Hair Transplant UK vs Turkey Cost

Hair Transplant UK vs Turkey Cost

Your decision to have a hair transplant depends on choosing the right hair clinic. There are some excellent hair clinics in Asia, America, and some European countries, but the price difference is relatively high. Especially at Estepera hair clinic, we are proud of our high-quality techniques and success rates in hair transplantation. Turkey, which used methods such as clinical in our FUT and FUE, we apply the DHA and the PRP hair transplantation techniques for our patients in the UK in Turkey, or if you decide to have a hair transplant in the UK, you will not have to compromise on quality, and you’ll save money. Our hair transplant advantages in the UK with our Estepera hair transplant clinic.

FUE hair transplants in the UK

An FUE hair transplant to be carried out in England, primarily due to the high quality of care, is a good option. England is home to some of the most experienced doctors in hair surgery and is currently offering attractive treatment packages to foreign patients.

Good health care is essential for anyone looking to regain lost hair. But why travel far when you can get them in near foreign countries? England is easily accessible from Turkey or European countries. It is also an attractive travel destination. Many patients combine their hair transplant with a pleasant short vacation and recover from the operation while getting to know the country and its people better.

Travel preparations for a hair transplant in England

As mentioned earlier, patients can rest assured that they are receiving first-class treatment in England. Thanks to the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment, many thousands of medical tourists travel to England every year, many from Europe and the Arab world. Due to Brexit, an amendment will come into force on October 1, 2021; An identity card is no longer sufficient when entering the country. Tourists have to carry their passports with them. However, a visa is only required for more extended stays. Due to the current Corona crisis, it is also essential to always be aware of travel warnings from the Federal Foreign Office to inform.

What are the costs of a hair transplant in UK?

A hair transplant in England is an attractive option because of the top health care, highly trained doctors, and state-of-the-art medical facilities and special treatment packages. These are specially tailored by clinics to international patients and include things like hotel accommodation or transfer services. The prices here are often desirable, which means that many patients decide on treatment with a clear conscience.

If you are interested in a hair transplant in uk but cannot yet fully estimate the costs, we would like to introduce you to a brief country comparison at this point. The costs here are based on several 2,000 grafts. Please note, however, that the prices are neither fixed nor guaranteed and can vary from patient to patient.

Country                   Price (€)

Turkey                    € 1,750 – € 2,700

Germany               € 3,000 – € 4,200

Spain                      € 3,200 – € 3,500

France                   € 3,500 – 3,700

United States       € 4,900 – € 5,200

England                 € 7,000 – € 10,500

Ireland                  € 10,000 – € 12,000

What is Included in UK Hair Transplantation with EstePera?

A hair transplant in the UK can be made even more affordable with a few little tips. So how exactly does this effective price reduction work? We would like to give you a more detailed summary of this now.

Doctors or medical assistants: The price of a hair transplant depends mainly on the treatment being done by a doctor or a trained assistant. A surgeon can charge a significantly higher price due to more extended training and higher rank; Most medical assistants are very well trained in hair transplant operations because they supervise them several times a day and sometimes even have more experience than the doctor himself.

A fixed price for grafts: The price may fluctuate differently depending on the number of grafts you need. Several thousand grafts may be required for full coverage, and if these are charged separately, the price often skyrockets. Fortunately, the United Kingdom and Turkey in the Estepera clinic offer a fixed price for graft, which generally means that you pay less for a limited and large amount of the price.

Special treatment packages: Since international patients visit the Estepera hair clinic, they usually offer special hair transplant packages to the guests, including accommodation, airport, and clinic transfer services in addition to the treatment. The hair transplant price is significantly lower due to the package costs.

Conclusion: In UK you can enjoy many advantages of hair transplantation

The benefits of hair transplants in the UK are many. The Estepera Clinic surgeons have extensive experience and are actively involved in the development of novel methods for hair transplantation. The Estepera Clinic offers numerous innovative and gentle methods. Anesthesia can also be done with a new method. The Estepera doctors have international quality certificates. A decisive advantage is the good price-performance ratio. The Estepera clinic offers package prices that include numerous services such as hotel accommodation, transfers, and meals.

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