Bichectomy (Cheek Thinning)

What is Bichectomy (Cheek Thinning)?

The facial area may become excessively fat over time due to aging or when we gain weight. With the procedure of fat removal from the cheek, excessive fat on the cheek can be removed and the face can be restored to its old appearance. As one of the facial rejuvenation and thinning aesthetic procedures, it has become a widely used approach in aesthetic surgery.

Thanks to the thinning of the cheeks, many people, including Hollywood stars, have achieved the look they want. In fact, cheek aesthetics (bichectomy) has begun to be called the “Hollywood cheek” for this reason.

It is possible to create an inverted triangle image with the fat taken from the cheek. Fat is taken from certain areas of the cheek to create an inverted triangle image. The removal of these fats does not cause any risks and problems.

Why Should Cheek Thinning Surgery (Bichectomy) Be Performed?

Fat accumulation may occur after losing too much weight or even in very thin people. Fats formed on the cheek cause disproportion of the face and disrupt the aesthetic appearance. People who want to solve this problem apply to cheek aesthetic operation.

Process Before Cheek Thinning Surgery (Bichectomy)

People who will undergo surgery should stay away from blood thinners and medicines. The example given as a priority is aspirin. People using aspirin should not use this drug until 7-10 days before surgery. Otherwise, the surgery will not occur. In order for the bichectomy surgery to take place, the person is asked to do blood tests first.

The cheek structure of the person is examined and the fat tissue is analyzed. Performing the cheek aesthetic operation in this way allows the person to get the most efficiency from the surgery. In this way, it will be possible for the person to get the desired appearance in a short time. When a positive result is obtained, the person is deemed suitable for surgery and the operation begins.


How is Cheek Thinning (Bichectomy) Performed?

1 cm wide incision is realized inside the mouth with local anesthesia. Immediately after the incision is made, the fat is removed by reaching the cheek through the mouth. The incision in the mouth is then closed and stitches are made. After the stitching, the person will be able to get rid of this incision within 1 week. The procedure takes about 30 minutes and is performed under general anesthesia or conscious sedation, that is, local anesthesia.

Who Can Have Bichectomy Surgery?

Bichectomy is applied to people who have a large amount of fat on their cheeks and therefore have no obvious facial features, whose face looks massive, and who have thick and square facial features. Although every age range and every individual can benefit from the operation, blood tests are still performed. People with suitable blood tests and diseases that prevent the operation cannot benefit from the operation. At the same time, people who use blood thinners 1 week before cannot benefit from this operation.

Things to Consider Before The Surgery

As in all plastic and aesthetic operations, it is recommended to quit smoking and alcohol use at least 1 week before bichectomy. This is very important for the healing process to go faster. In addition, drugs with blood thinning properties such as aspirin should not be used before the operation. Apart from these, the plastic surgeon who will perform the operation should be informed about the drugs that are used regularly.

Things to Consider After The Surgery

  • Since there are small stitches in the mouth, solid food should not be consumed on the first day.
  • On the first day of the surgery, the patient may have difficulty in chewing, and chewing may damage the stitches.
  • After feeding with liquid foods on the first day, it can be switched to light solid foods from the second day and then solid food.
  • Mouthwash should be used for three days after the operation.
  • Care should be taken to clean the mouth in order to prevent infection. Within a few days, the stitches on the cheeks dissolve and disappear. Thus, all the tenderness in the cheeks ends.
  • It is normal to have edema and swelling around the operation area that may last 15-20 days after cheek aesthetics. Swelling and edema are kept to a minimum with ice packs.

How Much Does Bichectomy Cost?

We cannot share the Bichectomy Costs here with the justification of the Ministry of Health and Competition Board.

On the other hand, bichectomy (cheek thinning) surgery and its prices vary according to the patient’s condition and the procedures to be applied. For price information, please contact us via Whatsapp, phone or e-mail.

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