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Hair Transplantation: Cost

Hair transplantation is a radical and effective solution for those suffering from baldness. However, many discard this option due to the costs that it usually involves. Estepera clinic in Istanbul offers a quality and cheaper solution, all during a short stay in Istanbul. Estepera clinic offers hair transplants that cost 70% less compared to European rates.

Estepera is able to offer this treatment at an unbeatable price for several reasons:

First of all, Turkey invests in tourism in general and what is known as ‘medical tourism’, so the state finances and supports clinics and agencies in this sector. These subsidies allow clinics to offer competitive prices. Furthermore, the cost of living in Turkey is lower compared to the cost of living in many European countries such as Italy, France, or Spain. This affects the price of many types of goods and services.

Our fees include:

  • Hair transplantation with FUE method (2000-5000 follicular units)
  • Blood analysis before the operation
  • A PRP session, which consists of the use of one’s own plasma on the newly grafted follicular units in order to maximize the result of the transplant
  • Two nights at a 4-star hotel, breakfast included (there is a 10-euro additional charge per night if you have a companion)
  • Airport / clinic / hotel transfers
  • Post-operative medications and assistance.

Deciding to undergo a hair transplant at Estepera will save you thousands of euros, and you will have access to a quality hospital system and competent staff. You can get in touch with us through our contact page and ask for a free consultation.

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