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Hair Transplant Turkey – Istanbul

Hair Transplant Turkey – Hair Transplant Istanbul

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A hair transplant can be described as a permanent solution for “hair loss”. Hair transplantation surgery however is defined as a micro surgical operation carried out in a hospital. What is meant by micro surgical operation is that the hair transplantation is carried out with much less intervention than a normal operation. Hair transplantation operation is an effective and permanent solution for people suffering from androgenetic alopecia, also known as male-pattern hair loss, but besides that also people with scars or people with hair loss due to various reasons can undergo this operation.

FUE Hair Transplantation Surgery

Even though the development of hair transplantation goes back a long time, it began to be used in the mid-1990s in sense we are using it now. While hair transplantation was carried out in the 1990s with the FUT methods, it was replaced by the FUE technique, which was developed in the early 2000s and began to be used as of 2005. Since then, the technique has developed continuously with minor innovations, but the basic principles of FUE have not changed. Today it is still used as the most developed hair transplantation technique. The FUE technique is the most developed and newest method in hair transplantation operations. The FUE method, which is considered the newest and most modern hair transplantation techniques of recent years is accepted as golden standard and helps people to gain natural looking full hair. The difference of the FUE technique is that it only leaves minimal scarring and shows very fast healing. The success of the operation increases due to the development of materials used in the FUE method. The FUE method has several variants.

These are:

  • Classic FUE (with micro motor)
  • Robotic FUE
  • DHI hair transplantation (FUE carried out with Choi implanter)
  • Sapphire FUE (FUE carried out with sapphire tip)

    For example, the FUE hair transplantation carried out with sapphire tips has produced more successful results. This is due to the fact that the channels opened with sapphire material, which is a much smoother material, heal faster and leave less marks.

Soft-FUE: ZERO-Pain Method in Hair Transplantation!
With the sedation to be applied under the supervision of our anesthesiologist, you will no longer feel anything during the hair transplantation. This way you will experience a more comfortable and painless hair transplantation. Hair transplantation processes are already not very painful procedures but for patients with fear of needles this method is much more comfortable. The pain, which is already felt to a minimum, will be almost completely reduced to zero by this method.

What is sedation?

Sedation is a kind of sleep condition that can be individually adjusted with sedative medication and the effect can be scaled accordingly. The depth of the sedation is controlled while all reflexes are preserved.

Do I have to undergo sedation?

Sedation is safe enough to be used even in young children and, as we said before, it makes the hair transplantation process almost painless. But for patients that do not want a sedation, we still carry out hair transplantation without the sedation process. The choice at this point is completely yours.

Basic Steps of Hair Transplantation

There are basic principles in all methods of hair transplantation operations.

These principles are:

1. Collection of hair follicles
FUT: Collection of the hair with skin incision
FUE: Collection of the hair follicles one by one
2. Opening of the channels 3. Planting of the follicles

Collection of hair follicles

This is a characteristic of the FUE method that provides a significant aesthetic success in the collection of hair follicles and exactly this innovation was the reason that the FUT method disappeared completely. In the FUT method, a piece of skin was cut from the back of the head to collect the hair follicles but with the FUE method the follicles are collected one by one with cylindrical needles. Thus, much less damage occurs.
Depending on the size of the hair follicles needles sizes between 0.7 mm and 0.9mm are used or if hair follicles consisting of 3-4-5 hairs are used the needle size can be increased up to 1.0 mm, which is a very important point in this method. The sharpness of the needles used here and the fact that they are used only once are factors that affect the success of the operation in terms of material. Again, removing the hair according to the angles of the roots is another important point to be observed in order to prevent damage to the roots. For example, there are needles for follicle extraction called u-graft used for patients with extreme curly hair. All these points are planned according to the patient’s status by the doctor prior to the operation.

Opening of the channels In the classic FUE method metal (steel) slits are used to open the channels. With these slits, an incision appropriate to the natural direction of the hair should be created. Thus, the hair will grow in their natural directions. The direction of the hair is created while the channel is opened and the angle of the hair with respect to the skin is the factor to be considered during the transplantation phase. Steel knives (metal slits) are generally used to open the channels in the FUE method. These metal slits have to be replaced during the operation after a few hundred channels have been opened. This way it is ensured that the metal slits won’t lose their sharpness. We in the Estepera Clinic use sapphire tips. Since sapphire FUE tips are much smoother and sharper, there is no such problem. Depending on the follicle thickness of each patient, the use of only a few tips is sufficient. But each tip must only be used for one patient.

Hair Transplant Istanbul

During the last step, the hair follicles are placed one by one into the channels within 40-45 degrees. All three stages have their own subtleties. The most important in all stages is of course experience. FUE is a hair transplantation method that does not require stitches and thus does not leave any scars! The developed type of the Follicular Unit Extraction method, also known as FUE technique, with sapphire tips, is successfully carried out in our clinic.

Basics of Hair Transplant Operation

People between 20 and 60 years old can undergo a hair transplant. The person to be operated needs to calculate 3 days for the whole procedure, including preparation and check-up. Depending on the amount of required follicles, the operation may take between 6 and 8 hours. Performing the operation in a well-equipped hospital environment is necessary for immediate intervention in case of a possible complications. The operation takes place with at least one doctor and 3 expert health professionals. The exact results take between 6 and 18 months. This means that new hair can grow up to 18 months after the operation day.

