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The importance of the beard and moustaches for men

With time, the beard is back in fashion and its popularity is well established. The presence of the beard and moustache is the symbol of masculinity. They signify self-esteem and an aesthetic appearance for men. It is also one of the least expensive medicines on the planet. According to several studies, facial hair has benefits on many symptoms. In particular regarding the risks associated with sun exposure. Beard has the ability to stop UV 90% or even 95%. However, not everyone has a beard or moustache. In some cases they do not grow because of a specific factor and in other cases, the person is naturally devoid.


The causes of loss of beards and moustaches or their lack

A number of reasons may be responsible for the lack of beard with a man. Most of these reasons are hereditary, that is, genetic. Hereditary factors are the main cause of the lack of beard or moustaches in 20% to 40% of affected people. The researchers claim that the destruction mechanism involves an autoimmune reaction where the antibodies of the person would attack harm hair follicles. Lack of beard and moustaches may be also the result of a viral infection, heredity, stress, exposure to a chemical. However, FUE is a solution for people who want a beard or moustaches.


Moustaches and beard transplant, an effective solution

Beard and moustaches transplant is a hair implant surgery procedure that helps develop hair in men beardless or change the shape of the beard. The procedure is done under local anaesthesia and can last between two to three hours. FUE is the technique used and it leaves no scar. The doctor removes one by one thin hair on top of the neck. He previously draws the beard desired by the patient, and then the implantation is done with the needle.


When you have to resort to this solution?

The operation can be performed when the person has no beard or when his beards and moustaches are sparse. Moreover it is a possible solution concerning men who have scars on their face. Beards and moustaches will allow them to hide them. The operation may in some cases be done to reshape the beard or moustaches. The person may just want to give them another look. So, if you fall under on of these categories the Estepera clinic of Istanbul can help you find the beards and moustaches of your dreams at a very low price.

Why the beard transplant Turkey?

Turkey is the first country in the world for beard and hair transplants. The expertise and the experience of our technicians and doctors is well proven by the thousands of patient that are received every year. Estepera performs it with professionality and efficiency.

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