Renew Your Appearance With Hair Transplant and Change Your Life

Renew Your Appearance With Hair Transplant and Change Your Life

Many of people wonder the result of hair transplant in Turkey Istanbul. Therefore today we will review this important matter. Hair loss is one of the most common health problems of modern individuals. Although it seems to be an issue mostly experienced by men, it is unfortunately more common among women and baldness starts at an earlier age compared to the past.

We can explain male pattern hair loss simply as the attack of testosterone hormone to the hair follicles. This situation is due to genetic characteristics. Stressful urban life, malnutrition and busy business life can be added to male pattern hair loss. Under these conditions, hair loss in men starts at a very early age.

People of all ages and professions from all over the world come to Turkey for the hair treatment. These individiuals who have hair problems regain their lost hairs with the hair transplant operation in Turkey. As EstePera Hair Clinic, we have brought together the positive changes experienced in the lives of our patients after hair transplantation for you. Here are the positive results that will occur in your life after the hair transplant operation:

You Will Not Leave the Mirror

When you start to lose your hair, you will notice that your temples are getting lighter every day. You may become unable to look at the mirrors you watch the condition of your hair after a while. In this case, you may be offended by your own image. You may be one of the many people who have not been able to look in the mirror for years after hair loss. This is a very natural situation because our hair is one of the things that affects our appearance the most. And our feelings towards ourselves and our inner view of ourselves are shaped by this appearance.

Thanks to the hair transplant application, you renew your appearance and you will like you in the mirror. You may have been offended by mirrors for a very long time. Thanks to your new look, it’s normal to be in the mirror a little more now. We are sure that you will understand this situation first and then everyone around you.

Natural But Cool

At the last point where hair transplantation technology has come, there are the most advanced techniques in the sector. FUE and naturalness of the results obtained from DHI methods of hair transplantation surgery in Turkey is extremely high. Successful results in hair treatments, brings patient satisfaction to the top. In this case, Turkey has become a leading brand in the world about the hair transplant.

Thanks to personal hair transplantation planning, the front hairline is determined to obtain the closest view to natural. Thus, when your new hair transplanted in harmony with your existing hair and in a way that suits your face grows, it will not be possible to separate these new hair from your old hair. You will be able to enjoy your natural and cool hair to the fullest.

Refresh Self Confidence

The source of self-confidence and self-love is what is in your heart. And you can always trust yourself, whether you have hair or not. But if your hair will contribute to your self-confidence and if this is possible with hair transplantation, why not refresh your self-confidence with your hair?

Scientists write various articles about the socio-psychological effects of hair loss that resemble limb loss. Experts explain that this situation squeezes social life, the person is locked in the home, has difficulty in entering new environments and does not prefer meeting new people.

So much so that the patient may not even be aware of this sometimes. In fact, because he cannot accept this situation, he may be biased against hair transplant treatments and may do negative judgments against people who have hair transplant. These are all perfectly normal feelings for people who of all cultures who have lost their hair.

After you regain your hair with hair transplantation, your compassion towards yourself will increase. You will find that this situation has refreshed your self-esteem and it will be much easier to accept your old feelings.

Your New Hair is With You Lifelong

Just like the anxiety caused by unsuccessful love relationships, people who experience hair loss are afraid of recurrence of the hair loss after transplantation. Especially if someone with very beautiful and thick hair suddenly became bald with severe sheddings, he may have had a really difficult times. The greater the difference between the hairy period and the condition in which the hair is lost, the more sensitive the patient is. In this case, the patient’s expectation will be higher.

The best part of the treatment of hair transplantation is that the transplanted hair follicles are resistant to shedding. If you pay enough attention and care in the care process that will take place as a result of the hair transplant operation successfully performed by a competent team, you will have strong hair that will not leave you lifelong.

The hair follicles that are located in the nape side of the head and remain without shedding are the follicles that we are sure will not fall out anymore. Since the donor follicles transferred from this area consisting of thicker hair strands and multiple follicles grow as permanent hair follicles in the transplanted recipient area, recurrence of balding in this area is not expected.

The Unbearable Lightness of Having The Hairs to Give Shape

You now have hair for which you are responsible for its maintenance and style. If you wish, you can grow it, use it short, dye it and shape it from mold to mold. There is no longer any difference between you and someone who has not experienced hair loss. You should care for your hair to look healthy and shiny, and you should style your hair to find the model that suits you best. In order for your hair to attract attention, you should take care of your hair.

The biggest dream of anyone who has lost their hair and wants to regain their hair with hair transplantation is to have hair that they will reshape. Hair transplant makes this dream come true.

Let Your Career Open Up

A healthy, young and dynamic appearance can make it easier for you to stand out in business life. Your executives can invest more easily in you. The old, tired, stressful image caused by hair loss unfortunately causes unwanted prejudices in business life. The criterion called presentable is a fact that we cannot ignore in modern business life. And although some people are more talented in many cases, if they do not meet this criterion, they unfortunately do not get the place they deserve in their career.

If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your hair and the way you look in the mirror and if you think that this circumstance affects your career negatively, you can contact a hair transplant clinic or us immediately.

Let Social Media Collapse

We switched to the digital age with the pandemic process that surrounded the whole world and shook humanity. During this period, our digital identities started to talk and we experienced in every aspect that social media is a trendsetter in the new era. In these interesting days, the importance of our appearance in the virtual world has been gradually increasing.

It is necessary to consider the socialization difficulties experienced by people with hair loss problems in real reality. In this case, we can easily guess how much more difficult it may be for individuals to participate in a world that revolves around much more visuality like social media.

Now that we have started to do many things such as business meetings, friends or family meetings, applications and acquaintances in the digital environment with social media tools, how we look in these channels is much more important now.

As men and women who have regained their hair with hair transplant and who do not hesitate to smile at the cameras with their hair that we shape as we wish, you can exist as you wish to appear in your social media accounts and in all other digital areas. You can attend online video meetings with peace of mind. You can share unfiltered photos with your natural and cool hair and enjoy the joy of being showered with likes. You can be sure that you will be much more photogenic thanks to your looks that your self-confident reflected to.


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