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Sapphire Hair Transplant

With the advances in technology, there are new developments in hair transplantation techniques and hair loss treatments. Hair transplantation operations, which have progressed to a great extent and turned into a procedure performed with minimally invasive methods, have become their present state in parallel with the development of the instruments used. The natural results achieved with the FUE method, one of the most modern hair transplantation techniques commonly used today, have been improved one step further with the sapphire tip special tools used together with the FUE method.

ZERO-Pain Method in Hair Transplantation!

With the sedation to be applied under the supervision of our anesthesiologist, you will no longer feel anything during the hair transplantation. This way you will experience a more comfortable and painless hair transplantation. Hair transplantation processes are already not very painful procedures but for patients with fear of needles this method is much more comfortable. The pain, which is already felt to a minimum, will be almost completely reduced to zero by this method.

What is sedation?

Sedation is a kind of sleep condition that can be individually adjusted with sedative medication and the effect can be scaled accordingly. The depth of the sedation is controlled while all reflexes are preserved.

Do I have to undergo sedation?

Sedation is safe enough to be used even in young children and, as we said before, it makes the hair transplantation process almost painless. But for patients that do not want a sedation, we still carry out hair transplantation without the sedation process. The choice at this point is completely yours.

Comparison of Sapphire FUE and Metal Slit FUE methods

Differences between the sapphire tip and FUE tip

Sapphire FUE channel opening method and classic FUE channel opening method

The FUE method carried out with tips produced from real sapphire, a precious metal, refers to the use of special sapphire tips instead of the metal slits in the channel opening stage of hair transplantation. FUE carried out with sapphire tip is not a technique but an innovation applied with the FUE method. By opening even smaller micro channels in the transplantation area, the device was developed to minimize the formation of crusts and accelerate the healing process.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) with sapphire tip, micro tips with diameters ranging from 0.6 – 0.7 – 0.8 mm are used to extract the hair follicles from the donor area under local anesthesia with the help of a micro motor. The extracted hair follicles are then planted with the FUE method into the channels to be opened. These channels directly affect the angle, direction and frequency of the hair which then significantly affects the appearance. That is why the opening of the channels is the most important step for a successful operation.

Sapphire FUE

Micro channels can now be opened with the help of these special sapphire tips. The hair follicles are planted into these channels. With the sharp, smooth and durable sapphire tips with diameters between 1.0 -1.3 – 1.5 mm channels are opened in the size of the hair follicle. This device enables to open more channels and plant the hair follicles closer to each other.

Some hair transplant centers claim that patients, who want to have a front hairline transplantation, can receive 65-70 follicles per cm² and thus obtain a more natural look. It is not possible to open so many channels for hair transplantation, whether the FUE method is carried out with sapphire tips or metal slits. The reason for that is the natural angle and direction that should be given to the hair. When trying to plant 65-70 grafts in the mentioned square centimeter area, it will be impossible to transplant these hairs with a natural angle and direction. The natural hair angle is between 40 and 45 degrees. A transplantation with so many grafts leads to a steeper angle and an appearance, which is generally known as grass head.

Advantages of FUE Hair Transplantation with Sapphire Tip over Metal Slits:

When sapphire tips are used during the channel opening process, there will be much less vibration due to their smooth surface with anti-bacterial properties and physical properties such as hardness, sharpness and durability. Thus, the risk of both trauma and tissue damage is kept to a minimum.

FUE carried out with sapphire tips enables a more frequent transplantation compared to the metal slit method, which makes it possible to apply it in patients with more advanced stages of hair loss.

Since it ensures a more frequent transplantation, the hair will be fuller and a more natural look will be achieved.

During the channel opening process, less subcutaneous fluid is injected when compared to the metal slits.

The edema levels after the procedure will also be lover, which is more comfortable for the patient ne very sense.

The channels opened for transplantation are very small and the healing process after the operation is quicker when compared to metal slits, thus a smother surface is obtained on the skin.

Because the hair follicles are transplanted into the channels, which have their exact size, with the most natural angle, there is no possibility, that the follicles fall out or change their degree.

When a method is sufficiently known and generally accepted, the next step people want to achieve regarding this method is quality-oriented excellence”. Hair transplantation operations followed a similar process over time. FUE, which has been applied since 2004, is a worldwide accepted hair transplantation technique. Now it is time to meet and prioritize people’s expectations of quality and excellence. This expectation brings quality and excellence in hair transplantation operations to the FUE technique performed with “Sapphire Tip”.

Contact us for more information and support about the “FUE Hair Transplantation Technique with Sapphire Tip”, applied in Estepera Hair Transplantation Center, which produces natural, successful and aesthetically satisfactory results.


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