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Braces have long been in demand by people who suffer from misbite or other dental problems. These special devices, the use of which can cope with the problem after some time. Dentists recommend long-term solutions to problems that require tooth alignment.

Especially young people who are acute with this problem are in trouble. Age forces young people to take great care of their appearance. The problem lies in relating to peers, and any lack of physiological structure can lead to self-teasing and low self-esteem. Therefore, it is better to look for a beautiful smile, and also in advance.

But sometimes, you need to get a financial footing on one side of this treatment and wear it. Bracket therapy involves spending a certain amount of money that is not always available for some patients.

In this article, you will learn many advancements the Estepera Dent clinic uses; the cost of different types of brackets experts use to align the teeth are of high consideration as the reason for determining the cost of braces. The reader will be able to learn the types of brackets that dentists can recommend for placing on the jaw and how much it costs.

braces in turkey

Factors Affecting The Calculation Of Braces Prices;

If the teeth have a large gap between them, the prices of braces increase due to the prolongation of the treatment period and the increase in the number of procedures. In some cases, the distance of the gap is not physically possible to fix with the existing teeth; a tooth gap stays during the braces treatment, and after the orthodontic treatment ends, an expert can add a tooth with an implant to that empty place. The braces price calculation does not include implant price and application. In general, the items affecting the price of braces in Turkey are as follows;

  • Bracket and braces material feature
  • Single-jaw or tooth-jaw braces structure
  • Too little or too much skewness
  • If there is a gap among the teeth, the amount of space between the teeth in case of separation
  • Gummy smiley, where the gums appear much more than normal
  • Front or back of the chin
  • Structural disorders such as palate and jaw stenosis

Professionals use transparent plaque treatments depending on the type of material, metal, porcelain bracket. In the calculation of other braces prices, the need to attach braces to a single or double chin is also used.

Types of Brackets

After indicating the various reasons that impact the cost of the braces, a specialist gives a list of such systems, which also differ in price:

  1. Metal: This is the cheapest option of all the types that will be featured later in this list.  But their low price can hardly satisfy the customer to the fullest. Many users notice their discomfort and don’t look very good;
  2. Ceramic: These brackets cost one and a half times more expensive than metal ones, but at the same time, they will have some advantages. This will mainly concern aesthetics. The ceramic brackets are not so visible; in addition, you can choose the color of the elements, similar in shade to the teeth. At the same time, the ceramic staples are very fragile and tend to break;
  3. Plastic: Plastic staples are very popular among patients in dental clinics because they are almost invisible, and in addition, they are quite strong. They are transparent, which makes them invisible to others and also very durable, which makes them very popular with patients. It is also worth noting that their wearing almost does not cause any inconvenience, and besides, the patient will not need to use it for a long time;
  4. Linguistic: These brackets have a significant advantage. It lies in their invisibility. Such brackets are attached to the teeth from their back, which causes some inconvenience. It may take more than a month to adjust.
  5. Self-regulating: The difference between these bracket systems is that they do not have a clear fixation during installation. The staples slide, allowing them to take the shape of a tooth. This is very convenient, as the free glide makes the dental treatment much more effective.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Braces

How long does the pain in braces treatment last?

You may feel like you have a little bit of excess in your mouth after braces are in place. This is a very normal situation. Patients might feel sensitivity and pain in the teeth 3 to 4 days after experts insert the braces. Your doctor will advise you on pain medication for this condition. These pains are short-term pains that will completely disappear after 3/5 days.

How long does braces treatment take on average?

This question is the most commonly asked question in braces treatment. This period may vary depending on the types of braces used. On average, it can take 1.5 years to 2 years. In some patients, the time may be longer, while in others, results are obtained in a shorter time.

What is the importance of personal care in braces treatment?

Patients should follow oral care according to the recommendations of the orthodontist. Methods such as special brushes, dental interface brushes, tooth brushing techniques, tooth showers will help you in cleaning the brackets.

Does it extend the treatment time with the transparent bracket?

Transparent braces treatment is more expensive than metal braces, according to the current 2021 price list data, but we recommend it to patients who do not want the aesthetics of the image to deteriorate. Depending on the tooth disorder, there may be a delay of several months in the treatment period with the transparent bracket.

Will the teeth deteriorate again after the braces treatment is over?

After the braces treatment is over, the teeth want to return to their original state. To prevent this, experts use appliances. If the experts do not use the appliances regularly and at the specified frequency, the teeth will return to their original state.

Is braces removal a painful procedure?

No pain is felt when removing the braces. The only thing you will notice after your wires come out is that you are integrated with your wires.

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