A to Z Hair Restoration Guide in Turkey

All stages of hair transplantation treatment are very sensitive processes and these processes should be planned and implemented in the best way to achieve a successful result. This article that we share here with you is a guide where information about pre-operative consulting and analysis, how hair transplant procedures are performed in Turkey and the recovery process after the operation take place step by step.

We have outlined everything for those who have decided to have a hair transplant and want to travel to Turkey, also for the ones that hesitate and would like to know more about hair transplants.

Hair Transplant Attraction Center in the World – Turkey

Turkey is one of the world’s leading countries in health tourism, especially with its success in aesthetic surgery, it makes the country the most preferred address. Hair transplantation, however, can be seen at the top of the list of aesthetic operations carried out in Turkey. Here are the main reasons why hair transplant centre in Turkey are the number one choice of European and Middle Eastern patients in particular:

  • Patient satisfaction
  • Very successful surgeons in the field
  • High standards of hair transplantation centres
  • Much lower prices compared to Europe and America
  • Service quality in European and American standards
  • Successful results

Turkey has managed to outpace its rivals in hair restoration with an exponentially increasing number of patients every year.

Turkey’s  $1 million trade volume  in hair restoration

Having become the world’s most preferred country for hair restoration, the most important reason that enabled Turkey to reach the industry’s first million-dollar trade volume is the very convenient prices compared to Europe and America. Certainly, there are a number of reasons why Turkey can offer such good healthcare at such affordable prices, without sacrificing quality and world hair transplantation health standards.

  • Low costs
  • Cheap labour
  • Affordable luxury accommodation

The top reason why Turkey became an attraction centre in hair transplantation comes to be providing a high-quality service at affordable prices. Hair transplants performed by successful doctors in hospital environments suitable for surgical procedures are both successful and economic.

Health Care is Under a Tight Control in Turkey

When it comes to healthcare, you should be able to count on control. Another important factor that takes the country to a whole high level in hair restoration is the supervision provided by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health itself. İn Turkey, hair specialists  should have supervised clinical features roughly as follows:

  • International health standards compliance certificates
  • Operations performed by licensed surgeons
  • Sterilization and operating room conditions
  • Measures against blood-borne diseases
  • Maximum protection of the patient against infection risk
  • Certificates of conformity to international hair transplant procedures

Continuous Progress and Up-to-date  Hair Transplant Methods

Turkish doctors, who have achieved many successes in aesthetic operations and other surgical fields, follow medical developments and technology closely.

Our doctors and clinics have shaped aesthetic trends in hair restoration, and have made their reputation worldwide. They follow the constant progressing hair transplantation techniques, the recent methods and technological developments.

These factors we have mentioned here are the main reasons why Turkey has become  a center of attraction in hair restoration. Should we also add the touristic benefits of travelling to Turkey for a hair transplant?

  • Accommodation in five-star hotels of Istanbul
  • Chance to become a tourist in one of the most beautiful cities in the world
  • Spending time in a metropolis intertwined with history
  • Shopping
  • Opportunity to meet the famous tastes of Turkish cuisine

A to Z Hair Restoration Guide in Turkey

How Does Hair Process Work in Turkey?

Hair transplantation has evolved and progressed so much in recent years that many people who have lost their hair are getting incredibly good results. The number of people having their hair transplanted is increasing day by day. Celebrities, ordinary people, women and men, nobody is condemned to baldness anymore. But there are a few cases where it does not work, the expected results cannot be achieved due to the wrong method. It is very important for the patient to get information regarding this process in order to avoid such problems.

There are so many people who hide their sadness for losing hair, pretend to be at peace with themselves, are afraid of hair transplant operation, and have fears… You are not alone and your worries are normal.

You do not have to search for the answer to your questions about hair transplantation on your own, you do not have to postpone hair transplantation and give up your dreams because of your worries. This is a process where you need help, you need to be supported by experts.

Turkey’s leading hair transplant centre Estepera Hair Clinic has a planning and running system of all hair treatment processes in 5 simple steps in communication with the patient.

  1. Free Consultancy Service

The first step before travelling to Turkey for hair transplantation is the meeting between patient and doctor to make sure on some issues. Understanding whether the patient is suitable for hair transplant is the main purpose of this interview.

