Which Country Is The Best For Hair Transplant?

Which Country Is The Best For Hair Transplant?

Every day, hundreds of people notice that their hair falls out in the morning. This situation can lead to mild panic or hopelessness in general. When this situation repeats, individuals may be shocked and begin to investigate how to stop hair loss. Hair loss can be stopped for a short time with shampoo or various hair tubes, but the hair will continue to fall for the long term. For this reason, many people will prefer hair surgery. However, one of the most important questions that people who are considering a best hair transplant is wondering is how the country should have a hair transplant?

To answer this question, you must create an extensive list. First of all, you need to research the budget and the best clinics. As the best example for you, we advise you to hair transplantation in Turkey.

Why Have a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

There are many reasons to make a plantation in Turkey. One of the most important reasons is that hair transplant fees are economical compared to other countries. Discover the hair transplantation in Turkey that does not affect the quality of services in hair transplantation. Hair transplant devices and surgeons perform professional procedures and surgeries. FUT and FUE hair transplantation techniques are significantly advanced in Turkey and painless as soon as you reach your new hair.

What is a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure where your doctor “moves” your hair from the places where you have more to those places that have lost their hair or where your hair is already too thin.

Hair transplantation is another method of hair restoration.

The hair transplant procedure is usually performed in a doctor’s office. First, the surgeon cleans your scalp and injects medicine to anaesthetize the back of your head. The surgeon will choose one of two transplantation methods: follicular unit tape surgery (FUT) or follicular unit extraction (FUE).

Using FUT, the surgeon removes a few inches of skin from the back of the head. He set it aside and sewed up his scalp to close it. Hair transplantation is often the choice of those who experience baldness or thinning hair.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUE)

One of the techniques that first comes to mind when it comes to hair transplantation is the FUE technique. The biggest advantage of the FUE technique is that no incision is made on the scalp. This has its advantages both during the operation and during the healing process. The main reason that patients choose the FUE technique is that after the operation, there is no scar or trace of the incision.

The FUE hair transplant technique is performed under local anaesthesia. The area where the hair will be transplanted is prepared for the operation. Appropriate hair follicles are taken from this area one by one. The hair follicles are collected by a small motor FUE agent that has a tip of less than 1 millimetre. Collected follicles are called grafts. Each graft can have between 1 and 4 hair follicles. For the transplant to be successful, it is necessary that the follicles are not damaged during the extraction process. The healing process is positively influenced by the small tip of the motor agent, which will remove thousands of hair follicles.

After collecting all the grafts for transplantation, they are grouped by separation based on the number of hairs in the grafts. After the separation process, it is transplanted. Collected grafts are placed in open canals in the transplant area. Opening the canal as well as collecting the follicles is a process that requires precision and experience.

What Is The Difference Between FUE And FUT?

Because hair follicles are taken only from the FUT method’s donor area, the number of grafts (hair follicles) taken is less than the Fue method and the possibility of a second hair transplant is reduced due to scarring in the root area.

You may need a little more time to return to social life after the FUT method.

In the Fue method; The hair roots are collected with a suitable micro motor and stitches ideal for the hair structure. Thus, there are no scars, incisions or scars in the donor area. Also, there are double and triple hair cells in the hair follicles.

Anaesthesia is not required when hair follicles are removed, because the incision is not applied. Only local anaesthesia can be performed. No pain is felt during operations performed by the Fue method. Hair transplantation can continue your social life the day after surgery. Patients who do not work on difficult jobs can return to work after one week.

Pay Attention To These Before Hair Transplantation

The use of blood thinners or medicines with a blood-thinning effect should be stopped ten days before the hair transplant operation under a doctor’s supervision. It is essential to clean the surface before planting in terms of process quality. Permanent makeup can be misleading. Therefore, if there is permanent makeup on the hair or eyebrow area before the procedure, it is better to wait for the effect to pass. When it comes to hair transplant surgery, you prefer casual clothes, a shirt, a zipper and a sweater in outerwear allows you to move more quickly, so you don’t touch your scalp.

You Must Be Careful After FUE Hair Transplation

The first hair transplant operation is recommended for the early three days. If there is no manual intervention or impact, it is not possible for the planted roots not to grow or be damaged. Antibiotics will be the only medications you will use after the procedure, and it will not affect your social life. For the first day of the week and hair cleansing every day given by our experts, you need to provide the application with regularly.

You can return to your social life after three days of surgery if you are in a difficult work group 10 days later and three days later if you are not working hard.

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