Hair transplant operation in 7 steps
1. Consultation: During this step the operation plan and hair line is determined with the doctor.
2. Preparation: Sterilization of the operation area of the patient on the day of the operation and local anesthesia.
3. Extraction: Here the hair follicles are collected from the donor area.
4. Channel opening: During this step appropriate channels are opened in the transplantation area according to the natural hair direction.
5. Transplantation: Transplantation of the hair follicles in the appropriate angle.
6. Procedures after the operation: This includes the dressing of the operation areas and the PRP treatment procedures that will accelerate the healing of the transplant area.
7. Postoperative Hair Washing Procedure: This is the washing process, which will be applied for 15 days considering the sensitivities of the donor and transplantation area. In this process, de-scaling and healing is accelerated.
Laser Assisted Hair Transplant Operation

This procedure is the combination of the hair transplant operation with low-level laser, also known as cold laser. The main objectives of the laser application after a hair transplant operation are to accelerate wound healing in the operation area, rapidly regress side effects such as bloating, rash and pain and help to achieve faster results. The laser does not create heat. That is why there are no side effects in terms of treatment.

For the treatment of hair loss, we use a different low-intensity laser device. If this device is used on the scalp for 20 minutes twice a week, it primarily stops the hair loss and then increases the hair thickness, so it lasts longer. When a certain improvement is achieved, it is tried to continue the improvement by decreasing the sessions to once a week.

In the Estepera clinic we use Low Level Laser Treatment – (LLLT) with a low level laser for clinical use. Previous scientific studies have shown that it is an important medical practice that has been shown to have therapeutic properties in genetic hair loss in both men and women. The action mechanism increases the metabolic activities in the cell and the ATP, nitric and oxide levels. This condition allows the hair to strengthen. In addition, it is observed it reduces the accumulation of DHT, which on the other hand reduces the factors effective for hair loss and thinning.

Hair Transplant Price

The laser beam which is suitable for medical use is sent to the scalp with low energies. This nourishing laser light stimulates hair follicles, the root structure of the hair. It decreases the thinning of thehair and recovers the natural growth cycle of your hair. Together with treatment it supports a fuller and denser hair growth pattern. Hair treatment with laser has been approved by the FDA. There are also numerous scientific studies on its effects. The laser device used in our clinic consists of 5 modules, each with 364 energy sources. Our application with 6 different therapeutic frequencies can be adjusted according to the patient’s needs.

Advantages of the FUE technique

More dense and natural looking hair can be planted. It is a permanent solution not only for slight hair loss but also advanced full hair loss. It is a comfortable method since it is developed to minimize the pain of the patients and does not leave any scarring or sutures after the operation. The patients recover rapidly after the operation; they can resume their normal life quickly and travel after only 1 day. If a hair transplant operation is planned correctly, the hair follicles taken from the donor area are not damaged. Even if several operations are performed in this way, there is no negative change in the patient’s appearance. Transplanted hair grows at about 98% efficiency. Estepera Hair Transplant Center Estepera is a well-known hair transplant center that serves patients from Turkey and all around the world in the field of hair transplant and hair treatment. Estepera and its team have been working exclusively in the field of hair transplantation and hair treatments for 20 years. The facts that the clinic only serves in this field, has extensive experience, joins international seminars as speaker and listener and that patients from over 50 countries came to the clinic to undergo hair transplantation, are outstanding characteristics of the clinic and doctors.

What are important criteria that determine the success of FUE?

In our opinion, the factors that determine success are:

We have performed hair transplantation operations for thousands of patients over a period of 20 years, which enables us to better understand the needs of our patients. The experience allows us to choose the right treatment method for our patient and to better apply the FUE technique.

Field of Expertise

Hair transplant operations should be performed by specialized doctors. Patients may have different health and hair loss problems. The doctor has to do a necessary examination in order to place the right diagnosis. Estepera hair transplant center decides on the suitability of patients with different hair problems for hair transplantation and informs the patients prior and after the operation about the necessary actions to be taken. A specialist doctor not only cares about the hair transplant results of his patients, but also their health.

Artistic Quality

To achieve a successful and natural look after hair transplantation, the front hairline must be designed according to the face shape and head structure. This requires not only experience but also an aesthetic point of view.

Understanding the Patient

The first step of the operation is the examination. At this point it is very important to understand the patient in order to analyze his needs and to make the right planning. Estepera hair transplant center always acts with these principles in mind.

Additional Opportunities to Improve Hair Transplant Success

Hair transplantation may also require additional different solutions for those who experience this problem. For example, if the patient has insufficient hair in the main donor area the back of the neck, the success rate of the hair transplantation operation will not be as high. In such a case it is possible to use hair follicles from other parts of the body to achieve greater success.

Hair Transplantation with Hair Follicles taken from the Beard

Hair transplantation with hair follicles taken from the beard Hair transplantation carried out with hair follicles extracted from the beard is generally preferred if the donor area, the back of the neck, does not have enough hair and if the transplant area is very big. Beard follicles can remain in the growth stage for a long time and are considered to be the most suitable donor area for transplantation, after the back of the neck. It is known that the hair follicles of the beard are thicker than those of the back of the neck. For this reason the hair follicles extracted from the beard are not transplanted in the frontline but in the middle to increase fullness.

Transplantation with Follicles taken from Body Hair

Hair transplantation with follicles taken from body hair Body hair is considered as the third choice in hair transplantation operations planned for men. If the hair follicles from the back of the neck and beard region are insufficient, chest hair follicles are considered as the best alternative for an additional graft. There are two main reasons why body hair is only the third choice. The first is that, as it is with beard follicles, the body hair is thick, in form of single grafts and has low growth characteristics. In other words, hair follicles taken from the chest region cannot be planted in the front hairline.

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