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Hair Transplantation in Turkey

In Turkey, hair transplantation has become a major source of tourism for the country. Hair transplantation is a procedure through which the areas where the hair is thinning or where it does not grow are re-thickened. In a session, the maximum number of transplantable bulbs is about 5000, and often more sessions are required to achieve an optimal result. During the transplantation the bulbs are taken from the donor area, i.e. from the back of the head, and partially from the sides.

Why does everyone go to Turkey and, specifically to Istanbul, to do hair transplants?

Hair transplants can be done in all countries of the European Union, but in Turkey, there is a relationship between quality and unbeatable price. Surely, the initial low cost of this procedure in Turkey has led to an increasing number of people to turn to the clinics present here. Subsequently, this allowed a further improvement of skills and techniques, as well as a further reduction of costs. It can be said that around this medical procedure was born a new economic sector and customer services which ranges from travel agencies to medical and paramedical staff specialized in hair transplantation.

What are the guarantees after hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation in Turkey is a procedure that presents no risk. Obviously, the success of the transplant is guaranteed as long as the procedure is carried out by specialized and trained medical personnel.

How much does a hair transplantation cost in Turkey?

Hair transplants in Turkey cost about 75% less than in Europe, and inclusive prices include accommodation and transfers.

Benefits and Risks of Hair Transplantation in Istanbul

The benefits of hair transplantation are numerous:

  • Reliability and quality;
  • Lower cost;
  • Effectiveness
  • Confidentiality

The risks related to hair transplantation are mainly scams. For this, it is good to be wary of those who ask you to pay in advance, and you need to make sure of the existence of the structure where you will have the transplant.

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