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why Estepera for your hair transplant in Turkey ?

Estepera hair transplant Istanbul Turkey

FUE hair transplant which are made by Estepera clinic in Turkey has lot of advantages :

1. We are a surgery center that specializes solely in hair transplant, we are committed to developing techniques and expertise of our teams to deliver the best hair transplant surgery.

2. The experience and expertise of our team at Estepera Hair transplantation Center are evident with more than 1,800 patients and more than 5 million grafts having been transplanted. We perform about 2-3 hair transplant surgeries a day.

3. We design hair patterns and assess the number of grafts by taking into consideration the results that will look most natural.

4. Our clinic has been very good at controlling contamination and preventing infection. At present, the infection rate is zero (from more than 1,800 patients who undergo hair transplant surgery).

5. We provide candid recommendations on hair transplant so that every patient understands and is able to decide whether to undergo the treatment or not.

6. We take responsibility and care for every patient after hair transplant surgery for satisfying results. We provide post-surgery treatments without additional charges (except some medicines).

Many people are reluctant to make a FUE hair transplant. This is mainly due to the surgery cost. Long and meticulous, it is very expensive in Europe, in United States and in many other countries.

Estepera clinic of Istanbul practices the best prices thanks to the support of the Turkish state which subsidizes medical tourism and thanks to the low cost of living in the country. Thus, that allows the patients to save thousands of dollars on their surgeries.

This financial advantage is associated with quality of care provided in a clinic with modern equipments. The doctors are specially trained for these surgeries and have long experiences according to hair transplant. They evolve in a perfectly sanitized room.

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