What are The Differences Between Sapphire FUE and FUE Hair Transplantation ?

Hair is a great blessing, the shape may differ completely with or without hair, as it is a person’s adornment. it was said in the past, hair loss has many causes, it may be affected by malnutrition and psychological state and begin to fall out. if hair loss increases beyond its limit, one may reach the stage of baldness!  if a person reaches this critical stage, he may have to transplant hair in order to restore his hair again, how is hair transplantation performed and what are the blades used in these techniques?

The best techniques for hair transplantation with Sapphire blade technology Sapphire FUE and FUE, beginning what is a sapphire blade? What are its uses?

The sapphire blade is what is called the special blades used in the “opening the channel” stage in hair transplantation operations, which have the ability to directly affect the outcome of hair growth and exit from the follicles, a name inspired by the fact that these blades are made entirely of sapphire, it was a different invention In the world of hair transplantation, as a result of the studies that have been achieved in order to provide a more advanced technology, which highlights the importance of hair transplantation, the studies that have been reached to achieve success and provide comfort to patients during the operation and recovery period formed the basis for innovations in the field of cosmetic hair transplantation.

The main difference between Sapphire FUE and classic FUE is to use the blade professionally for their patients. In the case of sapphire FUE, the sapphire blade will be used; And in the case of classic FUE, a steel blade will be used.

So let’s take a look at the differences between the Sapphire FUE method and the Classic FUE in the comparison below:

Sapphire blade is better compared to steel blades, but it is better because steel blades may lose their sharpness and this may lead to tissue loss since sapphire is a solid crystal form and the surface is smooth that does not lose its sharpness so it does not cause any tissue loss or shock, and sapphire blades are anti-blades For bacteria and do not disrupt blood circulation.

Sapphire blades specially designed for hair transplantation operations can be used in the percutaneous (extraction of the follicle unit) in the stages of opening the channels, it is very important that the implanted follicles are fixed in order to obtain a natural result and avoid any failure that may occur in the process, and the great advantage is that The channels opened by the sapphire blades do not disrupt the blood circulation and take into account the quality of the tissues, so the follicles are installed in a better way in their new places because the sapphire blades allow the channels to be opened at the micro-level, so the recovery period after the operation is greatly shortened.

Sapphire blades are known for their antibacterial properties, sharpness, softness, hardness and apparent durability; This is the reason why when you undergo an FUE hair transplant from a clinic that uses sapphire blades, the vibrations decrease by several folds. When the specialist creates small channels using sapphire blades, the risks involved in the operation such as trauma to the scalp tissues and general damage to it are reduced many folds.

Compared to the steel blades used in typical hair transplant clinics, when the FUE procedure is performed using sapphire blades, the results are natural and largely successful.

Sapphire blades also enable the specialist to ensure that the density of hair in the donor area is the same as for a person with heavy hair growth, this is especially beneficial for those who have experienced advanced hair loss but still want to go for a hair transplant.

Compared to steel blades, which allow professional sapphire blades to inject less puffiness, Tumescence is a specialized liquid that is injected into the patient’s scalp before making incisions to place strands of hair, in this way the specialist can reduce the feeling of the patient as he suffers the same feeling from Fluid retention on their scalp. The result is easy to understand – the post-operation phase for the patient will be very comfortable to bear.

The recovery period is also reduced by several folds, as a sapphire blade can make smaller and precise cracks in the patient’s scalp, so the recovery period for a person will be much faster, compared to the recovery period for a patient who underwent the same procedure but with a steel blade.

Differences Between Sapphire FUE and FUE Hair Transplantation

How much is that after the healing period, the merged skin resulting from the use of sapphire blades will feel more smooth when touched, leaving you with natural-looking results, and FUE is performed using sapphire blades to enable the specialist to make incisions on the patient’s head that are proportional to the length of the natural pores of hair follicles, and the result is that the transplanted follicles will not be able to leave the artificial pores, moreover, the professional can also make adjustments in the angle of each transplanted hair according to the patient’s request even after the healing period is over!

The advantage is that the channels opened by sapphire blades do not disrupt blood circulation and tissue quality, that the follicles are installed in a better way in their new places because the sapphire blades allow the channels to open at the micro-level, so the recovery period after the operation is shortened nicely, and it is also good not to use a sapphire blade For patients with metal sensitivity, which may cause widespread risk.

In addition to being a crystal of great value, sapphire is also a very useful ingredient for “incision” work, because it never loses its shape. The use of the sapphire blade in the FUE technique began an innovative period in hair transplantation. The FUE technique that has been used globally since 2004 has transferred to A higher level of natural results by allowing smaller channels to be opened compared to those of steel blades. Sapphire blade began to be used in 2016 and it has been used in FUE technique and recently with the effect of this blade, the technique began to be called “sapphire hair transplantation” and this technique also helped in Shorten the patient’s recovery period.

How is Sapphire FUE applied?

At first, we examine the patient who applies to our clinic for a Sapphire FUE during the examination, the patient informs us of his medical history and the details of his hair are checked, the type of hair loss is determined, the frontal hairline, the design of the area to be transplanted, and the planning of hair transplantation is achieved by taking into account The patient’s expectations, needs and rehabilitation.

Initially, the patient’s hair is cut to 3 mm on the day of the operation, and the donor area is anaesthetized locally and the follicles are extracted, after the follicles are extracted, the same area to be transplanted is localized, and the channels are opened where the hair follicles will be inserted by sapphire blades, the hair follicles separated from the cut are inserted Tissue in the channels, after the completion of the follicle implantation in the donor area, the patient is bandaged, the hair transplantation process ends with FUE after covering the donor area with a bandage.

Advantages of FUE sapphire hair transplantation

The sapphire FUE blade reduces vibration during the incision compared to the classic extraction This helps keep complications such as trauma and tissue damage to a minimum. Sapphire FUE allows hair roots to be transplanted with greater density, it provides successful results even for people with an advanced level of shedding. Hair, allows the patient an easier recovery period, since the sapphire blades allow the opening of the micro-channels, the risks of the movement of the follicles or changing their angles are removed, when the FUE process is evaluated through the equipment used and the results obtained, it provides high quality.

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