Hair transplant with FUE technique

What is the FUE technique

The Follicular Unit Extraction is a minimally invasive hair transplant technique in which follicular grafts (hair follicles) are individually separated from the donor area of ​​the patient and then transplanted individually into the receiving region.

The grafts are removed using a precision tool and then positioned in the receiving area. There is no linear scar and there are no dots, so your donor area will be minimally visible within a few days.

Turkey, best place for performing FUE hair transplantation

There are several websites that say lot of things about hair transplantation, but few of them give you precise details and good advices. Here, you will find everything you need to make a successful hair transplant. You must know first that there is no better place than Turkey to make your hair transplant. The FUE method is the most used in Turkey for hair transplant. It is well controlled by doctors and they do it very quickly with efficiency. The surgery is performed precisely and every detail is respected. Also, in Turkey these operations are cheaper than elsewhere.

Why choose Estepera?

A FUE procedure is performed under the supervision of our experts. The Estepera team devotes itself exclusively to hair restoration and is formed by highly qualified personnel in the natural insertion process of the follicle. The hairline of the patient is recreated in line with their original hair growth pattern to give a natural result.


Benefits of the FUE at Estepera


  • No sign, donor area appears unchanged within a few days


  • Natural and Permanent Results


  • Minimally invasive technology at the cutting edge


  • Simple outpatient procedure


  • Quick recovery


A simple process, mastered by specialists

Before the removal process, doctors ensure that the hair removal and hair transplant areas are anesthetized. This is carried out thanks to a local anesthetic. Then, to approach the center of the hairline, they use micro motor tip. They use this channel to ensure that the cutting hairs are cylindrically and that the follicle and the tissue surrounding microscopic remain intact. Moreover, the extraction is carried out in the sweetness. Thus, follicular units are harvested one by one in the same way to be placed in the desired area. Up to 10,000 transplants on average can be taken per session. Different types of patients may use this method. It can be used by patients who wish to correct any preexisting scar, who have little or no flexibility to the scalp, who have a significant baldness…

A safe and sustainable technique of hair transplantation, without side effects

The follicles of the nape of the neck can be used with this method. Specialists can also use eyebrow, eyelash, beard, mustache and arm hair. After the surgery operation, you will initially lose the transplanted hair, precisely after the first month. But do not worry; this is normal. They will begin to push 2-3 months after the operation. Gradually your hair will find their forms and you will not be victim of baldness again.

How does the FUE works?

Using a small tool of one millimeter in diameter, the individual follicular units are removed from the scalp of the patient. The device makes a small circular engraving around the follicular unit to isolate the graft. The graft is then extracted directly from the scalp by using a tool similar to tweezers, so prepared to be positioned by the team of specialized Estepera technicians. By working with high power stereo microscopes, these specially trained technicians isolate, prepare and ensure that follicular grafts remain in optimum conditions. Follicular units are arranged in groups according to the number of hairs contained in each follicle (1-4 hairs are commonly present in each follicle). The positioning of these follicular units is what characterizes Estepera’s natural results and the artistic difference.


The FUE in Estepera: individual hair transplantation


  • Preparing the donor area


The hair of the patient’s donor area is cut so that the physician is able to visualize and work optimally on the patient’s scalp.


  • Placement of the follicular unit


The hair follicles (follicular units) contain one, two, three or four hairs each, and the strategic positioning of these follicles is the basis for recreating natural looking results. The doctor makes small incisions in the patient’s receiving area (hair loss areas), in line with the natural hair growth model of the patient. Follicular grafts are then placed one by one depending on the number of hairs within each follicle. This is the concept of differential densities.


  • Donor area healing


The small incisions left after follicular units are extracted completely heal within a few days. Tiny apertures contract when they heal, making the round engraving marks difficult to locate. No stitches or other closures are required.


  • Hair Growth


Restored hair grows in the same way as native hair. Approximately three months after the new hair begins to grow. In about six months, a patient should notice significant gains. The patient’s hair (native and transplanted) will continue to grow naturally.

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