Why hair transplant

Why to choose hair transplant

When it comes to hair loss there are a few options.

Here is why hair transplant is recommended. It’s a permanent solution; it is recognized as the most effective solution to hair loss. The hair are moved from one side of the head to the other. The follicles that are transplanted are immune to the hormone (DHT), which causes the hair loss. Once transplanted, it will keep growing as before.

Natural result. The techniques used today for the hair transplant can ensure a natural result. In fact the follicles are extracted and transplanted one by one, by expert personnel. The place and the position of each follicle is carefully established according to each patient’s characteristics.

Hair transplant surgery is a relatively simple surgery. It is made with local anaesthesia, and it doesn’t require a follow up. Once the surgery is done and after the few days of recovery are passed, the transplanted hair will have the same features they had before.

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