique to be used and the entire operation process. If you have any questions, it is very valuable to share your hesitations with your doctor at this phase.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is the process of removing hair follicles, which resistant to shedding, from the nape of the head and transplanting them to the field where the shedding occurs. If we count the phases:

Anesthesia: Anesthesia is adjusted at an available dose according to the time required by the surgery. Anesthesia, depending on the method to be used, is applied by an expert anesthesiologist to the whole head or to the area where the roots will be collected first and then to the area where the roots will be planted.

Collection of Hair Roots: It is the procedure in which the aimed number of hair follicles are collected one by one from the donor area according to the previously created surgery plan. It is painless since it is performed under the anesthesia. The duration may vary depending on the number of roots to be collected and the method of hair transplant.

Transplantation of Hair Roots: The hair follicles taken from the donor area are transplanted to the bald area one by one.

Hair transplant operation which performed with the FUE method: It is realized through anesthesia, collecting of the roots, opening the channel, transplanting the roots into the opened canal.

Hair transplant operation which performed with the DHI Method With CHOI Pen: It is realized through anesthesia applied to the whole head, removing the hair follicles one by one and directly transplanting them.

In both methods, hand skill significantly determines the result. Hair follicles, which are collected precisely by experienced surgeons and teams, are planted in the recipient area with the same care.

Things to Consider After Hair Transplant Operation

It is necessary to be sensitive to the transplanted hair follicles, especially in the first days after surgery. It is very important to strictly follow your doctor’s postoperative wound care recommendations in order to achieve a successful result. With an operation that lasts for hours, as the phrase is, you should care the hair follicles, which each removed one by one and transplanted one by one, like a baby. At least during the first one month sensitive period.

Wound Care and Cleaning

The first wash after the operation, one or two days later, is done by nurses or hair transplant specialists in the clinic. You can also think of this wash as a training at the same time. Pay attention to these when taking a shower in the following days:

  • Water should not be pressurized
  • You should avoid movements that will irritate the scalp with your nails or fingers.
  • You should wash your head with warm water (low heat).
  • You should use the products recommended by your doctor.
  • You should not neglect to use the lotion given by your doctor after showering.
  • Pay Attention While Sleeping in the First week

Especially during the first week while sleeping, in order to protect the transplanted hair follicles and prevent any edema, one of the most important issues to be considered after surgery is to sleep in the supine position at a forty-five degree angle and making sure that the transplanted area does not come into contact with the pillow.

Protection from Sun and Impacts

Especially in the periods the sun is hot, you should be more careful. A light blow that will not hurt your head can damage the transplanted hair follicle and you may not even be aware of it. It is very important that you are protected from all kinds of blows in the first three months.

Personal Hygiene & Infection Risk

It is useful to be extra careful about personal hygiene in the first two weeks. Because what we do not want most is the occurrence of any postoperative infection. Our clinic, from the first moment you decide to hair transplant in Turkey, is with you whenever you need during the postoperative care and recovery period.

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