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What is the DHI method?

The DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) method is a newly developed hair transplantation technique and is considered the most advanced and effective. The concept behind the DHI method is quite simple: the hair follicles of the head are redistributed without pain, scars, or stitches.

Traditional treatments and procedures used to fight hair loss such as the ‘strip’ or FUE have several disadvantages compared to this new method. The ‘strip’ method has long been set aside by the FUE method which proved to be the most innovative until the arrival of DHI.

The FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction) consists in the extraction of single follicular units through punch and their consequent implant on the area affected by baldness.

The main difference between FUE and DHI lies in the fact that while using FUE it is necessary to drill holes (also called channels) that will host the follicles, with DHI, this phase is completely eliminated. In fact, the follicles, instead of being transplanted with special tweezers, are inserted through a special tool that directly inserts the bulb into the skin.

What are the advantages of the DHI method?

This involves several advantages. First of all, a phase is eliminated, shortening the time of the procedure. With the DHI method, the time during which the follicles stay out of the skin is minimized. During the opening of the channels with the FUE method, bleeding is common and, although not dangerous for the patient or for the procedure itself, is often a reason for slowing down. In fact, the nano-points used in the DHI procedure reduce bleeding to the minimum. Another advantage is the possibility of transplanting the hair follicles closer to each other, thus ensuring a higher density and, consequently, a more natural result.

Another fundamental novelty is the type of local anesthesia which consists in the use of a non-cutting and longer metal canula. Consequently, its administration is less painful, and its length determines a longer duration of the anesthesia itself and the ability to have effect on larger areas.

Obviously the result is also affected by the introduced innovations: the naturalness guaranteed by this method has no equal. In fact, although the FUE method allows to achieve excellent results, an expert eye will always recognize the signs of a transplant. The DHI technique allows to achieve a result much closer to natural hair, especially for the fact that the follicles are transplanted directly on the skin.

Regarding the time of regrowth, the DHI method does not differ from the FUE: there will be an initial period of growth and fall of the transplanted hair and then the definitive growth. After 10 months-1 year it is possible to see the final result.

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