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What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a procedure of several drug subcutaneous injections performed simultaneously by using one or more needles. This allows introducing a very small quantity of drugs directly into the painful area of the body. Mesotherapy is a therapeutic technique that is safe. It is effective in the treatment of many joint pain, bone, muscle, tendon and lower back. It is based mainly on the possibilities of the dermis to store drugs at very low doses and gradually restore them behaving like some kind like a replay of the tank.


The process of mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is injected under the skin with small needles products. Injections are subcutaneous and are carried to the periphery of the joint. Products used may be anti inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants, vasodilators, vitamins, trace elements calcitonins and plants. Depending on the pathology to be treated, doctor can inject one or several drugs. This is accomplished by injection, epidermal, intradermal or subcutaneous, local … Mixtures of micro doses and drugs are pharmacologically active. The injection is sequential.


 The advantages of mesotherapy

This treatment has two big advantages over oral administration because the injections are acting faster and the quantity of drugs required would be greatly reduced. Mesotherapy allows to immediately relieving pain, particularly muscle pain felt by the athletes or rheumatic diseases. Mesotherapy is also effective for other types of cases such as certain allergic or infectious diseases and migraines. Mesotherapy is sometimes used in aesthetic medicine. Aesthetically, mesotherapy provides a soft and firm skin. It is practiced effectively in the clinic Estepera of Istanbul. Specialists are trained for that.

Low cost quality service at Estepera clinic of Istanbul

The Estepera clinic’s doctors, who practice Mesotherapy master all the techniques implemented because they are experienced and trained for that. You will be followed by a team of professionals during your stay in Turkish. Thus, you will get effective care. Turkish is one of the most advanced cities in the world as regards the mesotherapy and Estepera clinic has a good reputation in the middle. Otherwise, Turkey is investing in medical tourism. Thus, the State supports financially clinics and agencies. These subsidies allow them to reduce the prices of mesotherapy. Thus, the clinic offers quality services at low cost thanks to the subvention of the state. So, in order to save lot of money, you can decide to make confidence to the clinic Estepera of Istanbul.

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