Hair Transplantation During Global Pandemic with EstePera

Hair Transplantation During Global Pandemic with EstePera

Hair transplantation is the implantation of hair follicles extracted from the back of the head to the balding area. This process requires attention, care, and skill in order to get the best results. EstePera Hair Clinic is not only known in Turkey but also known all around the world due to the success rate of the procedure and customer satisfaction.

Estepera Hair Clinic has a system of all hair treatment processes in 5 simple steps in communication with the patient which are free consultancy service, trip to Turkey, one-on-one consultation and examination, surgery and first wash.

EstePera Hair Clinic‘s patient range from all over the world has expanded with the COVID-19 pandemic. The world has been going through a crisis for months due to the escalation of COVID-19. With structured health system, knowledgeable and experienced doctors, the newly opened pandemic hospitals; Turkey is one of the countries with the lowest death rates in Europe. The number of daily tests is increasing day by day, and at the same time, the number of daily cases is rapidly decreasing. Unlike other countries where the debate on wearing masks takes place; in Turkey, there is awareness of wearing masks, preventing the virus from spreading.

We will continue to follow the recommended protocols of the World Health Organization and the Turkish Ministry of Health, and will continue to take all necessary precautions as EstePera Hair Clinic.

If we talk about our pre-COVID-19, our hair transplantation process consisted of 5 stages. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we increased our precautions for our patients. They can easily handle the operation-related procedures with various online messaging applications such as e-mail or even Whatsapp. While our team of experts in the field takes care of the process after the procedures, the only thing our patient needs to do is to buy a flight ticket.

Sterilized VIP Transportation

Our patients are welcomed from the airport with a sterilized VIP vehicle. The transportation for them is also provided by a VIP vehicle during the treatment process. At the end of all processes, they are  picked up from the hotel and taken back to the airport with a VIP vehicle. Our vehicles are sterilized before each transfer and contain various anti-virus equipment such as masks, hand sanitizers, and anti-bacterial wipes and sprays.

Five Star Hotel Rest

Our guest, who was welcomed by a VIP vehicle from the airport, is guided to his / her 5-star hotel to relax. The safety and health of our guests who will spend the night here is very important. It is not enough for us that the hotels have taken precautions only for COVID-19.  For us, approved by the Republic of Turkey and the Ministry of Health, “Safe Tourism” certified hotels are preferred. Turkey’s ‘Safe Tourism Certification Program’ defines an extensive series of measures to be taken with regards to accommodation of all Turkish citizens and international visitors who will spend their holidays in Turkey as well as the well-being and health conditions of passengers / guests.

Pre-Treatment Precautions

Due to the fact that one of the most known symptoms of COVID-19 is fever, temperature is taken first when entering the building before the procedure. In case of high fever, our guest is taken to the nearest pandemic hospital or hotel. If the fever is at a normal level, our patient is welcomed inside and the COVID-19 test is performed. According to the COVID-19 PCR test result, if it comes out positive, the patient is taken into isolation room in our facility or hotel, and in case of negativity, hair transplant takes place.

During the Operation

All employees and medical personnel are equipped with necessary medical supplies such as surgical masks, overalls, gloves and visors. The operating room, other rooms and open areas such as garden where the patient can be found are disinfected every day. Also, after the operation, patients are transferred to single disinfected rooms for recovery before heading to hotel.

After the Operation

After successful completion of the procedure, the patient is driven back to his hotel. One or two days later, the patient is first checked up, the first hair wash is performed by a doctor, hair transplant specialist or nurse. Afterwards, an appointment is made with the patient for video call or to meet face to face for aftercare. If everything is in order, the patient is taken to the airport.

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