Celebrity Hair Transplant

Celebrities who have a hair transplant

Movie stars, Hollywood stars, athletes and other famous people are also human beings. It is a fact that we all know, but sometimes we forget it. The stars like this have the same problems as us, except that they pay more attention to their appearance. Their look is very important. It is their advertising. As physical appearance becomes more and more important nowadays, our expenses in this area are increasingly important. Hair loss is an increasingly well-known phenomenon among the world population, as well as famous people. The answer to medical science is the net development of hair reimplantation techniques.

In this section of our article, you will find a selection of celebrities who have said goodbye to their baldness by having their hair transplanted.

Here is a list of 15 celebrities who have seen their gulfs, frontal line, or vertex suddenly identify:

1. Tom Hanks

The procedure was surely done very well to ensure a discreet result. Tom Hanks does not seem to have added 4 or 5 thousand grafts but enough to have a natural result that has never really shocked.

He never confirmed it, but the stabilization of his baldness over the decades has surely had a little help in specialists’ opinion.

2. Kevin Costner

There is no doubt there. Kevin Costner has more hair today at 65 than he did in BodyGard almost 40 years ago.

It seems that the actor has undergone several transplants when we see the evolution of his frontal line.

3. Nicolas Cage

He is one of those Hollywood stars about which there has always been a debate.

It still appears that the actor has had a hair transplant at some point in his career.

4. Silvio Berlusconi

It is common knowledge that the politician underwent not one but two hair transplants in 2004 and 2005. The name of the surgeon Piero Rosati is even known. The Cavaliere said he won 25 years after those surgeries.

The result, not that successful, shows the importance of preserving your donor area because you cannot have implants grafted to infinity.

5.Rafael Nadal

Even though the tennis player wore blindfolds on the court for many years, he had to go through a clinic in Madrid at the age of 30.

While the operation would have lasted more than ten hours, the player who suffered from diffuse alopecia is now much less bald on the top of the head.

6. Wayne Rooney

It was Wayne Rooney hoping to have a hair operation without the dreaded English tabloids noticing and it becoming a real national chamber.

The footballer has always assumed it right in his boots, especially since he did it quite young (26 years old) in 2011 and would have done another hair transplant after that in 2013. The end result is now quite enough bluffing.

7. Mel Gibson

He is said to have undergone a hair transplant in 2006. Comparing his film appearances in the early and late 2000s, it seems something has happened in between.

This seems like a mere formality for many Hollywood box office stars.

8. Elon Musk

You only have to look at the photos of Elon Musk in the 2000s when he took a stake in Paypal to see that his capillaire situation has improved markedly over the years.

It was a good operation in the end because Paypal allowed him to become a millionaire and to invest in very successful hair implants that make him look younger 20 years later.

9. Jurgen Klopp

Even if we rarely see him without his cap, the Liverpool coach has had hair implanted by his own admission.

He would have advised player Mario Gotze to have a transplant for the record when he was his coach in Dortmund.

10.Chris Martin

The leader of the group Coldplay, known for his advantageous physique and for having many groupies, would also have had a little boost in terms of hair.

Still in the rumor stage, however, she seems to be persistent when you compare her frontline today with that of her band’s debut.

11. Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell has been an innovative model for decades, showcasing catwalks from leading designers, including Vivienne Westwood and Versace. However, she found that her hair was suffering from this demanding work schedule.

All campaigns and photoshoots feature a tireless series of styling and extensions. As a result, patches of hair loss appeared on her scalp because the tension became too great to preserve the fragile strands’ integrity.

This type of hair loss is commonly referred to as “traction alopecia.” Unfortunately, it is often permanent, which is why a female hair transplant can, in many cases, be the ideal option.

12. Ben Affleck

When you have the physique of Ben Affleck, it isn’t easy to grow old. He has never admitted it, but many specialists affirm that he would have had recourse to hair transplants recently to thwart his onset of baldness.

13. John Travolta

Gone are the days when John Travolta could chuckle and swing his hips on the dancefloor. Today, the Scientologist actor spends his time between the rare shoots that are offered to him and his house, where he can ‘play’ with his 747 staff. Looking at vacation photos posted by Fox, it looks like he’s spending some time with his hair surgeon as well.

14. Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx had a good idea to have implants fitted while he still sports a very short cut. Suddenly, it is easy to distinguish a scar behind the Oscar winner’s skull who recently had his skull tattooed at the exact spot of his scar.

15. Matthew McConaughey

Mother Nature was rather generous with Matthew McConaughey: devastating smile, developing muscle, but he still has a small flaw, his hair, which he is losing more and more. To fight against this early fall, he uses the scalpel regularly.

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