Reason of Loss: Analyzing the reason for hair loss by answering questions such as the age of the patient, the hair loss story in the family, when it started and the severity. Understanding whether there is a condition such as ringworm, which is not possible to be solved with hair transplantation, is one of the situations to be sure of before going on a trip.

Age and Condition of Hair Loss: Stability of hair loss is one of the desired conditions in hair transplantation. If the patient is very young and hair loss has just begun, it may be necessary to wait.

Blood Test: Blood test results may be requested from the patient to determine whether hair loss is due to any disease.

  1. Turkey Trip

The second step after making sure that there is no obstacle to the transplant is to schedule your appointment for hair transplantation and to determine the date of your flights to Turkey.

Flight ticket costs belong to the patient. You will be welcomed by the clinic staff at the airport and after the operation, you will be sent off in the same way. Your access from the clinic to the five-star hotel is also granted by the clinic with VIP vehicles during your stay in Turkey.

  1. Interviews and Examinations with Your Doctor Before Surgery

This is the stage where the technique to be used is determined by analyzing hair and scalp.

  • Hair examination

It is the stage where situations regarding the colour, structure and quality of the hair are determined. Since white hair can be more difficult to collect and transplant, the hair colour in the donor area is examined before surgery, sometimes it may require dye. The fact of the hair is curly or straight is one of the most important details in hair transplantation. This process is important in order to determine the correct method, especially for Afro-type curly hair. Having too thin hair, even if the transplant is successful on the basis of the root, it may not be enough to achieve the expected result. In terms of the hair transplant is successful and getting a satisfying result, patient-doctor communication and hair examination is the most important stage.

  • Blood test

Anaemia is not common among men, and ninety per cent of hair transplant patients are male. In accordance with the international health rules, all blood values ​​of the patient are examined and blood counts are run before any surgical condition. In addition, laboratory examination is mandatory for the detection of blood-borne diseases such as hepatitis and HIV.

  • Evaluation of the Data and Determination of Hair Transplantation Method

Confirming that the patient is suitable for hair transplantation as a result of hair examination and blood tests, the health worker shares all analysis with the patient and reports the possible result. It is clarified which hair transplantation method to use and how many grafts will be transplanted. Accordingly, the duration of the procedure becomes predictable on average and the patient gets to know about it. This is the stage where all questions are answered before the operation and the concerns are resolved.

  1. Surgery

If you make a landing in the early hours to Turkey, transportation can be provided directly to the hospital and once preparations are completed, hair procedure can be carried out on the same day. Or, after the examinations are run on the first day, the surgery can be scheduled for the next day. On the morning of the operation, a VIP vehicle picks the patient up from the hotel, and after surgery is finished the driver takes him back to the hotel.

  1. First Wash

One or two days after the operation, the patient is first checked and the scalp is washed by a doctor, hair transplant specialist or nurse.

In 5 steps, the process is successfully completed. So, what is hair transplantation? What are the stages of the operation? What happens to you?

Stages of Hair Transplant Surgery

After the hair transplantation is planned and the method to be used (FUE, DHI or FUT) is decided, briefly saying, the first step is to draw the hairline. The next step is shaving the head or donor area after the patient and doctor agree on the hairline. Once the scalp gets numbed with local anaesthesia, hair follicles are collected from the donor area. Channels are opened on the receiving area where the follicles are supposed to be placed and then the roots are inserted into the holes.

  1. Hair Line

On the day of hair transplant, your nurse prepares you for surgery and then your hairline is drawn by your doctor. You can think of the hairline as a border. The surgery begins after you confirm the line and shape of it.

  1. Shaving

Depending on the method used, the subject of shaving may vary. While regional shaving may be sufficient, there are also techniques that are performed without shaving. Complete shaving can also be preferred due to the advantages such as not allowing infection, facilitating the surgery.

  1. Anaesthesia

The painful part of the operation is at this stage where anaesthesia is applied. There is usually no pain afterwards. Anaesthesia is the numbing of the scalp with the help of medication, blocking the nerves transmitting the pain to the pain centre in the brain for a while. First, anaesthesia is applied to the area where hair follicles will be taken. Then, the area where the roots will be planted is likewise numbed with local anaesthesia.

  1. Extraction

The hair roots are collected one by one with  FUE and FUE Versions, which are used more frequently in recent years. The number of follicles to be extracted varies according to the width of the receiving area, and the duration of the process will depend on this. The larger the balding area, the longer the extraction, the channel opening and planting process can take.

