Corrective Jaw Surgery

The corrective jaw surgery aims to correct the position of the maxillary bone and jaw. That is, it is responsible for the correction of dental-craniomaxillofacial deformities in order to obtain a perfect balance between the patient’s facial features.

The types of corrective surgery are:

Mandibular advancement, when the lower teeth and chin have restrictions with respect to the rest of the face

  • Open bite happens while the upper and lower teeth do not collide in a symmetrical form when closing the mouth but leave a gap.
  • Mandibular asymmetry, when the chin and teeth have a deflect to one side
  • To find out which treatment is most appropriate, our experts perform a three-dimensional X-ray study. The images allow you to know which area experts will operate on and create a simulation of the process.

Why is it Performed?

The idea of this procedure is to accomplish good contact symmetry between these two bones to improve jaw function and facial aesthetics. This type of surgery is an indication for patients with a dental malocclusion that experts cannot treat exclusively with orthodontics.

What Does it Consist of?

The treatment consists in the execution, first of all, of an examination that allows acquiring clinical data such as radiographs, photographs, a realization of measurements and facial models. This examination allows the specialist to investigate the problems presented by the patient through computer programs and to make a specific diagnosis. Next, professionals establish the necessary treatment for dental, skeletal and facial correction.

Corrective Jaw Surgery

Preparation for Corrective Jaw Surgery

Before the procedure, the patient will have to wear devices for some time so that the teeth will adapt when the jaws close correctly and go with the surgery.

Corrective Jaw Surgery Postoperative Care and Nutrition

Those who have corrective jaw surgery usually do not eat food on the first night. A professional gives the patient only corrective jaw surgery water 4 hours after the operation. In general, the next day, the patient starts to eat clear and grain-free foods. The patient can start with oral care with the approval of the dentist in our Estepera Dent clinic in Turkey. By placing rubber on the teeth at the appropriate time, the jaws are close to each other.

After the jaws are close to each other with the help of elastic bands, the patient should not move their teeth or talk in order to fuse the bones. For those who have corrective jaw surgery, painkillers and antibiotics are available in case of infection. The jaw is not open for 10 to 14 days by giving the nutrition only in the form of liquid from the spaces between the teeth. During this time, the patient should pay attention to oral care.

Those who have corrective jaw surgery should be careful about cigarette consumption in the first week after surgery. Bad habits such as smoking negatively affect the wound healing process. Those who have corrective jaw surgery should definitely not smoke. The patient can leave the clinic five days after the Corrective jaw Surgery. Those who have corrective jaw surgery stay away from work for up to 20 days. But after that, he can continue his daily activities. Then, routine controls are available on the 20th day and 1.5 months.

You can receive information from our experts by contacting us about Corrective jaw Surgery and treatment alternatives.

Possible Complications After Corrective jaw Surgery

The patient receives appropriate antibiotics to prevent infection after Corrective jaw Surgery. After corrective jaw surgery, numbness may occur in the lower lip and chin area, although rarely, in parallel with nerve damage. In addition, taste and sensation defects in the tongue and facial mimic muscles may occur.

This type of nerve damage can generally heal within 6 to 12 months, or it can be permanent. In some patients, the fracture may heal incorrectly or incompletely, and in such cases, corrective jaw surgery might be of requirement. In Turkey, the problems of the jaw joint may improve after corrective jaw surgery. The joint rarely becomes problematic; thus, experts cannot understand this situation beforehand.

Those who have corrective jaw surgery often experience weight loss due to deficiencies in normal nutrition sometime after corrective jaw surgery ends. However, patients can prevent this with dietary supplements. After the corrective jaw surgery treatment has successfully come to an end, patients continue with orthodontic treatment for a while. Since there will be reflections on the facial appearance after corrective jaw surgery applications, professionals can re-evaluate the situation in terms of aesthetic applications according to the needs and demands of the patient.

To acquire more information about corrective jaw surgery techniques and to find out which technique is suitable for you, visit our dental clinic in Turkey, our Estepera Dent Polyclinic.

Corrective Jaw Surgery Prices

Our specialists can treat patients with jaw disorders with various devices if they are in the growth and development period. However, if the skeletal disorder is very severe even though the patient is in the growth and development period, or if the patient’s growth and development period finish, specialists can correct jaw disorders with a method called corrective jaw surgery, which includes both orthodontic and surgical treatments. In order for corrective jaw surgery to be performed in Turkey, the patient’s growth and development must be completely terminated. Otherwise, there may be changes in the result obtained with this treatment. You can contact us for Corrective jaw Surgery in Turkey.

Corrective jaw surgery prices vary according to the treatment method to be applied to our patients. You can contact us to be treated by corrective jaw surgeons. Those who have corrective jaw surgery go through checkups by corrective jaw surgeons.

Application fees for corrective jaw surgery, lower jaw surgery,  double chin surgery, upper jaw surgery and chin corrective jaw surgery may vary due to individual factors. Every patient’s problem is different, and treatment processes will also be different. Two patients with the same problem may not be suitable candidates for the same technique. Because of these, corrective jaw surgery prices will differ.

If you are searching for a doctor who specializes in corrective jaw surgery in Turkey, you can visit our Orthodontic Clinic in Istanbul, Mr. XYZ Orthodontic Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic and plan your corrective jaw surgery in a short time after the examination.

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