Basic Principle / Secrets of Success in Hair Transplant

Basic Principle / Secrets of Success in Hair Transplant

Basic Principle / Secrets of Success

Do we agree on what exactly we mean by “success” in hair transplant?

A patient who has lost his hair due to various reasons and is not satisfied with his appearance in the mirror, at the first time he decides to have a hair transplant operation, may naturally expect or hope to have the same condition as before his hair loss. The hairless area may be too large and the number of donor hair follicles may be insufficient. In this case, even the maximum hair image to be obtained with hair transplant surgery will be less than the patient wants. For this reason, the patient may experience disappointment. The operation may be successful in terms of aesthetic medicine but “unsuccessful” according to the patient’s point of view. Why EstePera Hair Clinic is successful on hair transplant in turkey and what stages are important for a successful result on hair transplantation process, let’s take a look together from below…

  1. Patient’s expectation and correct information

For the clinic, establishing the link between the criteria of a successful hair transplant and the expectations of the patient in an organic way is one of the most important issues. One of the leading names in hair transplant in Turkey market, EstePera Hair Clinic, lists the criteria of a successful hair transplant surgery as follows:

  • Hair follicles should be carefully collected from the donor area so that they are not damaged.
  • The collected hair follicles should be preserved in a healthy way until the transplantation process.
  • During the operation, the comfort and hygiene conditions of the patient should be maintained at the highest level.
  • Hair follicles should be successfully transplanted to the bald area.
  • The angle of the transplanted hair follicles to the scalp, the direction of new hair growth, compatibility with the existing hair and the growth of new hair in accordance with the aesthetic needs of the patient.

Hair transplant operation is a hair restoration procedure obtained as a result of transplanting one’s own hair follicles to the balding area. Therefore, the first material source of treatment is the patient himself. Understanding this situation, informing the patient correctly and agreeing on the possible results is the first and most important step in performing a successful operation in hair transplant.

  1. Giving clear answers to the questions that need to be answered

With a completely bald case, the treatment of hair loss that occurs in the form of regional hair loss or thinning in a certain area may not achieve the same results. Hair transplant process in Turkey in recent years has progressed in terms of methods and treatments. Now, very successful results, which both the patient and the clinic seriously close to the sectoral expectations, can be obtained easily. At this stage, the secret of success is the questions to be answered before the operation:

  • Is the patient an available candidate for hair transplant?
  • What is the severity of the hair loss / balding, at what phase?
  • Is the hair loss stopped, stabilized, what is the age of the patient?
  • Is the hair follicle reserve in the current donor area enough?
  • Are existing hair follicles resistant to shedding and strong?

The second most important step of a “successful” hair transplant operation is to reveal the answers to these questions in all clarity, to inform the patient about the results to be obtained after the surgery, and not to abuse people who are not suitable for treatment.

  1. Finding the most successful clinic and doctor in hair transplant

You can be sure that your hair transplant will be successful in a clinic where understands the above two items, understands the expectations of the patient in the free consultation process and aims the best possible result, focusing on patient satisfaction.

  • Surgeon and team

Since hair transplantation is the subject of aesthetic surgery operation, the hand skill of the doctor and the team he works with has a significant effect on the success of the surgery. Clinics licensed by the Ministry of Health and working with experienced doctors are of great importance in the sector. Thanks to the successful hands and teams that consist of expert teams, Turkey has reached its current success in the international hair transplant arena.

  • Equipment and hospital conditions

Hair transplantation can be performed under local anesthesia using one or both FUE and DHI methods at the same time. Performing these procedures in the hospital environment, in accordance with general health procedures, by using the latest technological devices and equipment is the guarantee of a successful hair transplant.

  • Organization of the operation process and patient follow-up after the operation

All the process needs to be planned from the time patient reaches Turkey in the best way. This detailed planning makes a great contribution to the hair transplantation process in terms of avoiding any stress. Preparation for a comfortable and peaceful surgery means achieving a successful operation in half. All the anxieties of the patient must be eliminated and his questions needs to be answered.

After the operation, the actual process that the patient and the clinic must join together begins. Even if everything went very well, and transplanted follicles are planted in the best way, all labor, time, money and dreams can go to waste if the maintenance process is not attentive enough. One or two days after hair transplant, informing the patient about wound care after the first wash performed by your doctor or hair transplant specialists in the clinic is one of the most fundamental points of the success of hair transplant process.

  1. Wound care and recovery period after hair transplant operation

Especially along the first weeks and first three months, being sensitive to hair follicles and scalp is the key to a successful hair transplant and is a must. The patient must strictly follow the training and recommendations of the clinic regarding wound care. If the patient have eyes only for protecting the planted follicles, and if he cares it very well, it is not difficult to get spectacular results.

Although it is an operation in the form of painless and small wounds, hair transplantation is ultimately a surgical operation and the body needs support and compassion in every sense along the restructuring period after this operation.

Imagine that you have a successful hair transplant operation by the best surgeon in his field in the most successful clinic in Turkey. Even if everything happens perfectly, there are important steps to follow for a successful hair transplant. In order to reach strong and shiny hair strands in expected frequency, the patient should take good care of his wounds after surgery.

  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet

Remember that you are in a period when your body needs vitamin support. Unhealthy foods also mean unhealthy nutrition of hair follicles.

  • Sleep regular and just in time

Be very careful while sleeping that your wounds do not touch the pillow, especially along the first days. Raise your pillow at a 45 degree angle to avoid edema. Do not be sleepless along these first weeks and beyond. Sleeping at the right times and taking a good sleep will seriously affect your recovery process. Care for your sleep for strong and shiny new hair.

  • Stay away from alcohol and smoking

Even under the normal conditions, alcohol and cigarettes are also things that have serious adverse effects on the hair. It is also useful to be more sensitive in this regard, after the operation.

  • Protect your personal hygiene

Protecting the hair follicles from inflammation means ensuring healthy hair. Therefore, personal hygiene is one of the vital steps of a successful hair transplant.

  • Be compassionate to yourself and your hair

When washing, be gentle on your scalp and be patient and loving towards your image in the mirror along the healing period. Imagine the days when your hair follicles get stronger and your hair grows. Moral is the most effective medicine for every patient.

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