  1. Preparing the Receiving Area

It is the process of transferring extracted hair follicles to the numbed region with local anaesthesia. At this stage, incisions are made on the scalp with different tools and methods.

  1. Hair Transplant

This is a process of placing hair follicles collected and ready for transplantation in the channels and it is the last stage of the operation. After the procedure is completed, wound protection treatment is applied and the patient can continue his daily life if he wishes.

Surgical Methods Used for Hair Restoration in Turkey

Hair Transplant in Turkey, FUE,  unshaven  FUE and DHI hair transplantation techniques are widely used in Turkey. They are the latest and very successful methods in terms of results

Hair Transplantation with FUE Method

FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction), which caused a big splash in hair transplantation, is a surgical operation performed under local anaesthesia. The strong and firm hair follicles of the person are transferred to the balding area enabling hair to grow again. After the anaesthesia is applied,  hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area. Follicular separation is performed and then they are ready to be transplanted.

After this process is completed, the second stage of the operation starts. In order to transplant the extracted grafts,  incisions are made on the scalp.

And finally, the follicles are transplanted in the channels opened on the scalp. Depending on the number of incisions and grafts, the operation can sometimes take a few hours or even longer.

Who is Suitable for Hair Transplantation with FUE Technique?

Anyone who wants to have a hair transplant, who is suitable for the operation and does not have any obstacle to surgery can get his hair back with the FUE method.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the FUE Method?

  • The fact that the roots extracted individually are transplanted one by one, eliminates any problems related to the direction of the hair and how it grows.
  • It provides a more natural image.
  • Most importantly, as in the FUT method, there are no scars left on the back of the head, the donor area.
  • Since hair follicles used to be taken together with the tissue as a whole in hair transplantation with the FUT technique, the extraction process was short. However, there were scars remaining and as the extraction of the roots could not be performed singularly, sometimes the results were not as expected. With the FUE method, the operation time is a little longer, but considering the results, it is not difficult to be convinced that it is worth it.

Hair Transplantation with DHI Technique

Direct Hair Implantation is a hair transplant method where the FUE method is applied through a surgical pen called CHOI Pens. For the transplantation process of the roots extracted with Choi pen, there is no need to open channels or make incisions, hair transplant is performed directly with the implanter pen. This is the latest technological medicine status that the FUE method has evolved to, and it is quite successful.

Who is Suitable for Hair Transplantation with DHI Method?

All patients who have no obstacles to hair transplantation, those who want to get their hair back and are suitable for the FUE method, can have a hair transplant with DHI.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the DHI Technique?

  • With DHI, the time spent in surgery is significantly reduced.
  • Since CHOI Implanter needles are very thin, the entire operation is almost painless.
  • The comfort of the patient is maximized.
  • More successful results are obtained because the hair follicles are much less damaged when extracting and transplanting.

Am I Eligible for a Hair procedure, Can I come to Turkey for Hair Transplant?

The dream of every person who has lost hair is naturally to get it back with a treatment that can bring the best result. But at this point, analyzing the current situation correctly, understanding the causes of baldness and being realistic about the results that can be achieved with treatment, meeting your expectations, prevents both disappointment and financial damage.

Understanding whether the patient is suitable for a hair transplant or not is therefore the most important stage of the treatment.

Why Did You lose your hair?

If you do not have any autoimmune diseases, if you have not lost your hair with illnesses such as ringworm or androgenic alopecia, you are suitable for hair transplantation. Genetic causes, traumatic hair losses, stress-induced balding are situations that can be treated with hair transplantation.

Do You Have Enough Donor Area?

You may be suitable for hair transplantation, but if you do not have enough or a qualified donor area, you cannot be a suitable candidate for hair transplantation. Having a sufficient amount of strong hair follicles on the back or sides of the head is the second condition of hair transplantation.

Is The Loss Still Active?

Hair transplantation that is performed right after the start of hair loss, especially in young people, can make the patient unhappy as it will not stop the ongoing hair loss. It is important that shedding stabilizes so the baldness and the remaining hair become clear.

The shedding must have stopped to understand the number and quality of hair follicles to be used as donors. The area to be transplanted should be determined and the possibility of losing the planted hair should be eliminated.

