French Face Lift

What is French Face Lift? (French Hanger)

French face lift is one of the non-surgical face lift techniques. It was developed in France and was first implemented in this country. Therefore, it has become popular with this name. However, it is also known as dynamic hanger.

In this face lift technique, flexible threads are used, the outer part of which is made of silicone inner part polyester materials. But on the other hand, biocompatible PDO threads, which are mostly used in cardiovascular surgery, are also used. Both ends of these threads are used in thick stringy threads with needle or cannula system.

Who Can Perform French Face Lift?

It is an ideal application for women and men who do not want to resort to surgical methods and also want to regain their old appearance. Since French Face Lift method delay the sings of aging in persons who prefer this method, it is one of the most preferred method in recent times.

This hanging method is not only beneficial in removing wrinkles and sagging on the face, but is also used for the treatment of patients with facial paralysis. Flexible threads, also known as “Dynamic Hanger Method”, softens by adapting to the facial gestures. It is used in non-surgical face lift methods without causing expression disorder.

The permanence of the dynamic hanger method, which can also be applied to patients with facial paralysis, is about 5 times longer than other threads, as it has a structure that can stretch by 20%.

french face lift

Can A French Hanger be an Alternative to Surgical Face Lift?

After face lift surgeries performed with surgical operations, it maintains its permanence for many years. However, the recovery process after surgery takes a long time. Therefore, as facelift surgery is costly, people have turned to the French hanger, which is the most successful method in the field of facial aesthetics as a result of technological developments. French facelift is one of the most used methods in facelift because it is a long-lasting procedure and in terms of healing process and reliability. In short, even if it does not give the same results with surgical methods, it can be considered as an alternative.

How to Perform the French Facelift?

After local anesthesia is applied, the procedure is performed within approximately 45 – 60 minutes. For placing the threads, the hanging areas are determined in advance. In the application, the threads are placed under the skin in this determined location. Since the ends of the threads are placed in the head that corresponds to the ear, the process is terminated without the need for stitching.

After the procedure, the necessary prescription is prepared to prevent infection. The person who has the hanging procedure can return to her daily life within 24 hours.

Is French Hanger Effective for Every Skin Type?

The French hanger is not suitable for severely wrinkled and sagging skin. In such cases, the patient is directed to face lift surgeries. Aesthetic results are obtained in the most effective way on skin that is thin and slightly loose. In cases where the skin is very thin and wrinkled, the result will not be at the desired level. In cases where the skin is thick and very heavy, the threads will be insufficient for this process.

The Process Before and After The French Hanger Surgery

Before The Operation

There is no specific precaution or necessary treatment. Before the procedure, you will be informed by your doctor about all the details so that you can have information about the threads and hanging process.

Things to Consider After The Operation

  • It is recommended to rest for a few days after applying the dynamic thread.
  • In the first days, jaw movements should be used at a minimum level.
  • You should not sleep face down.
  • Upward movements should be applied during the face washing process.
  • The skin should not be massaged or rubbed.

Are There Any Side Effects? If So, What?

  • Threads are completely compatible with human skin, outer material is silicone and inner material is polyester. Therefore, threads have no side effects.
  • Post-procedure side effects are very low and normal life can be resumed the next day. Stiffness, edema formation and bruising on the skin are also common. These symptoms disappear after a short time.
  • Sometimes it is seen that there are bleeding on the skin. These occur as a result of clenching and disappear within a few days.
  • Doctors generally recommend antibiotics, anti-inflammatory or analgesics after the French hanger. The skin folds that occur depending on the level of stretching disappear within a few days after the procedure. In each procedure, the patient is told to come for control the week after the procedure.

Which areas can it be applied to?

in face:

  • Cheeks,
  • Cheekbones,
  • Under the jaw,
  • Oval parts of the face,
  • Eyebrows,
  • Neck

in body:

  • Breasts,
  • Arms,
  • Hips
  • Legs

How Much Does French Hanger (French Facelift) Cost?

The transaction price depends on the width of the application area and therefore the amount of thread to be applied. After the first examination, the doctor can give the patient the clearest price. The price may vary depending on the amount of thread placed, the doctor you will have the procedure done, and the location of the clinic. We cannot give price information here, with the justification of the Ministry of Health and the Competition Board. Please contact us via phone, Whatsapp or e-mail and ask for the treatment price.

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