What is The Best Hair Transplant Techniques ?

Hair transplantation techniques vary in terms of efficiency in achieving better natural results, the price, and the surgeons who specialize in conducting that operation, which are different and varied results that suit all groups.

These techniques have made hair transplantation easier than before, and the best methods that yield positive and effective results for hair loss problems.

Slide hair transplant

It is considered the traditional surgical technique for hair transplantation. it is still used frequently, and it includes cutting a strip from the back and sides of the scalp that is loaded with hair, and the follicular units are dissected from the tissue strip and then they are implanted in the receiving area, this type of hair transplantation is considered to have effects Moderately invasive, it involves stitches, painful and leaves scars at the donor site.

FUE hair transplantation

It is a more advanced method in hair transplantation, which involves randomly extracting individual follicular hair units from the selected donor area and implanting them at the future site, thus it is a shift from the method in which hair transplantation was performed earlier, the doctor uses a fine metal tool with a round head to wrap around The hair follicle then extraction from its position with some simple tissues surrounding it, but in general this technique is distinguished after the presence of scars or wounds issued by this process, and the recovery time after it is much less than other techniques, the patient is placed back on the table under complete anaesthesia To allow the best results.

Nano FUE technology

In the Micro FUE technique, hair roots are usually taken from the back of the head and the sides of the head. However, hair roots can be collected from any part of the body if necessary. it is unlikely to perform a dense and natural transplant with hair taken from areas other than the scalp, given that it is possible to achieve a very natural look using the micro-extraction technique, the results are very successful. Only in hair transplantation, but also in beard and moustache transplantation, eyebrows and eyelashes, and in more eye-catching places such as scars and burns.

Patients prefer the micro-hair transplantation technique in cases that require intensification of the hair that is actually present in the area that suffers from thinning hair, in this case, the distribution of hair is more accurate as it requires the selection of microscopic follicles that have certain characteristics so that the final shape appears natural and not noticeable, this technique provides success It is impressive in the case of hair transplantation for women, hair intensification, eyebrow hair transplantation, eyelashes, as well as beard and chin transplantation, and in cases of hair transplantation after accidents and burns.


Sapphire hair transplant technique

Sapphire blades specially designed for percutaneous hair transplantation can be used in the stages of opening the channels, it is very important that the implanted follicles are fixed in order to obtain a natural result and avoid any failure that may occur in the process. the channels are open by the sapphire does not disrupt blood circulation and take into account the quality of tissues Then, the follicles are transplanted in a better way in their new places, because the sapphire blades allow the channels to be opened at the micro-level, so the patient’s health recovery period is shortened.

The sapphire technique is suitable for patients who suffer from problems with scalp healing because it has the ability to speed healing and avoid the occurrence of infection due to the characteristics of the sapphire stone that prevent the carrying of infection vectors of all forms. Diabetics or those receiving chemotherapy for cancerous tumours and women in case benefit from this procedure. Post-traumatic hair transplantation as well as in previous hair transplant corrections.

Direct hair transplantation with Choi pens

It is a special device that allows easy and simple hair transplantation. its structure is designed in the form of a pencil, which allows for hair and beard transplantation, as well as body and scalp hair transplantation. Hair transplantation with Choi pens allows direct hair transplantation is a simple hair transplant procedure and in cases of correction of previous operations, in addition to it is a special technique for these delicate operations.

Choi pen technique is expressed as hair transplantation using the direct method or hair transplantation using the method of pen technique. Choi pens method, allows hair to be implanted in the desired direction and the recovery is very fast while the bleeding is less, Choi pens technique usually helps in comfortable eyebrow transplantation and thickening the moustache and beard, the extraction technique is the most suitable technique for removing hair follicles as hair follicles are removed from the donor site By the pen and it is cooled with the help of a special solution, then the hair follicles and tissue cells which are taken in the Choi pen are put together.

This technique should be applied by experienced doctors such as hair transplant experts, Advantages of direct Choi Pens hair transplant technique:

  • The patient will not be subjected to conventional, many wounding surgery.
  • There is no pain during the operation and very little after it.
  • This technique provided an opportunity for people who suffered from weak hair follicles in the donor areas.
  • After the operation, the person can lead a normal life immediately.
  • The recovery period is very short compared to other techniques.
  • The cost of hair transplantation with a suitable and inexpensive Choi pen.
  • This technique is not related to the patient’s skin condition, as it is suitable for everyone.
  • The success rate of this technique is high.
  • Technology is suitable for all cases of baldness and hair loss.
  • Hair that grows after the procedure is treated as normal.
  • In this technique, there is no need to cut the hair.

Choi pens are a great way to grow long hair or transplant hair without shaving in both women and men, as it provides solutions for them not to shave the receiving area, as well as for those who want to intensify hair between hair transplantation areas that have light hair, also hair transplantation with Choi pens Suitable for those who want to shorten the operation time with shorter recovery times than the traditional hair transplant.

Robot hair transplant

Modern hair transplantation systems including robot hair transplantation provide patients with several limitations. Robot technology is only licensed for patients with dark hair and straight hair, the original drawback is the fact that men with straight, red or grey hair must dye their hair first to allow the automatic device to work. correctly.

However, it is known that even people with dark hair have different shades of hair colour and weaker hair structure, which is why it is easy to make mistakes during robot hair transplantation, what is more, robotic hair transplantation is a problem in patients With curly hair, so it is advised to perform a manual hair transplant instead of using a robot.

Stem cell hair transplant

Stem cell therapy is a cosmetic procedure that aims to reactivate hair growth on the scalp, in its simplest form, the innovative procedure has the ability to re-energize hair growth by using stem cells in your body. If you are considering a stem cell hair transplant to help restore hair, we would like to inform you that the procedure has not been sufficiently researched to date.

Stem cell hair transplantation is a cosmetic procedure performed with the aim of encouraging hair growth using the patient’s stem cells. The stem cells inside our body contain vital components related to tissue repair and healing. Stem cells are very basic and have the ability to transform into other types of cells such as hair follicle cells.

This process is distinguished from other traditional procedures in hair transplantation, as it promises long-lasting results, the treatment is very suitable for those who are in the early stages of hair loss, a certain degree of stem cells can be found in the middle skin layers, in the fat layer under the skin. These very mesenchymal stem cells are the ones that are used to restore hair growth, by regenerating hair follicles, as such, the process has the ability to repair hair follicles, thus stimulating hair growth, moreover, this procedure can also activate stem cells located on Scalp already.

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