Is your health suitable for surgery?

Hair transplantation, no matter how small, is an operation and the patient’s physical health should be convenient to surgery. If you have any chronic diseases, you should evaluate this with your doctor.

Which Hospital, Which Doctor

In hair transplantation, it is vital that the hospital, the team works in accordance with hygiene and health conditions. The success of hair transplantation is largely related to the surgeon’s ingenuity. For this reason, it significantly determines where you had your procedure done and to who did it.

Check the list below to make sure you’re in the right clinic:

  • Make sure you have a free consultation and the cause of hair loss is analyzed.
  • Make sure doctors are licensed.
  • Check out before and after files, find out how many cases they’ve had.
  • Avoid low-priced centres.
  • Read patient comments.
  • Make sure that a surgeon performs the surgery.
  • Make sure you are in a hospital setting.

Preparation for Surgery

The subsequent period after the date of your trip to Turkey for hair transplant is clear up to the day of your procedure can be summarized as follows:

  • Two or one weeks before surgery
  • Leave your blood thinner, antibiotic and vitamin regiment.
  • Do not consume alcohol.
  • If possible, stop smoking for a while.
  • The day before surgery
  • Rest, get your sleep.
  • Wash your hair as usual.
  • Do not apply heat treatment or use a blow dryer.
  • Do not cut your hair
  • The morning of the surgery
  • Wear a button-down or wide-necked T-shirt so you won’t have to wear it over your head.
  • Have a good breakfast.
  • Stay away from coffee this morning.

After Surgery

Performing a successful operation, transplanting the hair follicles in a better way like we promised is our job as a clinic, but cooperation with the patient, especially in the first two weeks after the operation, is one of the factors that increase the success of hair transplantation by one hundred per cent. As Estepera Hair Clinic, our expectation from our patients is to follow the instructions we give, and to treat themselves and their hair follicles delicately in the healing process.

  • Protect from impacts
  • Protect from the sun
  • No shower in the first two days
  • Follow the instructions for wound care
  • Protect your head from pressurized shower water
  • Do not scrub or scratch the scalp while showering.
  • Avoid sports or any strenuous activity in the first week
  • Stay away from alcohol
  • Stay away from the hairdryer
  • While sleeping, take care to sleep at an angle of 45 to prevent oedema. • Dress your body comfortably to support blood circulation.

After the first two weeks pass in a healthy way, hair loss starts with wound shells during the healing process. This is a good sign. It means there is little time left for your new hair.

When Will I Get My New Look?

When you exit the surgery, your hairline and root density will give you the first insight into the future. When you leave the first three months behind, you will also leave behind the hair transplantation process. Surgery and wounds have healed, and the scalp has started to become normal.

During this period, it is normal for conditions such as excessive oiling and acne to occur on the scalp. Espera continues to follow their patients in this process as well. In an extreme case, you should definitely contact your clinic. When the first six months are over, the transplanted hair becomes visible. Its colour and hair thickness may be weak. Hair needs time to strengthen. The maximum result can take 8 to 10 months, sometimes a year.

In a successful clinic, after a hair transplant is performed by master hands, patients who follow the instructions during the care process will have natural hair with the same strength as the original ones. You will continue using your new hair the same way you used to.

Post-operative Infection Risks

The conditions under which hair transplantation is performed are the first important factor that determines the risk of infection. Operating room sterilization or the suitability of the environment for the surgical operation determines the risks of infection.

Protecting the scalp and wound care is very important in the first week after surgery. Despite taking all precautions and keeping the conditions sterile, sometimes infection may be an inevitable result. The body can react to surgical situations as a self-protection reflex, even without a reason.

Contact your doctor right away if you observe any of the following conditions

  • Non-stop bleeding
  • Severe itching or tingling
  • Severe pain
  • Increased bloating

Wound care

After the first check-up and wash, the patient should not use any other medications or supplements but our clinic’s prescription.

Caravan of Tourists who had Hair Transplant walking  on the streets of Istanbul

Turkey is of the world’s most popular tourism centres. We are accustomed to hosting hundreds of thousands of guests from all over the world in Istanbul, in the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts in summer. The number of guests coming to Turkey for hair transplantation has increased so much in recent years that you can see them walking in the historical streets of Istanbul after a hair transplant, you can come across a lot of health tourists smiling at you as a get-well.

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