Eyebrow transplant

Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey

The eyebrow transplant is a hair implant surgery that can densify the pilosit. This simple surgical technique is used to draw or create partially or completely the area of ​​the eyebrows. Eyebrow transplant is the solution for people who have few or no eyebrows. The methods are different, but in Turkey you will find the best.


Specialists in Istanbul who carry out effective transplants

Specialist master transplant eyebrow at the Estepera clinic of Istanbul. These doctors have done a lot of eyebrows transplant operation and things have always passed wonderfully. The process is precise. Firstly, they remove a micro-graft of the patient’s neck. Then it is transferred to the patient’s eyebrow area. It is necessary to know that the surgery area will be anesthetized and the patient will not feel any pain. The eyebrow transplant is an excellent alternative because the appearance obtained after the operation is perfect and undetectable. It is possible to obtain a natural result and the brows will shape to fit perfectly to the patient.


The reasons for eyebrow transplant

The eyebrows may be lost in different ways. In some cases, they are lost after an accident or burn. This can happen as a result of illness or a medical treatment. There are also birth defects and hereditary factors that may cause the loss of eyebrows. Finally, some people who may have shaved eyebrows may need a transplant. All these cases may be supported, and the person will recover his natural eyebrows. The surgery costs very cheap in Turkey. If you fit in one of these cases, you can go to the clinic Estepera of Istanbul and specialists will find an effective solution for you.


No side effects after surgery

Doctors will tell you all the precautions to be taken after an intervention. They will give you a document that will allow you to continue your treatment. However, there is no need to fear because there will be no side effects after the operation. You will simply have an edema that will disappear within a week after surgery. Also, small crusts will appear within 24-48 hours following the surger, but they will disappear by themselves after a few days. By cons, avoid any friction. Otherwise, the graft will tear. Then the implanted graft fall and regrowth will start three months after the operation. So do not wait to recover your natural eyebrows, just make confidence in Estepera clinic.

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