Hair transplant Turkey

Estepera hair transplant clinic in Istanbul, Turkey

Estepera is a specialized clinic in the field of hair transplantation and hair implants. The capillary transplantation center which is located in Turkey, specifically in Istanbul, offers quality interventions at low prices. Estepera offers FUE transplant operations for patients in order to restore hair they have lost due to the problem of baldness or severe hair loss. In local anesthesia, this technique is particularly innovative. It is painless and leaves no visible scar. The clinic has suitable facilities and a trained medical staff for the realization of effective and successful transplant.

A qualified and experienced Turkish medical team hair transplant turkey

Estepera has a highly qualified staff. The medical team includes plastic surgeons and experienced nurses. Doctors at the clinic mastered perfectly the different grafting techniques. This is a guarantee to perform quality procedures. Each patient is unique. So, each case is studied and analyzed with precision by surgeons before planning a hair transplant procedure. During surgery, doctors perform detailed work in order to obtain an optimal result. Patients are monitored by a professional team before, during and after the hair transplant intervention.

Comfort and well being of patients

Regarding your project to transplant hair implants, Estepera takes care of you at every step. The main goal of the clinic is to provide quality services including patient comfort and well being. The premises of the clinic are decorated and furnished in order to procure you calm and relaxation. Waiting rooms and the rooms are spacious and comfortable. All means are made available in order that the patient does not feel the pressure during the surgery.

Quality facilities in Istanbul Turkey

As hair transplantation specializing clinic in Istanbul, Estepera makes each intervention in a completely sterile space. Operating theaters where transplants are performed meet the standards required by European law in terms of hygiene and safety for cosmetic surgery. You will find there all equipments which are necessary for microsurgery. To make a hair transplant in Turkey without complication and to meet the demands of customers, the capillary implant center has a sophistical micro graft material.

Why Estepera

FUE hair transplant which are made by Estepera clinic in Turkey has lot of advantages :


  1. We are a surgery center that specializes solely in hair transplant, we are committed to developing techniques and expertise of our teams to deliver the best hair transplant surgery.


  1. The experience and expertise of our team at Estepera Hair transplantation Center are evident with more than 1,800 patients and more than 5 million grafts having been transplanted. We perform about 2-3 hair transplant surgeries a day.


  1. We design hair patterns and assess the number of grafts by taking into consideration the results that will look most natural.


  1. Our clinic has been very good at controlling contamination and preventing infection. At present, the infection rate is zero (from more than 1,800 patients who undergo hair transplant surgery).


  1. We provide candid recommendations on hair transplant so that every patient understands and is able to decide whether to undergo the treatment or not.


  1. We take responsibility and care for every patient after hair transplant surgery for satisfying results. We provide post-surgery treatments without additional charges (except some medicines).

Many people are reluctant to make a FUE hair transplant. This is mainly due to the surgery cost. Long and meticulous, it is very expensive in Europe, in United States and in many other countries.

Estepera clinic of Istanbul practices the best prices thanks to the support of the Turkish state which subsidizes medical tourism and thanks to the low cost of living in the country. Thus, that allows the patients to save thousands of dollars on their surgeries.

This financial advantage is associated with quality of care provided in a clinic with modern equipments. The doctors are specially trained for these surgeries and have long experiences according to hair transplant. They evolve in a perfectly sanitized room.

The cost of hair transplant in Turkey

Hair transplant is a radical and effective solution for people affected by hair loss. However, some people do not envisage this option because the operation is very expensive. The Estepera clinic located in Istanbul offers to realize quality hair transplant turkey cost during a medical tourism trip in Turkey.

Fue Istanbul

The Estepera clinic which is specialized in hair transplant in Istanbul proposes reductions of 70% regarding the costs of hair transplants. The low prices offered by the clinic are explained by two reasons:


– Turkey is investing in medical tourism. Thus, the State supports financially clinics and agencies. These subsidies allow them to reduce the prices of hair transplant.


– The cost of living is low in Turkey and this promotes these reductions. Thus, that impacts everything including hair implants what makes its cost price low.


The Estepera clinic has good reputation thanks to the quality of its interventions and the strength of its experience. Distinguished by the quality of its equipment, it offers the best rates.

What is included in the cost of a hair transplant in Istanbul?

FUE hair transplant session in Turkey (without pain and scar) is between 2000 and 4000 follicular units. The graft cost is determined after performing a pre-made picture consultation. When the hair grows, you will get between 1 and 3 hair if you performed a graft.

  • Preoperative blood tests.
  • All medical expenses (emolument, clinic fees, anesthesia …)
  • A session of PRP, PRP technique (Platelet-Rich Plasma) is a technique used in hair surgery which consists to extract the plasma from your blood (performing via blood test) in order to place it on the graft. Thus, healing and hair regrowth will be optimized.
  • 2 nights’ accommodation in a 4 * hotel, breakfast included.
  • Transfers: Airport / clinic / hotel
  • The post operative care for the first year.

Save thousands of dollars by making your hair transplant in Estepera clinic of  Istanbul

Turkey guarantees a high level of care, both in terms of physician competence and quality of clinical equipment. So, you can make your hair transplants and save money thanks to low prices that the country offers. Benefit of full support upon arrival at the airport as well as quality care. Feel free to compare the prices. This will let you save thousands of dollars.

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