PRP therapy

What is PRP therapy

PRP is a regenerative therapy that exploits the effect of autologous growth factors obtained by centrifugation of the blood obtained by a simple withdrawal. PRP is a regenerative therapy consisting in taking platelets rich in growth factors from the patient and using them in various healing and beauty fields such as skin rejuvenation. As for hair, platelet growth factors can regulate bulb life activity, allowing better hair growth and a stomach stimulation of stem cells that remain within the scalp, 80% of cases have a hair regrowth and an increase in their density. PRP is a safe, non-side-effect therapy that does not cause allergic reactions or health risks.


The principle of PRP HT (Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Therapy) is always the same: growth factors in the platelets are able to stimulate the activity of stem cells of hair bulbs still present but silent or suffering. It is indicated in all stages of androgenetic alopecia, both male (affects 85% of men) and females (affects 50% of menopausal women and a high number of women of childbearing age) although it is advisable not to intervene On a completely bald area, but affected by thinning and miniaturization of the capillary drums. In addition, PRP HT is successfully used in patchy flake alopecia and in subjects who have undergone self-propagation of hair follicle bulbs, to facilitate a faster digestion, stimulate the growth of any silent bulbs, improving the surgical outcome.


As mentioned above about the skin, this is an outpatient procedure that takes about 30-45 minutes. No special preparative analysis is needed, but it is always better to perform a blood test, especially if you have problems with clotting or liver function. The session starts with the taking of 5-6 ml of venous blood. The tubes are placed in a centrifuge that separates the blood components in a few minutes and allows for a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) that is a source of growth factors. After anesthetizing the area to be treated, the specialist passes on the scalp a roller, a kind of roller with micro-tips, which can perform a slight abrasion, to facilitate the activation of hair growth factors. Finally inject the obtained solution, then proceed to the massage of the scalp that favors its distribution. No convalescence is required: the patient can resume normal activities immediately.

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