How do I Choose a Hair Transplant Clinic?

Hair transplantation is a field of surgery that has been followed for many years and is widespread in all countries of the world, but it is not easy to find a surgeon who specializes in hair transplantation. If you are looking for a clinic specialized in hair transplantation, you must have several questions in your head. For example: What are the criteria on the basis of which I can choose a specific clinic to transplant my hair? How can I choose the right hair transplant centre and doctor? What is the cost of hair transplantation? What are the procedures that must be followed before preparing for a hair transplant?

First of all, have you given up on treating your hair loss? Or do you suffer from genetic baldness or baldness resulting from psychological problems? Since it means that hair transplantation is the final solution for you, it is never easy to find a reliable hair transplant surgeon, especially if you do not know the elements to look for, so transplanting hair or sprouting the moustache and beard by picking may not be an easy thing, because the field is crowded With clinics that claim to provide you with the best services and natural results for successful operations.

1- Our first advice to you is to request pictures of previous operations performed by the doctor.

When searching for a surgeon, do not forget to ask the doctor to provide at least ten before and after pictures of patients who previously dealt with the doctor and performed the operation with him, provided that they are from different countries to ensure that he is a world-class surgeon who can be trusted.

2- An important question may arise in your mind, “What if they are just pictures from websites and not real pictures of that doctor’s patients?” Try asking the doctor to connect you with previous patients with similar hair types.

It is characteristic of good doctors that the pictures of their operations have a watermark of their own and they have a database of their patients, which ensures that you have a periodic follow-up from the doctor in the post-operation stage. Hearing the experiences of those patients who share the type and colour of your hair and skin will help you make a good decision, and help you answer the questions. All your questions and expectations about the operation, before and after surgery.

3- Make sure of the doctor’s speciality and you should review his professional history of teaching, training and experience certificates in the field of hair transplantation.

Talk to your doctor about his speciality, if he is a hair transplant or a general surgeon? Make sure that his speciality is hair transplantation and re-germination, and that the field of hair transplantation is his main field, it is important to have worked in hair surgery for several years to ensure a higher and more secure level for the success of the operation, as it is an expensive operation and its success rate is not great, and the doctor who has knowledge in pathology Dermatology is crucial in helping hair loss and baldness patients to deal with their problems and ensure better results for the procedure.

4- The staff supporting the doctor.

Look for a surgeon who has a professional and supportive staff, because even if he is an international surgeon and has poor medical staff, this may affect you, and this determines whether the clinic provides translators to help foreign clients or those who do not understand English, and, or, it is among them. Coordinators for patients to help them during the hair transplantation process and their experience.

5-  The doctor has sufficient experience in the field of hair transplantation.

The patient’s choice of a doctor who is familiar with different hair transplant techniques allows him to choose the best result for hair transplantation. Ask the doctor about the number of hair transplant operations he has performed so far. This will increase your confidence level, so if the doctor has less than ten years of experience, you should ask him some questions to ensure his knowledge of the various hair transplant techniques. If your doctor uses the FUE method, ask him the following questions:

Are the grafts removed by microscopic or mechanical methods?

Who will remove the grafts?

What is the role of technicians in the process?

Do you use different methods to remove hair follicles?

If the doctor wants to use the FUT hair transplantation technique, ask him the following questions:

Are hair follicles microscopically cut?

Do all technicians use a stereo microscope?

How long have technicians use microscopes to check follicular units?

How do I Choose a Hair Transplant Clinic?

6- You are already familiar with FUE surgeries and ask how the surgeon performs them?

It is all about using this technique to “extract follicular units”, so the surgeon must be careful, make sure he says that he is harvesting hair follicles correctly and that the cut hair follicles are placed in a safe and sterile environment to prevent contamination. The surgeon must pay attention to directions And the angles of the grafts when transplanted into the intended area, and it is also important to ensure that the surgeon creates a natural hairline.

7- What are the criteria for choosing a suitable hair transplant clinic?

Choosing the clinic in which the hair transplant will be performed is very important, as is the choice of the doctor, so special attention must be paid to many factors such as the cleanliness of the clinic, its equipment, and the advanced technology of the tools used, choosing a clinic specializing in medicine, surgery and hair transplantation only, it is not a sham surgeon’s clinic, results may not appear. Desired in clinics that perform various operations besides hair transplantation.

It is also important when choosing a clinic, to review customer reviews, whether it is a suitable location or not, whether the tools used are old or recent if the clinic is licensed and documented by the Ministry of Health, and whether the tools used are fully used by patients. Detailed research on this topic is important in the final choice, so it is necessary to visit the clinic before hair transplantation and check that there is adequate hygiene.

8- Make sure that the doctor is prepared for his patients in the pre-operation stage.

The doctor should ask his patients for a complete examination of his scalp and hair and provide him with the most accurate information about his hair and the donor and receiving areas of hair on his head, chin and moustache. he must provide complete information about the treatment plan, follow-up and hair transfer, and this is done by calculating the percentage of baldness and hair density And looking at the health status of the follicles that did not fall out, if the hairy area at the back of the person’s head is sufficient to cover the open areas of the scalp, then hair transplantation is performed. In addition to preparing a report on hair analysis in detail, in which they provide information about a person’s hair, discovering the hair problem from analyzes, etc.

9- What is the cost of hair transplantation?

The cost varies according to the specialist doctor and clinic, and the cost is never the most important factor in choosing the right-centre, but prior knowledge of its limitations may help determine the options that are appropriate for you and your budget.

10- When can I return to work after a hair transplant?

Depending on the technique that your hair was transplanted with, it may not take more than a day, and it may last for weeks, depending on the technological progress of the technique used by your doctor in hair transplantation.

11- Can the transplanted hair fall out? What is the success rate of the operation?

The success rate of the operation may depend on the doctor, but a large part of the success of the operation is up to you, and to the extent of your commitment to the instructions of your doctor.

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